Okay, so you’ve been told that you should visualise.

You’ve been told that you should create a vision board and then sit with your eyes shut for 4-5 minutes a day and daydream about all the things you’d like in your life.

And like most people, you probably think that’s because the things that you visualise – the things that you put on your vision board – they’re the things that you’ll then, somehow, manage to drag into your experience.

But that’s actually not what it does.





Yes, it does help reprogram your unconscious mind.

Yes, it does help program your reticular activating system so that you’re aware of things that match what you desire when they come into your experience. So that as you’re going through life, you’re going, “Oh, good idea!”

You’ll see things that you didn’t see before.

Because you’ve programmed your unconscious to say, “It’s now important to me.”

And so yes, it does all of that and that’s powerful.

But what it also helps you do is it helps you raise your vibration.

And really, that is the one key thing that you’ve got to get good at consistently. Not just every now and then when you remember or when things work out the way you want them to. But to consistently keep yourself in that good-feeling place.

Because that is the language of the Universe.

That is how all the things that match can come into your experience.

And that is how you keep yourself open to the possibilities… to all the things that are required in order for you to have those things.

So it’s not a shopping list. It’s not about, “I want this car thing. I want this holiday thing. I want to check-in to that resort.”

It’s not about that at all.’

In fact, if that’s what you do, you’re being counter-productive.

It’s about ‘these sorts of things’ because I like the way they feel.

It’s really just pitching some ideas to the Universe and going, “You know, this sort of thing would be really cool. Or something that feels that way.”

It’s about giving you an opportunity to get excited about all the things that are possible which, as I said, raises your vibration.

And as you do that more frequently, you get used to it. You get used to living in a better-feeling place. You get used to feeling good more of the time.

I know…. We do. We have to train ourselves. We all have this set point of how we tend to feel most of the time.

Some people they are just quite low.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. You can do things that raise your set point. And then raise it again and again.

And the more you do, the more you open up to the possibilities.

So, visualisation is just about getting excited, raising your vibe, and pitching you ideas to the Universe.

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So make sure you use them and take full advantage.

I’ll see you next time.


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