Having your money organized feels FANTASTIC

You feel in control of your finances and your destiny. 
But even better… organizing your money well can also help you attract a whole lot!

And I’m all for that!

In today’s episode, we’re going to cover 3 specific ways to organize your money better – which also turbo charge your money magnetism.






Ready? Let’s do it!

3 tips for organising money – that make you magnetic to more:

First, a bit of important background info for you:

When I was running my finance business, I noticed that people on bigger incomes didn’t necessarily feel any better about their finances. In fact, they were often MORE stressed and had little confidence in being able to manage their money.

I also noticed that people on more modest incomes who knew how to take great care of their money had more savings, often owned multiple properties and were enjoying life a whole lot more.

Even though they had LESS income, they had MORE wealth and LESS stress.

It was years later, after  I studied hypnosis and the Law of Attraction that I figured it out.

See, those people with the money confidence were more aligned with abundance and so consequently attracted more of it. The pieces of the puzzle would fall into place for them, opportunities and windfalls would land in their lap.. and they’d know exactly what to do with that bonus money!

This is where the Magnetic Money Code was conceived.
I discovered that money thrives when you create an eco-system. When you know how to manage your money to grow your wealth… and where your attitude and your vibration help you consistently attract more.

This is what we do in Magnetic Money. We create an eco-system where you and your money can thrive together.

Today, I’m going to share 3 tips for organising money with you – in a way that makes you magnetic to more – ESPECIALLY if you’re an entrepreneur!

TIP #1: Separate Discretionary Spending From Fixed Expenses.

When you do this, you’ll know where your fun money is. And you get to spend it however you choose – without feeling guilt or worrying that the bills won’t get paid. Because your fun money is ONLY for you to have fun with. That is its job.

This raises your vibration and makes you feel RICH, which makes you magnetic to even more.
It also ensures that you always meet your financial obligations and your bills get paid – which further adds to that feeling of abundance.

TIP #2: Make Compound Interest Work For You, Not Against You

Start by reducing your debts as quickly as possible, because that’s where compound interest is working against you. Then swing that pendulum around and invest in things that ATTRACT compound interests so your wealth starts to grow.

Even if you start by paying off a credit card, your focus & intention will accelerate you towards that goal.
Plus, you’ll feel excited and enthusiastic about clearing those debts so you can start growing your wealth. 

This raises your vibration and shifts your attitude – which makes you magnetic to more money.

And so the cycle continues to build & build.

OK, before we move on to tip #3, let’s hit pause.

Take a moment & ask yourself – Do you have a system for organising your money? 

Do you separate discretionary from fixed expenses? Are you actively focused on making compound interest work for you, rather than against you?

Of course, I personally use the Magnetic Money System and share it with my students.
I only spend 5-10 minutes a week organizing my money and it’s one of my favorite things to do, because it’s super easy and I can really see my financial progress.

In fact, when I first implemented the system, I was still carrying a large credit card debt. It was about $70,000.
When I finally put the system in place, the incredible power of that focus & increased alignment had me clear that debt 000 in just 7 months! And it had been hanging around for years!

This is the power of a great money system. It accelerates your financial progress and at the same time,  raises your vibration so you become magnetic to more.  It’s a beautiful positive cycle that continues to build momentum.

TIP #3: Put tax money aside

This is especially critical for entrepreneurs and business owners.

It makes perfect sense from a practical point of view, of course, because you need to pay that tax bill when it comes. Many business owners have been caught out by not having the money when handed the tax bill after their first truly profitable year in business.

So you definitely want to avoid that. But more than that – on an energetic level, it has an even more powerful effect. Because putting that tax money aside sends a powerful message to the Universe that you EXPECT to make a great profit in your business.

My tax bill is physical confirmation that I’ve had another great year in business, that I’ve made lots of profit. And now I get to share some of it with my community and my country.

When you’re prepared show that you expect it by putting that tax money aside, not only does it feel really great to say, “Hey, Mr. Taxman, here’s your check.” … it helps you attract a whole lot more money along the way because your energy is one of, “I’m in business and making profit. And I fully expect it.”

You’re literally putting your money where your mouth is and demonstrating your expectation with your actions.

If you need help with organizing your money, then definitely check out the Magnetic Money program. This is what we do – along with helping you get in consistent alignment with abundance and clearing those old money blocks.

And if you’re wondering, “But how much money do I need to make in the first place? How much does my business need to bring in?” then grab yourself my free Income Target Calculator at the link below. 

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