Contrast is when things happen that you prefer not to happen – usually what we label a ‘problem’. 

Or if you want to reframe it slightly, a challenge. 

Or if you want to reframe it even more, contrast that gives you clarity about what you DO actually want.

Here’s the thing with contrast…

See, we’re raised in this world where we’re told that when stuff is unwanted, we have to fight it really hard.

But what we actually do by doing that is… it’s like quicksand – the harder you fight it, the more it sucks you in!

It sucks you under and you cannot get away from it. What then actually happens is you start spinning on the spot.

You get stuck in the contrast. 

It’s all you can see and so you just keep activating more and more of the same.

It takes a little bit of retraining, so here’s how:





Be kind to yourself. Start becoming aware that when something happens, you have a choice on how you want to react.

Yes, some things will happen that will really upset you.

Some things will upset you just a little bit, and you can choose to allow yourself to get sucked into it and go deeper into the quicksand. 

Or, you can choose to go, “I don’t like that at all.” Then stop – pause. Realise it is this contrast thing, and this is an opportunity for you to get clarity on what it is you do actually want.

From there you have another choice:

Do you want to complain that you don’t have what you really want and instead you got this thing just now AGAIN that you don’t want, or do you go, “Thank you for giving me clarity that THIS is really what I want.” And let that go. Let it go down into the quicksand without you, and you go after THIS.

Start focusing on THIS. Start looking at ways you can make THIS happen. 

Start looking for evidence on how things like that, or little signs and glimpses of it are ALREADY appearing in your experience.

You’ll actually activate more and more of this, and you’ll start moving in that direction.

So the message from this Effectology  tip is simple: 

Use the contrast as the bouncing platform to take you in the direction of where you do actually want to go. Do not allow yourself to get sucked in by it and dragged under. Because you’ll end up stuck there.

That’s a really powerful tip.

Try it on little things. Don’t go for the biggest, most important problem in your life right now. Just try it on something little. Somebody not letting you in traffic. Or something that, really, is not a big deal and just use it.

Use it to train yourself to stop, step away from it and think, “This just gave me clarity on what I do want… what I do appreciate. And look how much evidence of that there is in my life.”

And you’ll start noticing some really major shifts and it doesn’t take very long.

Off you go.

Play with that and please come back and leave me some comments to let me know how it goes.

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