Are your money affirmations not working? Here’s why… and a much better alternative

Are your money affirmations not working? Here’s why… and a much better alternative

If your money affirmations are not working, here’s why:

Affirmations don’t work!

Certainly not the way most people use them.

If you’ve been using affirmations for a while, and realize they aren’t working – or maybe they’ve worked for you sometimes, but not others – and you wonder why the heck that is, then this episode is for you!  






I’ll explain why your money affirmations aren’t working and I’ll give you a much easier alternative that does work.

First off – let me be really upfront here.
I used to recite affirmations.. A LOT!

When I first watched The Secret and discovered the power of my mind, I did ALL the things. And that included reciting affirmations from dusk till dawn.

But they didn’t work. None of those wonderful things I was saying happened.

Instead, it started feeling heavier & heavier and quite demoralizing. My affirmations were actually a constant reminder of how miserably I’d failed at manifesting what I wanted!

Only years later, when I studied hypnosis and discovered how the mind works, I understood what the problem was!

And I came up with something much, much better. A simple hack that is an alternative to affirmations – and that really does work. And no.. it’s NOT afformations (although they’re pretty cool too).

Fundamentally, here;s why affirmations don’t work:

You’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe!
Funny – huh? But isn’t that kind of the whole point, you say?

But the thing is, you cannot bullshit the Universe. If you don’t really believe it, then you’re never going to be in alignment with it. So it’s nix on the manifestation.

When you’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe, you’re also building up resistance. And that resistance is a much louder signal than your little “I am so abundant – money flows to me easily” affirmation you’re trying to get out.

And you can forget about willpower. That doesn’t work either!

Here’s a quick demo of why willpower is futile:
I’m simply going to tell you to NOT think about a pink elephant. What I want you to do right now is think about anything you want – EXCEPT a pink elephant. Anything else is fine.. just NOT the pink elephant!

I don’t want you to imagine it. I don’t want you to think about where it might live or what it might eat or how it might roll in the mud or anything to do with that pink elephant. It’s off limits, And don’t even worry about what shade of pink it might be. Do NOT see that pink elephant in your mind right now.

So… watcha thinkin’ about right now?? That’s right, a pink elephant!

That’s because the mind does not hear the word ‘No’. So when I tell you NOT to think about a pink elephant, you think about the pink elephant. This is why willpower does not work.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why affirmations don’t work. This will help you understand why the hack I’m going to share with you is so damn powerful.


The first reason is that usually, it’s way too much of a stretch. 

Most people use affirmations when they’re up the creek without a paddle, and desperately want to change their situation. So the affirmation they’re reciting is the complete opposite of where they’re at. And that’s just basically too big a stretch. The mind cannot go there. So straight away, you are blowing yourself out of the water.


The second reason that affirmations don’t work for most people is because they’re actually not practicing them often enough!

The truth is that affirmations will eventually work. They can reprogram your mind.. BUT…
It takes a looooong time and a lot of reciting. And most people don’t do it anywhere near often enough – so they’re not brainwashing themselves in the way that affirmations are designed to. (they’re just kind of giving their mind a little spit & polish every now & then…)

This is the biggest problem with affirmations. They do work, but it’s a lot of work to make them work.


The main reason affirmations don’t work is that you’re saying all this stuff, but you don’t actually EXPECT it to happen. 

Because you don’t really expect it, your vibration never lines up with it. And when you’re not a vibrational match to it, you cannot possibly attract it .

So, I really want to share with you my awesome hack that absolutely works and is a fantastic alternative to affirmations. That’s because it works WITH the way your mind naturally operates – rather than trying to battle against it. (remember that willpower thing..?)

But before we talk about that, please tell me in the comments: 

Whenever you’ve recited affirmations, did you notice the voice of doubt in the back of your head?

Because I know I heard that voice of doubt every single time … and I did my best to ignore it.
A lot of time passed before I realized that there was a much better way. 

Okay. Let’s do this… Let’s talk about the alternative to affirmations that actually works.
This is actually something I teach my Magnetic Money students and that we practice and build on in the program.

It’s an Evidence Mantra.

At first glance, it may sound like an affirmation, but there’s a really HUGE difference.
That’s because you only use your evidence mantra when something is ACTUALLY happening that you want to affirm. You kind of use it as a highlighting statement to point that thing out to your mind.

Say you just had an awesome new VIP client book to work with you. And it was really easy. That’s when you want to use your evidence mantra!

You want to have your own, personal evidence mantra, that feels really natural and easy for you. Everybody will have their own because guess what? There is no formula for you!

So my evidence mantra is really simple. It’s “That’s right. Everything is always working out for me!”

See, everything is always working out for me and no part of me can argue with that.

And you never use it as an affirmation to try and talk yourself off the ledge when things go wrong.
You use it in the moment when something really cool has happened and things ARE working out!

It’s actually AFFIRMING REALITY! It’s reminding you that “Yes, things are always working out!” The evidence is right in front of you. Your mind cannot argue with that.

It then starts to reprogram your reticular activating system (RAS) – think of it like a switch between your conscious and unconscious mind, that brings things into your awareness.

It reprograms your RAS to be on the look-out for even more things that are working out for you. 

And so with an evidence mantra you affirm to yourself that everything’s always working out for you,
AND you’re also programming your unconscious mind to be on the lookout for more,
AND bring that into your conscious awareness!

And this process will then build and build. You’re literally reprogramming and reconditioning your mind to start seeing all the abundance, all the opportunities.

Because they were always there and available. But now they’re being highlighted and brought to the surface for you so you can fully appreciate and enjoy them.

And THAT is what helps you attract even more!

I’ll link some other episodes with tips on how to attract more abundance into your beautiful business below, so be sure to check those out.

And when it comes to manifesting money in particular, people do tend to screw up a few things that inadvertently repel money rather than attract it.

If you want to find out what they are – and make sure you don’t fall into those traps, then grab yourself the Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix.

It’s free and you can grab it at the link below.

That’s it for today, gorgeous.

Remember it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential – and you are absolutely ready to take the next step.

See you in the next episode!


Want to manifest more abundance in your business & life – CONSISTENTLY?

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Meditation for Manifesting Money – The Science of Law of Attraction

Meditation for Manifesting Money – The Science of Law of Attraction

How would you like a meditation for manifesting money?

It might sound too good to be true to manifest more money with your eyes shut but it’s totally possible. The trick is to not just use any kind of meditation. The best kind of meditation for manifesting money is a hypnotic meditation that is a meditation that will tune you to the vibration of abundance.

This is done by reprogramming your mind and reconditioning your body – energetically upgrading you to a new, more abundant version of you. A version of you who is a vibrational match to more money.

In this episode, I give you access to exactly that kind of meditation. But before you rush off to download it, let me explain how to use it for maximum effect and why it’s so powerful.






Both in my own journey going from broke, single mum to multiple 6-figure business owner, living an abundant life I adore … and in helping my clients do the same… there’s one thing that keeps cropping up over and over and over again. 

People think that it’s what they DO that will help them attract and manifest the money they want.

But it’s actually not what you do that matters. What matters is how you feel.

Because this is a vibrational Universe and Law of Attraction organizes all those vibrational frequencies and matches them up.

At the end of the day, the Universe isn’t listening to your desires. It’s not reading your daily manifestation lists or your journal or any of those things. It’s not listening to your affirmations. It’s not taking photos of your vision board and trying to find matches out there. It’s not doing any of that. All it does is respond to your vibration. It’s pure science, really.

It doesn’t judge and it doesn’t second-guess. 

It simply says, “This is what you’re putting out. I’m going to give you things that match it.”

So this takes me to the very first point:

When you do anything to manifest more money, it’s not about the act itself. 

It is about the shift inside of you that the act helps you achieve. 

Now there are two key things we want to shift here. 

The first one is we want to shift your neural pathways, the patterns in your brain that fire automatically over and over and over again.
And we want to shift those to be naturally tending towards more abundant thoughts. And as you do that, your brainwaves – which also emit a frequency – are going to be much more in alignment with abundance (which includes money). 

Money is just a subset of abundance. 

So that’s a really cool little hack. All we really need to do is match you up with the frequency of abundance.

So the very first way that meditation helps you do that is by shifting your neural pathways so that your brain starts automatically firing much more abundant thoughts.

Now, the second reason that a hypnotic meditation designed to create these unconscious shifts is so powerful and helps you manifest more money is that we can change your addiction to whatever mix of feelings is your current ‘normal’.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, we all have a normal, average way we feel. We have so much joy, so much frustration, so much worry, so much anxiety. There tends to be an average mix we’re used to that is our average. And when we go outside that natural mix, things start to feel uncomfortable – even if we’re starting to feel more abundant. 

That’s why when you grow, you usually hit what Bob Proctor used to call the terror barrier or what psychologists call cognitive dissonance or what I call perturbation or the wobbles.

As we start to grow and expand, it can get really uncomfortable because we’re starting to become a new version of ourselves.

You’re literally becoming a new version of you. 

There is a part of our brain, the cerebellum right near the brainstem, which is part of our ancient lizard brain. Its job is to go “Danger – Danger!! Warning – Warning!!” when we venture outside the norm.

It is literally trying to keep the caveman inside of us safe in the cave. Our biology is still wired that way.

That’s why sometimes when you want to grow and expand and do cool things in your business, you start self-sabotaging, things feel scary and you shrink back into the same old comfort zone. It’s not necessarily where you want to be, but it’s what you’re used to and therefore your body chemistry is comfortable with it and considers it ‘safe’.

So we literally have an addiction to a certain mix of body chemistry. And with a hypnotic meditation, we can recondition the body and slowly but surely start shifting that ‘normal’ to a more abundant mix. 

And as we do that – along with rewiring the thought patterns so they automatically start firing more abundant thoughts – we are shifting your vibration. 

We are shifting the signal you’re sending out into the Universe. 

Now, your signal is an electromagnetic signal. You are an electromagnetic being with electrical brain waves and magnetic heart energy. It all needs to be a match so your vibration is clear and clean. And then the Universe & Law of Attraction can say, “Now THAT is a match to more abundance, including this much more money!”

So that is how we can use meditation, especially a carefully and well-designed hypnotic meditation – to start manifesting more money.

You still need to show up during the day and put yourself out there, allow the opportunities to find you and be congruent in lots of other ways. 

But if you start by rewiring your brain and reconditioning your body then you’re shifting everything at the unconscious level first – and life gets a whole lot easier & more abundant as if by magic.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much what you do on the outside of you. If you don’t first shift what’s going on inside of you, nothing else is going to work.

Remember, it’s not what you do that matters – it’s how you feel.

Because how you FEEL – that is your vibrational signature! That is the electromagnetic signal you’re sending out into the Universe, that the Universe will respond to and bring you matching things in return for. 

And with a hypnotic meditation that is designed to shift your ‘average normal’ state of feeling, you can become a more abundant vibrational being. And as you shift internally, your external reality will start to shift.

So here’s how to use this meditation. 

No.1: Download it (the link is below).

No. 2:
Listen to it frequently. Not 10 times a day, just once a day or maybe every second day – or maybe some weeks just once a week – that’s okay. Just keep using it regularly and enjoy it.

Enjoy it, and listen to it for the pure pleasure of diving deeper into feeling abundant. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in that vibration abundance so you continue normalizing yourself to it more and more.

You’ll find the link to this free meditation below. It’s called ‘The Vibration of Abundance”

Enjoy & remember, it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready to do that – right here, right now!


Download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Abundance Manifesting Meditation here:

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Ask Believe Receive – beware these traps in Law of Attraction!

Ask Believe Receive – beware these traps in Law of Attraction!

Ask. Believe. Receive. Seems like a simple enough formula, right?

If you loved ‘The Secret’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s all it takes to use Law of Attraction to manifest anything you want.

.. but there’s more to it than that!

And if you’ve tried implementing these steps, you’ve probably figured that out for yourself.

So let’s talk about those three steps: ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE

When I was a broke single mum,  I had two kids under five and a defunct engineering career.

Then I watched The Secret and applied everything within it.

But – like many – I quickly found that The Secret was just the headline.

Since then, I’ve created the life of my dreams, which includes things like getting to work with Mike Dooley, one of my favorite teachers in The Secret.

I’ve built two multiple six-figure businesses and married the man of my dreams, we live in the house of my dreams, we have a beachfront property, and life is really quite amazing.

But it was only when I learned what ask – believe – receive really means, that everything started to change.






Step 1 – ASK

Asking the Universe for what you want requires you to be clear, because the Universe can deliver anything that you want. It can, and it does. Most people mistake this step for… kind of… praying, begging, hoping, and are afraid of asking for too much.

Let me share an analogy:

You go to a fabulous restaurant with an amazing menu.

You simply need to decide what you want – then place the order with the waiter – all ingredients are available, and the chef knows what to do, so your order will shortly arrive, right?

But what most people do ,is they second guess everything and keep changing their order.

They confuse the waiter by saying “Oh, wow, I’d really love that lobster dish. That looks amazing. Give me one of those”. They then call the waiter back and say “Look, I know lobster’s asking for a lot. And you know, it’s hard to get really good quality, fresh lobster, and maybe, you know, it’s a lot of work for your chef. So I’ll just go with the prawns – prawns will be fine. If the lobster’s not available or if you don’t feel like preparing lobster, just bring me the prawns, the prawns will do…”

And the waiter goes “So you want prawns? Okay.”

And as he goes to the kitchen… you call him back and say “You know what? I really do want the lobster. Can we just make it the lobster? If it’s not an inconvenience I’ll go with the lobster.” So the waiter goes “Great! It’s a special – we’d love to serve you the lobster!”, and off he goes again.

If you’re constantly changing what you think you want – or what you think is possible, you also are constantly changing your order. You’re sending out mixed signals and the Universe can never get started on delivering you what you want – just as the waiter never gets to the kitchen to place your order for the chef to cook your meal and put it all together so it can be served to you. You’ll never get fed. 

Most people waste their time by confusing the waiter, changing their order over and over and not allowing the process to unfold. 

So this first step is about YOU getting clear on what you want and placing a clear order with the Universe.

Step 2 – BELIEVE

Believing is the step between asking and receiving.

If you get anxious and go back to step 1 because you feel like you need to ‘do something’… you become stuck in that step 1 revolving door – asking over and over again – confusing the waiter and not allowing yourself to ever get to step 3.

BELIEVE is also the part where you show that you fully EXPECT to move on to step three: RECEIVE.

You do this with your words and actions. It’s all about being congruent. You can’t say to the Universe “I’ll do something when the money shows up,” because that shows you have fear and doubt that it will happen – that you expect it to NOT show up.

You literally manifest your order not happening -rather than it happening.

So step 2, believe, is you walking the talk and staying the course.

Step 3 – RECEIVE

This might seem like a really easy one that has nothing to do with you, right?

Yet it’s ALL about you because it’s about your capacity and willingness to receive.

So let’s check in: Are you willing, and expecting, and setting yourself up to receive? 

This is the step where money blocks and limiting beliefs really come into play. When you asked, and believed, yet now are unable or unwilling to receive.

This is where the practical side of how you treat your money and whether or not you know how to take loving care of your money also comes into play.

If you don’t know what you’re going to do with it, you’re simply not ready to receive it yet.

So to recap, step 3 – RECEIVE – is about your capacity, readiness and willingness to receive. 

It’s about the mindset and the practical side. Sadly, most people get this completely wrong because they don’t address their limiting beliefs and money blocks, they don’t get their money systems in place or get organized to actually receive the money they’ve asked for.

One of the best indicators of your limiting beliefs is to look at your money patterns, what I call your Money Habit Archetype.

And there are only three of those: the Spender, the Overextender and the Accumulator.

I’ve created a quiz where you can find out which one is yours & help you use it to figure out what underlying limiting beliefs drive that money pattern.

The link for the quiz is below, so be sure to jump on that next!

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential – and you’re absolutely ready to take the next step!


Discover your Money Habit Archetype and use it to clear your biggest money block.


Manifesting Money Success Stories – how to use Law of Attraction effectively

Manifesting Money Success Stories – how to use Law of Attraction effectively

We all love to hear manifesting money success stories, don’t we?

Why is that?

I think it’s because one of the most challenging things about Law of Attraction is that you can’t peek behind the curtain… you can’t see the magic at work until everything falls into place.

It requires faith – sometimes a LOT of faith…

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing some of my favorite stories of people manifesting money and success. 

Plus.. we’re taking a peek behind the curtain to see what they did that helped Law of Attraction do its magic.

I absolutely love it when students share their manifesting success stories.

That excitement, that enthusiasm, that realization that yes, it DOES all pay off – it IS happening – that’s absolutely priceless because this is when you recognize that you really are the creator of your life. It’s not the stuff of fairy tales. It’s real and it’s a wonderful moment of empowerment.

It’s so important to have a supportive community around you to help you celebrate your manifesting success stories –  the small ones and the big ones!

Because as you do that over and over, you complete one of the most important pieces of the puzzle:

Convincing YOURSELF that this stuff works!






… that you are the creator of your life, that your Thoughts do Become Things, that there is a benevolent Universe that has your back, and that all those thoughts and ideas and dreams and wishes you have are actual possibilities that are all lined up waiting to drop into your experience!

When you fully embrace that and move from hoping and wishing that it can be so to absolutely knowing it can be –  and taking the positive action that aligns with that –  THAT’s when those amazing manifestations start dropping in and suddenly you’ve turned the corner and are that ‘overnight success’ where everything just seems to flow so easily for you.

So let me share with you three awesome stories from real life people – just like you – who are students in my Magnetic Money program.

Just like you, these ladies had fears and worries – they hoped they’d made the right decision, that they were on the right track and that this wasn’t some wild goose chase.

Story 1

Karen had been desperate to go to Ireland for a really long time.

But between life and financial and family commitments and money being tight she couldn’t see how she could possibly ever go – how she would ever be able to save up enough to make this trip of a lifetime.

Karen joined us in a game we do in the warmup to Magnetic Money. It’s just a fun game where we raise our vibration, where we allow ourselves to dream and throw caution to the wind and really get into a state of what it feels like to be abundant.

Next thing you know, there was this amazing post from Karen saying “Oh my God! I have just received $16,000 that is totally unexpected, from a source I didn’t even know about. And it’s just free money – $16,000 of completely unexpected BONUS money!

And so off she went to Ireland on that trip of a lifetime she’d been dreaming about for decades – and she got to take her father with her as well!

So just like that, overnight, simply by raising her vibration and daring to align herself, the abundance could flow from a completely unexpected source and she was able to fulfill that amazing dream.

Story 2

Let me tell you about another student called Sophie (not her real name). Sophie ran a medical clinic with three doctors, two full time staff and really great income, but also big overheads, lots of work, long hours and all the rest of it.

After having a couple of children she decided she needed to change things. She sold that business and decided to start on her own – just herself and a part-time assistant, working only three days a week, because her family came first.

As she got started she realized that the money wasn’t flowing in the way she wanted it to, so we sat down and looked at what the limiting beliefs were that were holding her back.

They were: 

  • Not being able to do it on her own.
  • Thinking she needed lots of staff supporting her to be successful.
  • And thinking it takes long working hours to make good money.

So I helped her address those limiting beliefs, to release and transform them. And the very next month she had her first ever $30,000 month!

That’s the power of looking at the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way and of sitting down to address and transform them.

So I wonder if you can see yourself in either one of those stories?

Have you ever shifted your thinking around money and the money started to flow?

If you have a manifesting money success story of your own,  I’d love to hear it!
Feel welcome to share it with us in the comments.

Story 3

Now let me share Alexis’ story with you. 

Alexis is a mindset coach who helps people unpack their own unique manifesting process. She’s also an amazing manifestor herself! In her business, she would manifest $15,000 weeks and $20,000 months, but the problem was there were long stretches of NOTHING in between – it was a feast and famine rollercoaster.

Her total income for the previous year was okay, but she knew she was capable of so much more because that income had come in fits and spurts – in between there was a whole lot of stress and worry.

So first of all we unpacked a couple of limiting beliefs she hadn’t yet unearthed, and that helped. 

Then we went one step further and realized she felt anxious about managing her money. She didn’t know what the best thing to do with it was when it came in. 

So we made a plan for her money and made sure she was really clear on where it would go once it came in – to ensure it was being put to good use. She became the responsible and confident custodian of her money. 

And it completely unblocked her money flood gates!

In the next three months she made more money than she had the entire previous year!

She was able to release the resistance that was blocking the money from flowing in by feeling confident about what she would do with it once it arrived.

Okay… as you MIGHT have noticed, each of these stories had a different missing ingredient; a missing piece of the puzzle that needed to fall into place so the money could start to flow in.

But these 3 pieces are all you need!

And if you’d like to learn more about how to make your money manifesting easy and simple, I have a special FREE MASTER CLASS on that.

Just scroll down for the link.

Remember: It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential – and you’re absolutely ready to take the next step.

xx Miriam


Manifesting Quick-Fix

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Attract More Money Into Your Life – Let Go of Money Worries

Attract More Money Into Your Life – Let Go of Money Worries

What if I told you that one of the most powerful ways for you to attract more money into your life is by letting go of the stress around it?

Today I want to help you make one of THE most powerful decisions of your life.

Most people think that they need to worry about money, especially when they feel like there’s not enough of it. They think if they don’t worry, the Universe might forget about them or that their order will be misplaced – but nothing could be further from the truth!

It’s really important to understand that RELEASING the worry is one of the best ways to attract more money into your life.

But first, a quick story:

One day my daughter borrowed my car. She came home and said “Mum.. I was driving along and the car felt a little sluggish but I didn’t think too much of it. So I just put my foot down a little bit harder on the accelerator.”

When she pulled up at the traffic lights, the people next to her pointed out the amount of smoke pouring out of the back of her car! She was afraid the car caught fire but it turned out to be the tyres smoking because she’d been driving with the handbrake on! And rather than releasing that resistance, she just put her foot down on the accelerator even harder to try and push through it.

And this is what people do, and what worrying about money does.






I see it all the time with my students. They’ll say things like, “I only seem to manifest money in fits and spurts, when I really need it.” 

When we break it down, they realize they’ve been driving with the handbrake on. They’ve been worrying about money which acts like an energetic handbrake.

When they make that one tweak and release their energetic handbrake, the money starts to flow.

They go from having $15,000 weeks, then nothing for six months, to consistently calling in over $20,000 per month. The money starts flowing consistently – not just when the pressure builds up to breaking point.

So, let’s talk about this in more detail:

How and why exactly is constant money worry holding you back.

Number 1:

Worry is energetically aligned with a vibration of ‘not enough’. When you’re in a state of worry, you’re resonating with lack.

‘There’s not enough’ – is the energetic message you’re putting out to the Universe. And guess what happens next? Law of Attraction brings you more of the same!

Number 2: 

Constant worry shows a lack of trust.  You don’t trust that it’s going to be OK, you don’t trust the Universe, you don’t trust your business and you don’t trust yourself. There is an underlying expectation and message that because money can’t be trusted to flow, you better work really, really hard. 

Usually when somebody is worrying about money, they’re also working really hard.
The two kind of go together, united by that underlying message of ‘I can’t trust that I’m okay. I don’t feel safe, so I’m going to work extra hard to try and make up for it’.

Does that ring a bell for you? Let me know in the comments.

Number 3:

Constantly worrying about money holds you back because it becomes like the background music in a shopping center: After a while you don’t even notice it anymore.

It’s taken control of your life, and is dictating the standard state you live in. You’ve become unconscious to it.

Living in a state of worry becomes normal. 

You’ve reprogrammed yourself at the unconscious level that spending your time worrying about money is just how life is – and that you have to worry because there’s not enough. And, of course, you also unconsciously act in ways that demonstrate that support this.

And so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where you keep creating more of the same.

So… that’s the first three. We’ve got two more to go, but first I want to know:

Based on what we’ve talked about so far, are you ready to make that decision yet? 

Can you see how constant stressing and worrying about money is actually getting in the way of money flowing to you?

If you’re ready to make the decision to put an end to it, then here is your chance!

Nothing is more powerful than a public declaration. It sends a powerful message to your unconscious mind that this is a turning point. 

This is your moment of change!

So if you’re ready to do this, take a moment to type in the comments:

“I’m ready to claim my freedom. I’m going to release my money, stress and worries”.

Just making that declaration will open up the way for you to figure out how.

OK, here are two more reasons you want to get out of this nasty little ‘money worry’ habit.

Number 4:

Constant worrying builds up negative momentum. Earlier we agreed that by worrying you’re resonating with lack. This vibration of lack builds momentum and attracts more lack to you: not enough money, too many bills, that kind of thing. 

It becomes stable. It has a lot of momentum, and if you try to change it, it’s very difficult. It’s like standing in front of a runaway train yelling “STOP! I want you going in the other direction”. 

You’ll probably end up hurt.

Number 5:
And the fifth, final and absolutely most important reason of all to get out of the habit of worrying about money is that you get used to it. 

And that’s a BIG problem because as you get used to living in this state of constant worry (and of constantly attracting more reasons to worry about money to you), it starts feeling like that’s just how life is.

And the absolute worst possible outcome of all is that you resign yourself to that!

One of the best ways to get out of the worry habit is by understanding where it comes from. 

Looking at your money patterns – both at the physical level and the way you think and feel about money, your belief system – is a great place to start.

With that awareness you can release the stress, negativity and worry about money, and change things around.

If you’re ready to better understand your patterns around money and what’s driving them, then take the Money Habit Archetype Quiz.

It will let you know what your predominant money pattern is, and then invite you to look deeper so you can explore what’s creating those patterns at the unconscious level.

You’ll find the link below.

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xx Miriam


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How To Manifest Money And Success as a Soulful Woman in Business

How To Manifest Money And Success as a Soulful Woman in Business

I’m going to give you the six key elements to help you manifest more success into your business – on your terms.

You’ll also discover a really simple and easy little trick that will help you decide whether anything you’re looking to do in your business is in alignment – or not.

When I first learned about the power of the mind, it was all really masculine and pushy stuff. You know, it was to write your goals, recite those affirmations, take action, stay accountable, write those goals again, keep going, keep pushing, keep going… it all felt really heavy and hard.

Over time I came across some teachers with a much more soulful approach and that started feeling really aligned and easy. And in fact it was because it felt easy that it took me so long to actually try that approach. But what I found when I actually went that way is that it actually WORKED!






One of my favorite ever teachers and best buddies on the planet is Mike Dooley, whom I’m lucky enough to personally have worked with. He writes those amazing Notes From The Universe.

Mike has a really cool saying, which is “It’s always working”.
And what that is, is it’s a reminder that the magic of the Universe, that abundance that wants to consistently and constantly flow to you, is always there.

Law of Attraction is always switched ON.

So it means we don’t have to push, we don’t have to shove, and we don’t have to try to manipulate the Universe to manifest money and success. 

Our job actually is to get in alignment and allow ourselves to merge with that magic flow of life.

So let’s get into what these six key elements are to help you manifest what you really want as a soulful woman in business.

The #1 KEY to manifesting what you really want the aligned and soulful way is to do exactly what I just said:

Remember that manifesting is always working.

There is no OFF switch. That flow of abundance, that benevolence of the Universe, all that cool stuff is constantly looking to flow to you – and you get to choose whether you want. So you choose whether you make it easy by getting on board with how it all works or whether you make it hard.

The #2 KEY to manifesting what you really want the aligned and soulful way is to remember that feeling is the language of the Universe.

This is a vibrational Universe that we live in, so you can say and do whatever you want, but if you don’t FEEL worthy and deserving of it, then it’s going to be really hard for you to call it into your experience.

You can recite all the affirmations, take all the actions, speak to all the people, do all the cold calling or whatever it is that you’re doing and it will not get you very far if you’re not feeling worthy and expectant of it.

So expecting it to actually come to pass and believing that it will are key because the thought, the idea – that’s what connects you to that possibility, that event out in the quantum field. But it’s the feeling that attracts it. 

Thoughts connect. Feelings attract.

Next, you need to transform and release your limiting beliefs because your limiting beliefs are what get in the way. Your limiting beliefs block the flow.

It’s like you’re standing on the hose or turning off the tap.

So it’s really important – and it’s key to manifesting what you really want – that you get clear on your limiting beliefs and do what you need in order to release them.

Then your desire can turn to belief and expectation – and manifest for you.

The next KEY element is mindset.

Mindset is everything, because it’s your mindset and your commitment to your mindset that needs to be ironclad.

You need to make that commitment to constantly check in and to keep evolving and improving your mindset because, ultimately, that is what will decide whether you succeed in getting what you want – or not.

And as you do that, it’s really important to surround yourself with the right people. People who will celebrate that with you, who will encourage you on that journey, who will forgive you for sometimes slipping back but remind you what the real work is.

Because – especially in the beginning – as you go on this journey, you’re going to really need all the support you can get.

Just like a rocketship uses up most of its energy in the launch until it breaks through the atmosphere, you need all the support, all the commitment, all the focus you can get early on in the journey until shifting your mindset becomes a way of life.

Until it’s something you just do all the time – without getting too caught up on it. And in fact, you actually start getting excited about it the next time you have an opportunity to upgrade your mindset, because you know that the benefits that come out of it are massive.

Next KEY element: You’ve got to walk the talk, baby!

And this is the part that most people skip, and then they say “manifesting doesn’t work”.

But this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you demonstrate what you truly expect by backing it up with action.

You need to make sure that you take action that’s demonstrating that you expect and believe the outcome will happen. Otherwise, you’re just one of those people who sits back, hoping the universe will deliver you what you want, but not wanting to to risk too much or put yourself out there too much.

That doesn’t work. It all needs to be in alignment. You need to walk the talk.

And when it comes to money one of the best ways to do that is to start taking charge of your money, start managing your money wisely, start building your money confidence, give every dollar a job to do, and really know how to take care of your money.

Because that builds your confidence. It creates a nice congruence in your vibration, and it shows both yourself, your unconscious mind and the Universe that you’re able to take care of money, that you know what to do with it, that you’re ready for more. And that you’re all set up for it, which means you’re actually EXPECTING it.

And the final KEY element to help you manifest more money and success as a soulful woman in business is:

Get a money mentor.

And not just any money mentor, but one who understands where you’re coming from, how you think, and who knows how to manifest money and success. 

Having a mentor is key because you’re moving into unchartered territory.

A mentor is going to help you spot your patterns.

They’re going to point them out to you. They’re going to see your blocks and make sure you don’t end up lost in the weeds. And that helps you stay on track so that you get results a hell of a lot faster (and so you don’t lose confidence along the way, thinking that maybe you’ve got it all wrong and it’s just not meant to be).

And it greatly, GREATLY shortcuts your journey to success.

The Magnetic Money Program helps you master all of the above and supports you on the journey.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out at the link below.

In Magnetic Money, you get me as your money mentor – LIVE.
I would love nothing more than to support you on this journey and help you manifest more money and success into your business.

Before I go, here’s my hot and really simple little tip to help you work out whether something you’re thinking of doing in your business is in alignment for you or not.

Have a little think about when things are in alignment… how does it feel?

It feels easy, right? It feels light. It feels like you’re just gooing with the flow. You don’t really have to push. It just kind of happens. It’s easy and light. And when something’s not in alignment for you, usually you feel like you’re having to plow through mud. It feels heavy and hard.

Let’s do this as a demo right now.

I want you to think about something that you’re considering, or maybe that something you’re thinking about taking on or something you’re thinking about ditching or something that you’re just not sure about.

So get clear on what that thing is, and now close your eyes and really imagine yourself doing that thing. 

Having implemented it, having committed to it, being there, whatever it looks like to let you know that that’s actually what’s happened. It’s ironclad. It’s done – there you are. 

And now ask yourself, ”Does that feel heavy or light?”

There you go. You have your answer. It’s that easy.

Big hugs,

xx Miriam

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