Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to get you in alignment both in business and in life – so you can have more money in the bank and get a whole lot more done with ease!

Let’s talk about why alignment is the key to a super successful business and life.

… But before we talk about that, let’s talk about what alignment actually is, because maybe you’re not 100% sure or maybe you just need a little bit of tweaking, or maybe you have no idea and you hear everybody talk about it and you wonder secretly, “What is it actually?”

So, alignment is when you, as the physical you, are connected with and in tune with the higher parts of you, your higher consciousness – the part of you that is part of the One Mind, the Universal Mind and all the intelligence that resides there.

Some people talk about it as their higher self, their soul, the collective unconscious, their unconscious mind, their inner being, there’s a whole number of words. What alignment is is when you’re no longer separate to that, when you haven’t cut yourself off from it and you’re not operating just from the paradigm of, “This Universe and this world I live in is a machine and I have to force my way through it through sheer hard work,”

It’s when you’re actually connected to all the intelligence, all the support that’s available to you at all times and you are tuned in so that you can receive the guidance that is there for you, which means that you act on impulse, you act on guidance. You act in guided ways and you enter a state of “flow,” where you’re not really thinking, but you’re “feeling” your way through life. You just know that now is the time to rest, and now is the time to go. That now is the time to call that friend you suddenly thought of, and now is the time to maybe not go to that function you were planning to go to that you’ve already paid for because it just doesn’t feel right. It comes from a place of higher guidance rather than from a place of overthinking it and fear.





Alignment is when the things you are seeking are actually there to guide you. It’s when you get to live in a state of flow and balance because everything is perfectly aligned and happening at the right time in the right way with the right people. It’s when you’ve kind of let go of the oars a little bit, in terms of you the physical finite part of you that you sometimes think is all there is to you. It’s when you’ve let go of the control of the oars and you’ve handed over and you’re putting your trust and faith into that higher part of you, your higher consciousness and the intelligence that is always sending you signals and guidance. You’ve learned how to tune in, and you’ve learned how to trust it, and you’ve learned how to compliment it with your own activity, because we still live in this material, practical world and part of us is this spiritual self that is connected to this amazing intelligence, this Universal Mind, this God consciousness.

It’s about learning how to dance the dance and live in both worlds and marry the two. It’s really your divine feminine that’s receiving the information and the guidance married to your sacred masculine, the part of you that knows how to act and do things and show up in the world. Both are important, and both are really beautiful and powerful. When you bring the two together, that is when everything flows.

This is why this state of alignment really is the key to a successful and fulfilling business and life.

All the practical strategies are very important, however, when you’re doing it from a place of, “I am on my own and this is all there is to me,” you’re doing it through simply your physical effort and that can only take you so far, whereas when you enter a state of alignment you actually tap into the leverage of the entire Universe and intelligence beyond what you could ever imagine, and coincidences and synchronicities that you never could have predicted will come to your aid and help everything unfold in perfecting timing and in magical ways.

That is why alignment comes first and truly is the key to that successful and fulfilling, joyous and magical business and life.

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So have lots of fun with that, and until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye, for now!


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