Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about why manifesting more money won’t make you rich.

So, when you’re manifesting money and you’re relying on that for your abundance, it means that you’re constantly focused on attracting more, right? Attracting money, manifesting money. That is your focus, bringing the money in, bringing the money in, bringing the money in.

That’s all very well, but if you have a look at the Magnetic Money Trifecta, there is attracting the money (which is number one) and then there are TWO more parts to that trifecta: There is also keeping the money AND helping the money grow and multiply!

This Magnetic Money Trifecta is what allows you to truly get into a place of living in abundance.

When the money flows into your experience but just bounces off so you’re back to where you started you then have to manifest more. There are a lot of people stuck in that cycle. I call them a “Spender Money Habit Archetype”. Their habit pattern around money is that: money comes, money goes – money comes, money goes. Sometimes it accumulates a little bit for a little while, but then it all goes again. They always end up back where they started, because they haven’t gotten the second part of the trifecta happening. They’ve got the “attracting” money part, but they haven’t got the “keeping” money part down pat yet.





Now, there is a third part to the trifecta which is helping the money grow and multiply.

What happens when you can get past the first two points and start incorporating that third bit, is something really magical. When your money grows and multiplies, not only are you keeping more of it in your experience, but it’s starting to gather its own momentum. It’s starting to have “money babies” as I call it. So your money’s have money babies, it’s growing and multiplying, which then takes a lot of the pressure off f you needing to manifest more money all the time.

Contrary to how that may sound, what it actually does is help you attract and manifest a whole lot more money into your experience because you’re not so focused on having to bring in more – on the need for more money.

Your money that’s with you is starting to grow and multiply and take care of you. That’s actually a way you’re manifesting more income. That helps even more money to flow to you from other external sources.

So this is the secret to actually getting rich, to feeling rich and abundant. It’s not just the manifesting. It’s being magnetic to money and truly perfecting and living in that magnetic money trifecta.

You attracted the money, that’s awesome – but that’s only step one.

Then it’s about keeping the money by clearing all those old stories that have been making it bounce off or flow out again as quickly as it came in.

Then you start to focus on helping your money grow and multiply.

And, I tell you what, that is when the absolute magic kicks in, because what we’re all about here, if you’re working with me or following me, is we are about applying Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways.

It’s about marrying the magical with the practical so that you can truly have it all and you can totally benefit from being the conscious creator of life, and being a physical human being. You can do cool stuff in your 3D reality. It’s having one foot in each world and bringing the two together in a really incredibly powerful way. It’s embracing the masculine and feminine, your divine masculine and divine feminine and bringing the two together to make lots of money babies. That’s what it’s all about!

So if you want to get started on really figuring out what’s been getting in the way of you starting to complete this money trifecta – rather than just working on the attracting part and being stuck in that loop – then look at your money habit archetype. It is your number one starting point.

If you don’t know what your money habit archetype is, then grab the link in the description, do my quiz, and I will let you know what it is. I will also let you know how to then start diving deeper into the stories that are feeding it and creating it, so that you can shift all of that and start to really complete your Magnetic Money Trifecta so that you can attract more money, keep more money, and let your money grow and multiply.

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your gorgeous and unlimited potential.



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