If you’re wondering what to do about money stress, then you probably think more money is the answer.

But in this episode you’ll find out why this narrow-minded approach will often backfire.

Because it usually AMPLIFIES your money stress, rather than relieving it!

And we definitely don’t want that!

So let’s talk about what to do about money stress so you can have less stress AND more money!






We’ve all heard the stories of lotto winners who end up back where they started (or worse) within just a couple of years. And I saw this in my finance business, too. The people on higher incomes usually had the most money stress.

I noticed that the way people FELT about money had very little to do with HOW MUCH money exactly they were making.

And there’s a simple reason for that”

More money doesn’t change your money patterns… it AMPLIFIES them!

You might even have noticed this in your own life. If you’re someone who tends to worry about money, and you think back to a time when you were making a lot less than you are now, back then you probably thought that your current income would alleviate that worry.

But it didn’t – and that’s because if you were wired that way back then, that program is still here NOW… unless you did something to change it.

It’s usually a program that says “I’m not safe, so I need more.” 

I experienced this myself. When I started my finance business, I was a broke single mum with ZERO income. So I set a goal of making $10,000 a month, thinking that would be the end of my money worries. But once I was there, earning well over $10,000 a month leveraged income, it turns out I was more stressed about money than when I was on the bones of my butt. I had bigger expenses, larger commitments. And my tendency to worry about money hadn’t changed, so with more at stake, I also worried a whole lot more.

If you’re in the habit of worrying about money & thinking there’s not enough – that won’t change with more money!

If you’re in a pattern of spending it all as soon as it comes in – that won’t change with more money!  Cause guess what? There are always more things to spend money on!

By the way, that pattern of always wanting to have more money in the bank and still feeling like it’s never quite enough, we call the Accumulator Archetype.

We all have a Money Habit Archetype – a default pattern we tend to revert to once we have the basics covered.

There are 3 Money habit Archetypes:

1. The Accumulator who always wants to squirrel money away for a rainy day. They never feel safe. Most accumulators are driven by fear, so more money doesn’t change the pattern – and it certainly doesn’t change the feeling.

2. The Spender is stuck in a pattern of ‘money comes, money goes’. They usually end up where they started.  See, you can spend $50,000 a year, or $5 million a year – it makes no difference, because there are always more things to spend money on.

3. The Overextender is continuously sliding backwards –  even when they have more money coming in. If you give them $100,000 they’ll go “Great! There’s a deposit for a Ferrari – I’ll just  borrow the rest!” 

There aren’t too many true Overextenders around, but they definitely exist. In fact, one of my parents was one and my other parent was an Accumulator. Between the two of them things somehow balanced out & we didn’t didn’t end up living under a bridge. But it certainly helped me see these patterns up close and recognise some of the unhealthy stories that were driving them.

Each Money Habit Archetype can be driven from a place of fear and unhealthy programming – or it can be coming from a place of abundance – of knowing there’s plenty, feeling safe and secure and knowing it’s ok to spend AND save money – because more is always coming.

A healthy Accumulator will still have a nest egg but they will be relaxed and know there’s enough and they’re safe.

A healthy Spender will still spend money, but they won’t spend ALL their money from an unconscious fear that they’ll not be able to buy things down the track.

But unfortunately, most of us are walking around with lots of unhealthy money stories.

That’s why one of the principles of Magnetic Money is that we need to recognize, heal & release that old money story so we can start creating healthy new patterns that come from a place of abundance, rather than fear.

So with just that quick overview – what do you think your Money Habit Archetype is?

Are you an Accumulator? Does it feel like there’s quite enough?

Are you a Spender? Do you spend your money as soon as it comes in and it’s a case of ‘easy come – easy go’?

Or are you an Overextender and seem to be perpetually sliding backwards?

If you’re not quite sure, you can take the Money Habit Archetype Quiz. You’ll find the link below.

So the moral of the story is that as well as looking at how you can call more money into your business, you also need to look at your money patterns and the stories that are driving them.

Because as you shift and transform those, your desire for more money can be underpinned by a sense of trust & abundance.

And this in turn makes you more magnetic so you ATTRACT more money. And it allows you to actually keep and enjoy that money.

What Aha moments about your money patterns have you just had? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Next, I invite you to spend some time looking at your money patterns and considering whether they’re coming from a place of love or fear.

This awareness alone will go a long way towards helping you transform and shift those patterns so that you can start experiencing more abundance, both inside and out.

And that’s what I’m all about 😊


Discover your Money Habit Archetype and use it to clear your biggest money block.