Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work!

I used to be completely devoted to goal setting.

I carried a little goal card with my big 5 year goal and I would read it several times a day. I also usually had a notebook in which I’d write out 21 goals every single day.

There was only one problem with all of that. It didn’t make me feel good about my goals. Often it highlighted to me where I really was & how far the gap seemed.

I would start feeling fear, doubt & worry as I read my goal card and had to battle to get past that.

These days I no longer set goals and my life keeps unfolding for me in the most magical way. I feel more like I conjure what I desire rather than set a goal and strive to achieve it.

It turns out that whole striving thing is what was actually stopping me from getting there!

In this video:

  • Why goal setting limits what you can achieve
  • How to gain leverage by being less specific
  • How to supercharge your journey