There’s a hidden money block nobody talks about… and it’s a lack of money confidence!

While people busily work on their mindset and try to align with more abundance, so more money can flow – they often miss one very important detail.

And that is that, once the money comes in, you actually have to deal with it!

Because you’ll need to distribute your income, pay your bills and taxes and make a whole bunch of financial decisions.

You’ll ALWAYS have to interface with your  money – no matter how much – or how little – comes in it. 

You simply cannot avoid dealing with your money.



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And if you lack confidence – if you’re not sure how to best manage your money – that right there is a MASSIVE mindset wobble AND a huge vibrational wobble!

Because if there’s uncertainty, intrepidation or even anxiety…. 

If you’re uncomfortable looking at your banking…
If you’re not quite sure what the best thing to do with your money is…

That creates an unconscious block to more of it flowing into your experience!

You will unconsciously BLOCK IT – because ultimately, it gets UNCOMFORTABLE

And no amount of alignment or mindset work can overcome that.

When I first started working with women in business on their money mindset, I noticed an attitude of “I’ll just manifest more money and that’ll fix everything.”

They thought by manifesting more, they’d be able to avoid having to deal with it

But that’s backwards!

Because the sooner that we gain those money skills, the sooner we grow in money confidence – which helps us dissolve those mindset and energetic wobbles, so more money can flow.

If you lack confidence in managing your finances, you’re definitely not alone!

Because most of us were never shown what to do. Nobody showed us how to organize and manage our money when we were young. And even if you took a business course, usually you learn how to manage the company’s money, but not your personal money. (I’ve worked with several Accountants who struggled to manage their personal finances, because nobody had ever taught them!)

Most people walk around with this silent money shame.
They’re just making it up as they go, hoping for the best. But they don’t feel like they know what they’re doing. They have no confidence in their ability to make the right decisions.

And if that’s you, please know it’s not your fault!
Because how are you meant to know what to do, if nobody ever showed you?

If you have ever tried to get help with managing your finances, you probably noticed how hard it is to find someone who’s able and willing to teach you what you need to do.

When I first started my business, my accountant would tell me how well I was doing..  but we never talked about my credit card debt and the enormous stress it was causing me! My business was going great, but I was personally super stressed about money! And my accountant only focused on the business and its finances. And it wasn’t their fault – that’s their job.

Then there are financial advisers & planners. But they’re usually looking to invest a few hundred thousand dollars of your money to help secure your financial future. And that’s great, but how do you get there in the first place?

Last – and definitely LEAST – are the “Done For You” budgeting and money management services!
I have a major issue with those and think they’re rife with danger.

Because when you give away your power, not only do you never learn how to manage your money…
You’re paying somebody else (often exorbitant sums of money) to do it for you and that keeps you stuck, waiting for them to give you weekly pocket money like a kid.

When I was running my finance business, I often saw these services go horribly wrong for my clients. It made me so angry. Clients were paying huge amounts of money but  not learning how to take responsibility for their finances or become financially independent.

And worst of all… unbeknownst to them, their bills – including their mortgages – were often being consistently paid late – and their credit score took a dive down the toilet!
It left many people in a very difficult predicament.

So I urge you: Get educated and learn how to manage your money YOURSELF!

The great news is that it’s so much easier than you think! It just takes a simple step by step process. And it all starts by asking yourself “How do I do this and where do I start?”

Above all, please give yourself a break and stop blaming yourself!
Because remember, nobody ever taught you how to do it! And the resultant lack of money confidence is a massive money block – which only makes things harder!

But as you set out to educate yourself and learn how to manage your money, you’ll transform your relationship with money. As you grow in money confidence, it will help dissolve those money blocks and old stories of “I’m not good with money. Money slips through my fingers” etc

And as these things start to shift, you’ll start to attract more money consistently. And that will help buoy your confidence… and then you’re up & away!

Learning how to take loving care of your money is a beautiful healing act that helps you transform your relationship with money – both inside and out.

It makes you magnetic to more and it transforms the way you feel about life. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I recommend starting by organizing your banking, because having that set up properly is the foundation stone of a money system designed for growth.
I have a free workshop you can take to help you do that, Just click click here to get started.

I look forward to seeing you there so you can start transforming your relationship with money from the inside out. 

Remember, abundance is an inside job – but there are things you need to do on the ‘outside’ that allow it to flow. 

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you!
On a scale of 1-10, where’s your money confidence at right now?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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