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Is your fear of tax keeping your income stuck?

Let’s talk about that, because I’m sure you’d love to increase your income and have more money coming into your business, right? Most people want that. But, if at the same time you’re avoiding your bookkeeping, you’re afraid of your tax bill, and you just generally feel really negative around all of that, then there’s a disconnect there.

Whenever you look at emotions like fear and avoidance, if it’s linked to money, that’s actually showing you that you do have a money block. It creates a money block. The fear and avoidance around the topic of money means that you don’t want the tax, but the tax comes with the money, so you’re blocking the money. Does that make sense?

So you can’t have one without the other.

You can’t say “I want more income,” but at the same time “I hate paying taxes,” or “I hate doing my bookkeeping,” or “I don’t like paying my accountant.” All of it is linked to that flow of money. 

Whenever you have negative emotions around something that is linked to your money, you are blocking the flow of money into your experience, so you really need to embrace all of it. That is the key to allowing that flow to come in. You need to embrace everything that it means and everything that is linked to it. 

You can’t say you DON’T want the consequences of it, but you DO want the thing.

It just doesn’t work like that.





When I spell it out to you like this, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, that makes perfect sense,” but how many times do you catch yourself complaining about bills, or being afraid of your tax, or avoiding your bookkeeping, or saying how much you hate organising your money. 

All of it is linked to your money. All of it is part of the flow of money into your experience. 

So please, please, please, become aware of that, and realise that when you’re doing it, you’re blocking the flow of money into your experience.

So if just the word “tax” triggers some sort of fear reaction within you, then that’s a big red flag and something for you to work on.

Now, I love working the easy, fast, and effective way, which is why I love hypnosis.
I am a hypnotherapist, which is why I have a whole library of hypnotic meditations available for you.

So if there’s fear around tax, fear around unexpected bills and things like that, then I highly recommend that you jump straight into the meditation library and access the “Let Go of Worry” meditation that’s in there, it’s in the “Create a Shift” section. If you’re not yet a member of my meditation library, it’s totally free, I’ve popped the link in the description for you. 

So go grab that, scroll down to the “Create a Shift” section and find the “Let Go of Worry” meditation.

And keep it handy, because any time these kinds of things come up, you want to clear them. You want to get beyond them, because you want to clear the resistance to more money coming to your experience, right?

Until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and totally unlimited potential.



The most powerful meditations are HYPNOTIC, because they create change & transformation at the unconsicous level. And the most powerful meditation in my free hypnotic meditations library to help you release that fear of tax is called “Let Go Of Worry”.

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