Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. This is the place where we apply Law of Attraction in magical and practical ways, so you can have more money in the bank and get more done – with ease!

Today I want to share with you my top 5 tools for moving beyond 5-figures. 

So let’s get straight into it.

When it comes to moving from 5-figures to 6-figures, it’s not so much that you have to do different things, it’s that you have to things differently.

So I’ve narrowed it down for you to the top five things that I think really made the difference for myself and for the women that I’ve helped in transitioning beyond a 5-figure income.





I want you to really focus on these and make sure you’ve got them nailed.

Let’s get into it!

Number One: Make sure you have a daily practice of meditation and visualisation. 

Meditation is really powerful, I call it “Teflon for the mind.” 

When you meditate regularly.. and I personally meditate twice a day for 20 minutes… what that means is that your nervous system operates at a whole different level, and the little things that used to stress you and trigger you and spin you off into fear and worry during the day won’t be able to. 

Now, when you meditate you also get in alignment with your highest self, so it means you’ve got access to all that guidance, all that inspiration, all that creativity at your fingertips. 

My little bonus gift with purchase is that I tack on a four-minute visualisation to the end of my meditation practice. That’s a really powerful way to mentally rehearse where it is you’re headed and prepare your body for it, because when you visualise the Miriam Effectology way, your whole body gets involved.

So that’s number one, a daily practice of meditation and visualisation. 

Now, let’s move on to Number Two: You don’t have to do this every single day, although I like to do it on the spot when things pop up, but then I also have a weekly time set aside for journaling. 

Journaling, and really writing out and seeing what comes up about all those little things that were bothering you during the week, the little worries, the little background nagging things, the things that you can’t quite put my finger on. 

Sometimes, like I said, I do it in the moment and I just kind of write it out and it gets resolved, but some things that I feel might be a little bit bigger and need more of my focused energy and time I just jot down in the back of my journal and then I sit down once a week and make some time to just write it out. 

The trick to good journaling is asking really powerful questions, and that’s something that comes with practice. 

Now, top tip Number Three is: Track your income. 

Track it not just because you want to know what money is coming in and that you’ve moved past that 5-figure income level and into the 6-figure realm, but because tracking your income is one of the most powerful mindset practices you’ll ever come across!

It’s really interesting! When I first started tracking my income, I thought I had my mindset down pat pretty well, but the things that were coming up… that you notice yourself thinking on days where you have really good income and then on days where you have a few eggs, a few zeros in a row.

You start kind of playing these mental gymnastics and making it mean things. 

It gives you excellent fodder for tip number two, which was to journal that stuff out, and so the daily tracking of your income is something that I recommend you keep doing because it’ll keep flushing out whatever is going on in the background at the unconscious level that could be holding you back from making this whole thing a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

So let’s move on to Number Four, and that is: You really need to have your money system down pat.

In Magnetic Money you build your Magnetic Money Management System. Yes, it takes a bit of effort to get it all set up, and a bit of time, but then once it’s set up, it’s running on autopilot. 

It only takes you maybe 10-15 minutes maximum, per week to manage your money, but the point is every dollar then has a job to do and you know that this is your business money… this is your fun money… this is where the bills get paid… and you don’t have to worry about “is it all going to balance…am I going to have enough money left over for that bill to come out?” etc 

None of that will be an issue!

It actually helps you then run your business from that point of empowerment where you know your numbers, you know what you’re spending, you know what you need to bring in, you know what your return on investment is, you know what your overheads are, and you are the CEO of that business, baby, and that’s what helps you move beyond the 5-figures… where you can get away with a bit of sloppy bookkeeping and money management.. and into 6-figures.

It also really helps lift your vibration around money because you feel empowered and in control, right? So that is tip number four.

Now, Number Five is: Work from a place of Aligned Effectiveness.

That is part of Effectology. Effectology is about getting in alignment, and getting your money and your time humming by marrying the magical with the practical.

So we’ve talked about the money side, now your business needs YOU to run it.

Your business needs your time, your focus, and your energy to move it past the 5-figure level and into the 6-figure level. Working from a place of aligned effectiveness is one of your best assets and one of the most powerful tools you can use. 

What that means is that, rather then just diving in and doing, doing, doing… even if you’re using some really powerful productivity tools… the difference between just doing it and bringing the sense of alignment and that tuning into your higher self and the guidance that’s there is MASSIVE.

When you work from a place of aligned effectiveness, you are truly in flow. It is that Einstein time zone where time seems to stand still and you’re just getting so much done, you’re totally in the zone, you’re in flow, you’re fully focused, everything stops, and when you’re finished you think, “Wow, that seems like hours passed and really it wasn’t very long,” …and you got so much done!

And not just that you got so much done, but you got the actual important things done that are going to help your business move out of the 5-figure area and up past that beautiful 6-figure threshold.

So those are my top five tips, or my top five tools, that I think you really need to nail and focus on if you want to move beyond the 5-figure income area.

To recap:

  • Number one: Daily meditation and visualisation.
  • Number two: Journaling and learning to ask really good questions to flush out whatever might be getting in your way and clear those blocks.
  • Number three: Daily money tracking – which gives you lots of fodder for number two!
  • Number four: Making sure your money system is in place and that you’ve given every dollar a job and you know exactly what’s going on.
  • And finally, number five: Make sure when you’re sitting down to work, that you do it from that place of aligned effectiveness.

Now when you do all of those things, you are truly employing the Effectology principles, and that means that you’re in alignment, helping you effortlessly attract more money, and get more done with ease, which allows you to live that business and life you’ve dreamt of
– and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day! 

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Until I see you next, remember to keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye, for now!


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