If you find that you can’t save money – even though you’re budgeting and trying your best, then this one’s for you!

Everybody tells us to tighten our belts and save our pennies so we can save money.

But the reason most people who do this don’t seem to be getting anywhere, is that it ignores one of the key principles of Magnetic Money.






I actually developed this principle during my own journey from being a broke single mom after going through a divorce to then rebuilding my business and life.

At first I was budgeting like everyone else. I was stressed about paying the bills and putting food on the table. But as I started making good money in my business, I realized I still wasn’t really moving forward financially. It felt like I was stuck in the same old place and I noticed my savings and my wealth weren’t actually growing!

That’s when I realized that having a goal of having ‘spare money’ was actually keeping me stuck!

That’s when I developed & started applying the simple principle that “Every Dollar Needs A Job To Do”.
And it changed everything!

Now, when I say ‘a job’, it needs to be a  clearly defined job. Because just aiming to ‘have savings’ is way too vague. It’s like employing somebody and telling them you want ‘help in your business’.

You’ll need to be a lot more specific if you really want that person to make a difference!

Your  money is the same. Every dollar needs a clearly defined job to do.
Without that, surplus income tends to be squandered on things that aren’t necessarily in alignment with your top financial priority.

Most people will save some money, spend some money and maybe invest some. So the money kind of just gets diluted and can’t really make an effective difference.

But when we apply the principle that ‘every dollar needs a job to do’, we get a plan in advance that will ensure your money doesn’t get wasted and that it’s put to work as effectively as possible.

When your money comes in, you’ll know exactly what to do with every single dollar. Some will have the job of paying your bills, some will have the job of keeping your business running and some will have the job of paying your tax bill. And some of your money is dedicated ‘Fun Money’. That means you’ll get to spend that money, knowing everything else is taken care of and you can enjoy spending that money guilt free.

So when you use an arbitrary term like ‘savings’, your money doesn’t really know exactly what to do.

So you need to know what the savings are for and how much you’re aiming to have. You want to have a really specific goal in mind. So once you have enough to cover the basics and your fun money, the rest goes towards your very SPECIFIC savings goal. For example, you may have a goal of saving 3 or 6 months worth of living expenses to keep as an emergency buffer. That is a very specific job for that money.

Once that’s been achieved, you can aim for something else, such as accumulating money to invest, buy property or other. But each goal needs to be very specific so when the money comes in, you know exactly where it’s going and what for – and when you can tick the box to know that goal has been achieved.

This is how you actually move forward financially and achieve your goals!

And this is why “Every dollar needs a job to do” is one of the key principles of Magnetic Money.

So if right now you have some arbitrary goals of ‘saving money’, I invite you to sit down and get much clearer. Ask yourself, “What specific job do I want this money to do? How will this money best serve me? And what does it need to do that? Do I need a special bank account or set up some banking transfers? What infrastructure do I need to make sure the money goes to the right place to effectively do that job? And is that job clearly defined?”

Every dollar needs a job to do that’s clearly defined – and a place to do it.

If you bear this one simple principle in mind, things will shift for you from having a budget and wanting to ‘save some money’ to having clearly defined, exciting goals that move you forward financially so you’re creating financial stability and security for yourself.

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Have a beautiful day & see you next time!


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