If your money affirmations are not working, here’s why:

Affirmations don’t work!

Certainly not the way most people use them.

If you’ve been using affirmations for a while, and realize they aren’t working – or maybe they’ve worked for you sometimes, but not others – and you wonder why the heck that is, then this episode is for you!  






I’ll explain why your money affirmations aren’t working and I’ll give you a much easier alternative that does work.

First off – let me be really upfront here.
I used to recite affirmations.. A LOT!

When I first watched The Secret and discovered the power of my mind, I did ALL the things. And that included reciting affirmations from dusk till dawn.

But they didn’t work. None of those wonderful things I was saying happened.

Instead, it started feeling heavier & heavier and quite demoralizing. My affirmations were actually a constant reminder of how miserably I’d failed at manifesting what I wanted!

Only years later, when I studied hypnosis and discovered how the mind works, I understood what the problem was!

And I came up with something much, much better. A simple hack that is an alternative to affirmations – and that really does work. And no.. it’s NOT afformations (although they’re pretty cool too).

Fundamentally, here;s why affirmations don’t work:

You’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe!
Funny – huh? But isn’t that kind of the whole point, you say?

But the thing is, you cannot bullshit the Universe. If you don’t really believe it, then you’re never going to be in alignment with it. So it’s nix on the manifestation.

When you’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe, you’re also building up resistance. And that resistance is a much louder signal than your little “I am so abundant – money flows to me easily” affirmation you’re trying to get out.

And you can forget about willpower. That doesn’t work either!

Here’s a quick demo of why willpower is futile:
I’m simply going to tell you to NOT think about a pink elephant. What I want you to do right now is think about anything you want – EXCEPT a pink elephant. Anything else is fine.. just NOT the pink elephant!

I don’t want you to imagine it. I don’t want you to think about where it might live or what it might eat or how it might roll in the mud or anything to do with that pink elephant. It’s off limits, And don’t even worry about what shade of pink it might be. Do NOT see that pink elephant in your mind right now.

So… watcha thinkin’ about right now?? That’s right, a pink elephant!

That’s because the mind does not hear the word ‘No’. So when I tell you NOT to think about a pink elephant, you think about the pink elephant. This is why willpower does not work.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why affirmations don’t work. This will help you understand why the hack I’m going to share with you is so damn powerful.


The first reason is that usually, it’s way too much of a stretch. 

Most people use affirmations when they’re up the creek without a paddle, and desperately want to change their situation. So the affirmation they’re reciting is the complete opposite of where they’re at. And that’s just basically too big a stretch. The mind cannot go there. So straight away, you are blowing yourself out of the water.


The second reason that affirmations don’t work for most people is because they’re actually not practicing them often enough!

The truth is that affirmations will eventually work. They can reprogram your mind.. BUT…
It takes a looooong time and a lot of reciting. And most people don’t do it anywhere near often enough – so they’re not brainwashing themselves in the way that affirmations are designed to. (they’re just kind of giving their mind a little spit & polish every now & then…)

This is the biggest problem with affirmations. They do work, but it’s a lot of work to make them work.


The main reason affirmations don’t work is that you’re saying all this stuff, but you don’t actually EXPECT it to happen. 

Because you don’t really expect it, your vibration never lines up with it. And when you’re not a vibrational match to it, you cannot possibly attract it .

So, I really want to share with you my awesome hack that absolutely works and is a fantastic alternative to affirmations. That’s because it works WITH the way your mind naturally operates – rather than trying to battle against it. (remember that willpower thing..?)

But before we talk about that, please tell me in the comments: 

Whenever you’ve recited affirmations, did you notice the voice of doubt in the back of your head?

Because I know I heard that voice of doubt every single time … and I did my best to ignore it.
A lot of time passed before I realized that there was a much better way. 

Okay. Let’s do this… Let’s talk about the alternative to affirmations that actually works.
This is actually something I teach my Magnetic Money students and that we practice and build on in the program.

It’s an Evidence Mantra.

At first glance, it may sound like an affirmation, but there’s a really HUGE difference.
That’s because you only use your evidence mantra when something is ACTUALLY happening that you want to affirm. You kind of use it as a highlighting statement to point that thing out to your mind.

Say you just had an awesome new VIP client book to work with you. And it was really easy. That’s when you want to use your evidence mantra!

You want to have your own, personal evidence mantra, that feels really natural and easy for you. Everybody will have their own because guess what? There is no formula for you!

So my evidence mantra is really simple. It’s “That’s right. Everything is always working out for me!”

See, everything is always working out for me and no part of me can argue with that.

And you never use it as an affirmation to try and talk yourself off the ledge when things go wrong.
You use it in the moment when something really cool has happened and things ARE working out!

It’s actually AFFIRMING REALITY! It’s reminding you that “Yes, things are always working out!” The evidence is right in front of you. Your mind cannot argue with that.

It then starts to reprogram your reticular activating system (RAS) – think of it like a switch between your conscious and unconscious mind, that brings things into your awareness.

It reprograms your RAS to be on the look-out for even more things that are working out for you. 

And so with an evidence mantra you affirm to yourself that everything’s always working out for you,
AND you’re also programming your unconscious mind to be on the lookout for more,
AND bring that into your conscious awareness!

And this process will then build and build. You’re literally reprogramming and reconditioning your mind to start seeing all the abundance, all the opportunities.

Because they were always there and available. But now they’re being highlighted and brought to the surface for you so you can fully appreciate and enjoy them.

And THAT is what helps you attract even more!

I’ll link some other episodes with tips on how to attract more abundance into your beautiful business below, so be sure to check those out.

And when it comes to manifesting money in particular, people do tend to screw up a few things that inadvertently repel money rather than attract it.

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It’s free and you can grab it at the link below.

That’s it for today, gorgeous.

Remember it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential – and you are absolutely ready to take the next step.

See you in the next episode!


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