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Let’s talk about visualisation and why it’s so powerful in helping you attract more money!=

So you’ve probably heard lots of people – including mo -, tell you that you should be visualising every single day for about 4 minutes. Just sit there, with your eyes shut, and imagine cool stuff. I’m not going to get into the mechanics of how you should visualise (although that would be a good one for another day).

What I do want to talk about is WHY it’s so powerful, so that you bother to sit your butt down for 4 minutes a day – which is such a simple request and suggestion to make of you – that could potentially completely alter your life.

So let’s take a step back. What is visualisation all about and what does it actually do?

Well, you probably have an awareness that elite athletes and high performers have been using visualisation for decades. Now, the reason visualisation is so powerful is that your mind thinks in pictures and it doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. So when you’re sitting there in your favourite chair at home with your eyes shut, imagining yourself sitting on the balcony of your multi-million dollar beachfront home with the wind blowing through your hair on a beautiful warm day while sipping cool champagne with the house perfectly clean because the housekeeper has just been… when you’re sitting there imagining all of that, feeling the breeze in your hair, tasting the champagne, feeling the warmth of the sun on your feet, smelling the ocean – your mind is there.

Your brain thinks that this is happening right now.

So why is that so powerful? Well, read on…





What you’re actually doing is you’re training your unconscious mind into this being part of your life, your reality. Your unconscious mind is going, “Oh okay, yep, I see how we live and how things are,”.

Then what it does is it starts to program that deeper and deeper into your unconscious and you start activating your reticular activating system, which is like a little switch between your conscious and unconscious mind, to start looking out for things that will allow you to have that, that will be a match.

So at the unconscious level, you start to believe that this is your life and that this is how things are, which means you start shifting and changing who you are in the way you speak, think, act, and show up in life as somebody who lives like that.

You less and less are someone who thinks that’s a really lovely pipe dream but you feel all awkward and uncomfortable about it, like it’s, “Oh my God! Look at where I am! This is so weird!” You start to actually get really comfortable with it and go, “Yeah, this is where I live,” like it’s just another day in paradise.

At the unconscious level you get used to it and that means that you start acting, behaving, thinking, and showing up in ways that match it… which then helps you, of course, be open to these opportunities.

And your reticular activating system, that little switch, is then programmed to look for ways that you can bring that about. To look for ways that you can have the opportunities, meet the right people, go to the open inspections.

You’ll start seeing the homes, you’ll start talking to people who have homes like that, you’ll start bumping into them, overhearing conversations, and they’ll tell you stuff like what it actually takes to have a home like that… or maybe if you want to build one yourself here’s an idea to do it that actually won’t cost you anywhere near as much money as you thought it might…. or here’s a really cool suburb or area that you hadn’t even considered that is much better priced… or here’s an amazing business opportunity and you can just have that waterfront house in Sydney, because people do, right?

The people who do have those amazing homes are the people who just accept that it’s totally part of their reality. They don’t think it’s something that is beyond them.

They think it’s something that’s achievable and normal.

Visualisation helps you start to shift your belief system and how you see yourself into that space where you just go, “Yeah, of course. This is my life.”

Just as your current life you feel really comfortable with and you don’t kind of feel grateful, but you feel like, “Yeah this is my life,” and you’re settled into it and you’re comfortable and aligned with it.

Whereas, somebody who lives in squalor, somebody who’s homeless or is living in a refugee camp would look at your life and go, “Oh my God, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live like that.” To them, that’s the huge jump up.

If right now, living in that house that you dream of is this huge jump up and you energetically feel discomfort and mismatch with it, then that’s what visualisation will help you bridge.

It will help you bridge that gap.

And it’ll start opening you up to all the ways that it can be.

It’s a super, super powerful practice, that helps you actually become the person you need to be in order to have what it is you want to have.

Now, how to approach visualisation is, like I said, a whole other topic so we’re not going to get into that right here, but I will point you towards my very special visualisation meditation audio which is called Quantum Visualisation.

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Until I see you next, keep on embracing that gorgeous and unlimited potential.

Bye, for now!


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