Can you bargain shop with an abundance mindset? Or is shopping in thrift stores and op shops a sign of a poverty mindset?

People often worry that buying second-hand means you may be inadvertently repelling abundance.

In this episode we’re going to talk about how bargain shopping can help you cultivate an abundance mindset and make you more magnetic.

PLUS, I’m going to share some of my favorite recent bargains with you that make me feel utterly abundant and actually help make me magnetic to more. 

See, I’m a huge fan of thrift store shopping and where and how you shop actually has little to do with whether you have a poverty mindset vs an abundance mindset.

So let’s talk about what really makes the difference.






In the Magnetic Money program, we talk about doing little things that stretch your abundance mindset. Little upgrades, token gestures and generally acting like the more abundant version of you.

That includes going into stores that you wouldn’t normally go into, trying things on, maybe even buying something. But there’s a BIG difference between stretching your comfort zone around money to expand your capacity to receive and plain old retail therapy that gives you a short-lived high with a credit card hangover the next day.

See, where and how you shop doesn’t make that much difference. That’s because your mindset has everything to do with how you think and feel and little to do with what you’re actually doing.

Let me give you an example. Say you decide to buy yourself a new Prada handbag. And you do it from a place where you’re sick of feeling and not having enough. So you spot an opportunity where there’s room and your credit card, think ‘To hell with it’, but the bag and vow to figure it out later.

In this case, you’re actually coming from a place of lack and scarcity. It’s a  demonstration of a poverty mindset because you’re grabbing what you can while you can, convinced that it’s not really natural and normal for you.

Let’s say that, say that instead, you decide to just go to Target and buy a nice little everyday handbag that looks good and does the job. And you find a handbag that looks amazing and feels really beautiful too. It’s just the right color and size & does everything you need. Plus, it’s incredibly cheap. So you get all excited because you just scored a great bargain, you really like it and nobody can even tell it’s just a cheapie. And you’re so excited that you saved all that money and can put it towards paying off a debt or some investment funds instead. You feel really proud of your decision.

In this case, you’re demonstrating a powerful abundance mindset because you’re feeling empowered about your finances. goals.

Can you see that where and how you shopped doesn’t really matter so much? It’s how you THINK about what you’re doing that matters. You could have gone to Target and felt awful about only being able to buy a cheap bag because that’s all you think you can afford. Or you could have bought the Prada bag thinking ‘I’m celebrating a great month in business and this will be my constant reminder’ And each of those attitudes would have completely switched up your mindset.

Which store you bought your bag from really didn’t matter. What matters most is how you think about it. 

So the big takeaway for you today is that feeling more abundant can come from spending less!

You don’t have to spend lots of money to feel rich and abundant. Sometimes it’s choosing NOT to spend money that makes you feel more abundant. It’s really empowering to make great financial choices that help you reach your financial goals faster.

When you’re spending less by choice, then you are an abundant person who has their priorities straight and makes great decisions.

If you’d like to see some of my recent bargain buys that make me feel utterly abundant, be sure to watch the video! I start sharing them at the 8 minutes and 15 seconds mark

I’d also love to know what bargains you’ve scored recently that make you feel utterly abundant. Let me know about them in the comments!

What I love about bargain shopping is that you get to spoil yourself with some really cool stuff that you maybe don’t really need, but that you’d really like. It allows you to feel that beautiful, luxurious sense of abundance without blowing the budget and derailing all the good work you’re doing by managing your money wisely. And when you do that, it actually makes you feel a whole lot more abundant.

Bargain shopping can make you magnetic much faster than buying the equivalent full price items – and it definitely helps you reach your financial goals faster too!

Some practical notes:

I don’t just randomly buy things. I usually have a list and know what I’m looking for. 

I’ll always take some time out and go through my favorite thrift stores, op shops and designer recycle stores to see what’s thereI don’t just randomly look for things and come out with a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t really want or need. I go in with a purpose.

And second hand shopping is not just about not wanting to spend too much money. I also love that it’s ecologically and socially more responsible.

It’s less wasteful, better for the environment, I’m spending less money and getting cool stuff I love and we have more money available for things that are much more important to us – like traveling, securing our financial future and having more choices in life.

(Plus, it feels like hunting for treasure and I get really, really excited when I come home with a bargain 😊)

In terms of your money plan, you do need to have an allocation for that kind of fun money. Part of my personal fun money allocation every single month goes towards clothing and accessories. And sometimes I’ll save up for something a little more special over a few months. And if in the meantime, I happen to find it cheaper in a second-hand store, then I celebrate my abundance!

I did recently record some 2-minute quick tips and I definitely recommend you check out the one on how to use FUN  MONEY to become more magnetic.

You can watch it here.

And if your money could use some organizing, then join me for the free ‘Organize and Tidy Your Banking’ workshop. The link is below.

What did you learn from this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

And if there’s anything else you’d love me to cover in a future episode, please let me know!

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