How to sort out your money on low income – 3 reasons to start TODAY

How to sort out your money on low income – 3 reasons to start TODAY

Do you feel like there’s no point having a money system because you’re not making enough?

In today’s episode we’ll talk about how to sort out your money on low income.

I’ll share 3 reasons why you need to get your money system in place sooner rather than later – ESPECIALLY if you feel like money is tight!

See, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a money system is for those people who’ve got plenty to spare.

But this is actually a habit that the sooner you start, the sooner it will help you move forward financially so you DO have plenty to spare!







For me personally, I started creating what is now known as the Magnetic Money™️ System when I was a broke single mom. I needed to make every dollar count because I literally had weeks where I thought I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or put food on the table. And so it was critical that I stayed on top of my finances, knew how much money was available and what my priorities were.

But this goes way beyond survival!

Starting to get on top of your money and taking control is the beginning of you getting out of that jam and moving forward financially. This is the start of being able to create financial stability and eventually, financial security and wealth for yourself.

Here’s 3 reasons to get started as soon as possible:

NUMBER 1: Managing your money well is a HABIT. 

So the very first reason why you want to get a money system in place now – even if you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck – is that it’s important to get into good habits early.

And this is one habit you want to get into as early as possible. Because if you get into bad habits  when you have little money, you will take them with you when you have more money. And that will only create bigger problems!

It’s so much easier to start a good habit and continue it, than to try and get out of a bad habit down the track. So you may as well start off on the right foot.

Get into good habits early & take them with you.

NUMBER 2: Breaking it down avoids future pain

A good money system allows you to plan for bigger expenses by breaking them down.

For example:
Say your car needs a thorough service and new tires once a year and it costs $1,000.

Now, if you don’t plan for that, then this sudden expense to ensure you can keep driving the kids to school can create a really stressful situation.

But if you break it down with your money system, it’s actually only $20 a week you need to consistently put aside. And in return, you get amazing peace of mind, knowing your car will continue to be roadworthy and reliable.

It makes a huge difference to your stress levels. It allows you to stay focused on your business to keep the money flowing in, rather than get distracted by sudden emergencies and start experiencing a feeling of lack.

There are loads of big annual expenses like this, not least of all your tax bill!

By getting that money system ticking along sooner rather than later so you can track and  smooth your cash flow, you avoid future pain and stress. And that helps you stay in alignment with abundance and continue to attract more.

This is exactly what the Magnetic Money™️ system is designed to help you do – and what any good money system should do. 

NUMBER 3: Discover your REAL business income goal!

Right, let’s move on to the third reason why you want a money system in place sooner rather than later. This one is especially for you if you feel like all your money’s going out on bills and your business isn’t bringing in enough.

Your money system will show you what the REAL gap in your income is! (and that’s often a lot less than you think, because we tend to worry and catastrophize way too much…)

Once you know what that number is, you can then plan your business income streams to ensure you meet your income goal.

Your money plan delivers your business income goal.

It lets you know what your business’ baseline income target is. From here, you can set other goals that include wealth creation, lifestyle upgrades and so on.

But first you need to know your baseline target. The income amount that will ensure the bills get paid and the business keeps running.

Unfortunately, too many people just make up a random number when choosing a business income goal, with no idea how they actually need to bring in.

Once you know your income goal, you can then plan your income streams and decide HOW you will generate that income.

This is exactly what we help you do in the Magnetic Money™️ System Bootcamp, so be sure to check that out here to learn more.

A great place to start is by organizing and tidying your banking. That is step one. You want to get those foundations in place and make sure you have the right infrastructure in place so your money can do what it needs to do.

I have a free workshop to help you get started. It’s called Organize & Tidy Your Banking and you can get instant access here.

Think of it as Marie Kondo’ing your finances so you can experience the joy of becoming magnetic. It’s a lot more fun than a bunch of rolled up socks & jocks, believe me. 😊

Remember – abundance is an inside job.. but there are some things we have to do on the OUTSIDE  to help it flow.


See you soon!

xx Miriam

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Organize & Tidy Your Banking

‘Spark the joy’ of becoming magnetic – for women entrepreneurs.

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Should I pay off debt or save money first?

Should I pay off debt or save money first?

Should I pay off debt or save money first?

It’s a common question.
In this episode, we’ll answer that question for you and give you some great pointers, so you know the best place to start.

If you have a reasonable amount of debt and little in savings, it can be difficult to know where to start. So the question is:

“Do I begin by saving or do I start by paying off debts?”

Because both are causing some stress.

So there’s a correct answer based on purely crunching the numbers. And there’s a correct answer when it comes to YOU. And they are not necessarily the same answer!

So today, we’ll talk about the difference between the two and how to proceed in a way that will serve you best.



Click here to watch it




Now, if you’re currently working towards a very specific goal, for example, wanting to buy a property – then you should be speaking to your mortgage broker or financial advisor because there may be some specific factors that influence your options.

But outside of that, let’s talk about what is generally the best approach for most people faced with the choice:

Do I pay off debt first or do I save money?

So on a numerical basis, it usually makes sense to start paying off debt as quickly as possible.
That’s because debt is working against you by accruing compound interest. You’re being charged interest on your debts. And if you don’t stay on top of that, you will be charged interest on the interest… and then interest on the interest on the interest.. and so on.

This is how so many people get into a situation where their debts get out of control to the point that they can’t stay on top of them anymore – let alone pay them down.

And on the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of savings in the bank right now, that can be super stressful. And when we look at how that makes you feel about your finances – stressed about money, worrying, etc, that may be the deciding factor for you on where to start.

Because as much as numerically it makes sense to get on top of that compound interest, vibrationally, the correct answer is actually to do whatever is going to help you FEEL better first.

Because as you start to feel better about your finances, you start to align with abundance more easily. And that means that you can start to generate and attract more money into your business and life.

So the right answer for you may be different to what makes numerical sense, just because if you don’t get a little bit of money in the bank to fall back on in case of emergency, you won’t be able to sleep at night. And the stress of that alone is going to cause you to keep attracting problems rather than more money to help you get out of the situation.

In a moment, I’ll share with you a great ‘best of both worlds’ approach that tends to help most of my students.

But before that, I’d like to know:

What stresses you out more? Lack of savings or debt? Let me know in the comments!

One of the traps people fall into when they start deliberating whether to save or pay off debt, is thinking they have to do it all at once. They think about the totality of it all.

For example, they may want $20,000 cash in the bank to fall back on in case of emergency. That’s a lot of money! So the thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it all in one hit.

The same goes for debt reduction. You don’t have to pay off ALL your debts at once – or even in a row!

So the trick is to break it down.

When you break it down into little micro goals and smaller milestones, you can actually swing between the two areas of focus and move ahead faster. 

The key is still to always focus on just one at a time.

Let me give you an example:

Say you owe $10,000 on credit cards and want $10,000 cash in the bank. That’s the big end goal.
But we can break that down. We might start by just aiming to get $1,000 cash in the bank so you can sleep at night. And then if the car breaks down or the electricity bill blows out, you have it covered.

So you can start there. That’s your first focus and you need to focus ONLY on that while you park everything else.

Once you’ve gotten there, THEN you can shift your focus to the next micro goal.

And that may be paying off the smallest of your credit cards.

So you choose micro goals rather than doing all of it at once.
And once that micro goal has been achieved, you can switch to another one.

And as you continue working your way through the micro goals, you end up achieving your bigger goal!

We actually help you do all of this and more in the Magnetic Money™️ System BOOTCAMP.
It gives you all tools, systems and info you need to set up a money system designed for you that will and systematically help you achieve your goals. You can check it out here.

And if you want to get started by focusing on just reducing debt, then check out the ‘Freedom from Debt’ system here.

Okay, I hope this has been really helpful and that you now have an idea of which micro goal you want to start with!

Let me know in the comments! Do you have more clarity now? Where are you going to start? What will your first milestone be? I

Remember – abundance is an inside job but there are things we need to do on the outside to help it to flow.

xx Miriam


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How to smooth cash flow – stop tracking expenses & track THIS instead!

How to smooth cash flow – stop tracking expenses & track THIS instead!

If you’re an entrepreneur with a regular income, you’ve probably noticed… budgets don’t work!

There’s a simple reason for that: They weren’t designed for us!

Budgets are designed for people with regular income. But when you’re running a business, your income can be unpredictable and irregular. So budgets simply don’t work.

In this episode, you’ll discover 2 simple steps on how to smooth cash flow when you have irregular income.

This will help you take control of your finances and manage your money so much better.

Plus, I’ll share an important THIRD step that will help you reach your financial goals so much faster.






But first – a quick story:

When I was running my finance business, my clients mostly had regular income and salaries. So helping them organize their money was relatively simple. But for myself as a business owner, it was a different story!

So I needed to implement some different strategies for myself to help me smooth that cash flow so my money could go to work for me – and so my bills would be paid on time!

This was the birth of the Magnetic Money™️ System and it’s infused with principles that help you smooth your cash flow and create more wealth and financial stability as a business owner with irregular income.

In this episode, I’m going to share one of those principles of Magnetic Money™️, which is TRACKING.

But I’m NOT talking about tracking expenditure and micromanaging your money! (yuk….)
I’m simply talking about tracking 2 things – surplus and shortfall. Because they’re the only things you need to track to smooth your cash flow.

Let’s go back to talking about budgets for a moment.

They don’t work for entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. The main one being that we have irregular income. So what we need instead, is a mechanism to help us smooth that cash flow so we can achieve our financial goals AND meet our financial obligations.

That’s why as a business owner, you DO NOT NEED A BUDGET!
What you need is you need a MONEY PLAN and a SYSTEM to help you implement it.

And smoothing your cash flow is the key to making it work.

So this Magnetic Money™️ principle of tracking allows us to use surplus and shortfall to balance each other out and smooth our cash flow.

It only takes the simple 2 steps below!

But there’s a THIRD, very powerful step (that I’ll also share) which then ensures you use that surplus to achieve your financial goals so much faster.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have irregular income and how do you try to manage it?

OK, here’s those steps:

NUMBER 1: Pay back shortfall FIRST!
Whenever you have surplus income, the very first thing is to check if you’re carrying any shortfall.
Were you unable to put enough tax money aside last time? Did you short-change your bills or business account? Leave your holiday fund short?

You need to make that up FIRST. That’s step one.

NUMBER 2: Track your shortfall!
You need to track any shortfall so when it comes time to pay it back, you know what you owe and where.
Just write it down. It’s that easy.

Okay. Now onto the very exciting third step, which will help you tick off those financial goals FAST.

NUMBER 3: \All remaining surplus goes to your No.1 priority
Once you’ve paid back any shortfall, all remaining surplus goes to your current Number 1 financial priority. In Magnetic Money™️, we call this your ‘Magic Number’.

This is how you use every dollar wisely and give every dollar a job to do (which is another principle of Magnetic Money™️ – just check out the episodes linked below to learn more).

By giving all remaining surplus the job of helping you achieve that number 1 priority, you create a laser focus effect. And that makes you more magnetic which means you’ll get to achieve that goal even faster!

And once you tick that goal off, you can move onto the next one. 😊

So it’s not a matter of tightening your belt and counting your pennies. It’s a matter of being focused and having a plan and system to implement it. 

What’s your current Number 1 financial priority? Is it clearing a debt… accumulating a buffer of living expenses to fall back on…  saving a deposit to buy a house? Be clear! It will make a huge difference and allow you to achieve it so much faster.

You can also check out the episodes linked below where you’ll learn more about how to effectively use your money to create more wealth and financial stability as a business owner with irregular income.

And if you’d love my help to get started, join my FREE ‘Organize & Tidy Your Banking’ workshop at

It’s punchy and super practical and will ensure you get the foundation pieces right – so the structure of your banking allows your money to flow more effectively.

Remember – abundance is an inside job, but there are practical things that really help it flow!

See you soon & have a beautiful day! 

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Organize & Tidy Your Banking

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Can’t save money even though you try? Here’s why … & how to change it!

Can’t save money even though you try? Here’s why … & how to change it!

If you find that you can’t save money – even though you’re budgeting and trying your best, then this one’s for you!

Everybody tells us to tighten our belts and save our pennies so we can save money.

But the reason most people who do this don’t seem to be getting anywhere, is that it ignores one of the key principles of Magnetic Money.






I actually developed this principle during my own journey from being a broke single mom after going through a divorce to then rebuilding my business and life.

At first I was budgeting like everyone else. I was stressed about paying the bills and putting food on the table. But as I started making good money in my business, I realized I still wasn’t really moving forward financially. It felt like I was stuck in the same old place and I noticed my savings and my wealth weren’t actually growing!

That’s when I realized that having a goal of having ‘spare money’ was actually keeping me stuck!

That’s when I developed & started applying the simple principle that “Every Dollar Needs A Job To Do”.
And it changed everything!

Now, when I say ‘a job’, it needs to be a  clearly defined job. Because just aiming to ‘have savings’ is way too vague. It’s like employing somebody and telling them you want ‘help in your business’.

You’ll need to be a lot more specific if you really want that person to make a difference!

Your  money is the same. Every dollar needs a clearly defined job to do.
Without that, surplus income tends to be squandered on things that aren’t necessarily in alignment with your top financial priority.

Most people will save some money, spend some money and maybe invest some. So the money kind of just gets diluted and can’t really make an effective difference.

But when we apply the principle that ‘every dollar needs a job to do’, we get a plan in advance that will ensure your money doesn’t get wasted and that it’s put to work as effectively as possible.

When your money comes in, you’ll know exactly what to do with every single dollar. Some will have the job of paying your bills, some will have the job of keeping your business running and some will have the job of paying your tax bill. And some of your money is dedicated ‘Fun Money’. That means you’ll get to spend that money, knowing everything else is taken care of and you can enjoy spending that money guilt free.

So when you use an arbitrary term like ‘savings’, your money doesn’t really know exactly what to do.

So you need to know what the savings are for and how much you’re aiming to have. You want to have a really specific goal in mind. So once you have enough to cover the basics and your fun money, the rest goes towards your very SPECIFIC savings goal. For example, you may have a goal of saving 3 or 6 months worth of living expenses to keep as an emergency buffer. That is a very specific job for that money.

Once that’s been achieved, you can aim for something else, such as accumulating money to invest, buy property or other. But each goal needs to be very specific so when the money comes in, you know exactly where it’s going and what for – and when you can tick the box to know that goal has been achieved.

This is how you actually move forward financially and achieve your goals!

And this is why “Every dollar needs a job to do” is one of the key principles of Magnetic Money.

So if right now you have some arbitrary goals of ‘saving money’, I invite you to sit down and get much clearer. Ask yourself, “What specific job do I want this money to do? How will this money best serve me? And what does it need to do that? Do I need a special bank account or set up some banking transfers? What infrastructure do I need to make sure the money goes to the right place to effectively do that job? And is that job clearly defined?”

Every dollar needs a job to do that’s clearly defined – and a place to do it.

If you bear this one simple principle in mind, things will shift for you from having a budget and wanting to ‘save some money’ to having clearly defined, exciting goals that move you forward financially so you’re creating financial stability and security for yourself.

Check out the episodes linked below if you’d like to learn more about how to manage your money more wisely.

And if you’d like to do it with me and get started right now, then join me for the free ‘Organized & Tidy Your Banking’ workshop, where we start laying that foundation for all your money to do its job for you.

You’ll find the link for instant access below. I’d love to see you there and help you start transforming your relationship with money, both inside and out, so you can experience the abundance that’s waiting for you.

Have a beautiful day & see you next time!


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Organize & Tidy Your Banking

‘Spark the joy’ of becoming magnetic – for women entrepreneurs.

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3 Tips For Organising Money That Make You Magnetic – For Entrepreneurs

3 Tips For Organising Money That Make You Magnetic – For Entrepreneurs

Having your money organized feels FANTASTIC

You feel in control of your finances and your destiny. 
But even better… organizing your money well can also help you attract a whole lot!

And I’m all for that!

In today’s episode, we’re going to cover 3 specific ways to organize your money better – which also turbo charge your money magnetism.






Ready? Let’s do it!

3 tips for organising money – that make you magnetic to more:

First, a bit of important background info for you:

When I was running my finance business, I noticed that people on bigger incomes didn’t necessarily feel any better about their finances. In fact, they were often MORE stressed and had little confidence in being able to manage their money.

I also noticed that people on more modest incomes who knew how to take great care of their money had more savings, often owned multiple properties and were enjoying life a whole lot more.

Even though they had LESS income, they had MORE wealth and LESS stress.

It was years later, after  I studied hypnosis and the Law of Attraction that I figured it out.

See, those people with the money confidence were more aligned with abundance and so consequently attracted more of it. The pieces of the puzzle would fall into place for them, opportunities and windfalls would land in their lap.. and they’d know exactly what to do with that bonus money!

This is where the Magnetic Money Code was conceived.
I discovered that money thrives when you create an eco-system. When you know how to manage your money to grow your wealth… and where your attitude and your vibration help you consistently attract more.

This is what we do in Magnetic Money. We create an eco-system where you and your money can thrive together.

Today, I’m going to share 3 tips for organising money with you – in a way that makes you magnetic to more – ESPECIALLY if you’re an entrepreneur!

TIP #1: Separate Discretionary Spending From Fixed Expenses.

When you do this, you’ll know where your fun money is. And you get to spend it however you choose – without feeling guilt or worrying that the bills won’t get paid. Because your fun money is ONLY for you to have fun with. That is its job.

This raises your vibration and makes you feel RICH, which makes you magnetic to even more.
It also ensures that you always meet your financial obligations and your bills get paid – which further adds to that feeling of abundance.

TIP #2: Make Compound Interest Work For You, Not Against You

Start by reducing your debts as quickly as possible, because that’s where compound interest is working against you. Then swing that pendulum around and invest in things that ATTRACT compound interests so your wealth starts to grow.

Even if you start by paying off a credit card, your focus & intention will accelerate you towards that goal.
Plus, you’ll feel excited and enthusiastic about clearing those debts so you can start growing your wealth. 

This raises your vibration and shifts your attitude – which makes you magnetic to more money.

And so the cycle continues to build & build.

OK, before we move on to tip #3, let’s hit pause.

Take a moment & ask yourself – Do you have a system for organising your money? 

Do you separate discretionary from fixed expenses? Are you actively focused on making compound interest work for you, rather than against you?

Of course, I personally use the Magnetic Money System and share it with my students.
I only spend 5-10 minutes a week organizing my money and it’s one of my favorite things to do, because it’s super easy and I can really see my financial progress.

In fact, when I first implemented the system, I was still carrying a large credit card debt. It was about $70,000.
When I finally put the system in place, the incredible power of that focus & increased alignment had me clear that debt 000 in just 7 months! And it had been hanging around for years!

This is the power of a great money system. It accelerates your financial progress and at the same time,  raises your vibration so you become magnetic to more.  It’s a beautiful positive cycle that continues to build momentum.

TIP #3: Put tax money aside

This is especially critical for entrepreneurs and business owners.

It makes perfect sense from a practical point of view, of course, because you need to pay that tax bill when it comes. Many business owners have been caught out by not having the money when handed the tax bill after their first truly profitable year in business.

So you definitely want to avoid that. But more than that – on an energetic level, it has an even more powerful effect. Because putting that tax money aside sends a powerful message to the Universe that you EXPECT to make a great profit in your business.

My tax bill is physical confirmation that I’ve had another great year in business, that I’ve made lots of profit. And now I get to share some of it with my community and my country.

When you’re prepared show that you expect it by putting that tax money aside, not only does it feel really great to say, “Hey, Mr. Taxman, here’s your check.” … it helps you attract a whole lot more money along the way because your energy is one of, “I’m in business and making profit. And I fully expect it.”

You’re literally putting your money where your mouth is and demonstrating your expectation with your actions.

If you need help with organizing your money, then definitely check out the Magnetic Money program. This is what we do – along with helping you get in consistent alignment with abundance and clearing those old money blocks.

And if you’re wondering, “But how much money do I need to make in the first place? How much does my business need to bring in?” then grab yourself my free Income Target Calculator at the link below. 

Did you enjoy this episode? Please drop me a comment and let me know!

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential, gorgeous and you are so ready for that next step.

See you in the next episode!



The tricks to paying off credit cards – in 7 steps!

The tricks to paying off credit cards – in 7 steps!

If you’ve been trying to pay off personal debts – credit cards etc and aren’t getting anywhere, then start here!

There are some tricks to paying off credit cards and other debts – that not only help you reduce debt fast. They also help you attract more abundance along the way!

I’ve just created a new Freedom From Debt System to help you move through these 7 steps.

So let’s talk about the key difference that allows you to not just reduce debt fast – but also magnetise yourself to more money & abundance along the way.

See,  most people approach debt reduction in a way that inadvertently means they attract even more of it. YIKES!!

And we definitely don’t want that for you!

In my experience intimately working with and coaching 100s of clients, here’s how most people approach debt:

They think “Here’s this horrible thing that I really don’t like, that I don’t even want to think about half the time, and I really need to get rid of it.”

But remember the saying that “What you resist persists”?

When you put your focus and energy into the “I have debt that I don’t want bucket”, vibrationally you’re resonating with “I’ve got debt and it’s overwhelming,it’s crippling. I don’t like it and it’s stressing me and I can’t seem to get rid of it.”

You’re resonating with the feeling of HAVING DEBT!

And if that’s the vibration you’re putting out into the quantum field, that’s what you’ll have the Universe reflect back to you. The exact opposite of what you’re busting to achieve!

You’re also hypnotizing yourself and wiring that belief about being in debt deeper into your unconscious mind. Without even realizing it, you wind up creating a self fulfilling prophecy of attracting more debt that gets harder and harder to clear. 

What we want to do here is to achieve the outcome of clearing the debt while at the same time shifting your vibration to attract more abundance and have you see THAT as your new and permanent state of affairs.

Let’s start by simply looking at your language.

How do you talk about your debts?

Is it, “Oh my God, I just need to be rid of this thing – it’s so annoying!”?

Or are you coming from a place of empowerment and excitement to be starting this process of paying off all your debts? Of knowing you’ve started to free up cashflow, so life can really start to change for you in a beautiful, powerful way?

Throughout the Freedom from Debt process, I’ll be prompting you to check in on your mental responses to ensure your energy shouts “This is exciting! This is empowering! And I’m making some really cool stuff happen!”

Let’s pause for a moment and connect to that feeling:

Once those debts are gone, what will that mean for you? What will it make possible? What will life be like? What will it feel like? What will it enable you to do? How will it enable you to show up differently, to think differently about your finances, about yourself, and about your ability to manage your money?

Tune into that for a moment and allow yourself to DEEPLY feel it.

What does it feel like to be totally debt-free? And what kinds of thoughts do you think about yourself, about your finances, your state of abundance, and the possibilities it opens up for you?

Once you make it a habit to operate from that place, you will keep connecting to the energy that will help make you magnetic to more money and abundance, so you unconsciously attract more.

You’ll be that person who keeps attracting all the cool stuff and makes it look easy. 

And of course that helps you clear those debts even more quickly and easily.

So, are you ready to get started with Step 1 of the 7 steps to paying off credit cards & other debts fast?

Just jump on my YouTube channel to watch the Step 1 video!

And be sure to grab yourself the Freedom From Debt System so you can take this journey towards being debt free.

Enjoy and remember…  it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential.



Need to reduce your debts – and want to do it fast

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