How To Pay Off Debts – Lightning Fast!

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Debt – nobody wants it, right?

So let me get straight into it and give you a super practical tip to help you get rid of that unwanted debt, lightning fast!

And yes.. energetically we don’t want to be pushing against what is unwanted, let’s be honest, most people don’t even do that. They simply ignore the debt and hope it will magically go away.

Sadly, wishful thinking doesn’t work.

Even if you do the energy work, you STILL have to do the practical stuff. You have to be SMART with your money and put a system in place to eradicate that debt.

So today I’ll share with you the most simple yet powerful process to help you get rid of your debts fast – WITHOUT compromising your lifestyle!

Some people call this the Snowball technique, some call it ‘Domino Your Debts’, because they drop like dominos.. one by one.. faster and faster.

It is super simple, and super powerful. In fact, the first time I properly applied this technique (rather than just randomly throwing bits of extra money at my debt here and there, hoping it will go away), I paid off $50,000 in credit cards that had been hanging around for about 5 years .. in just 7 months – WITHOUT sacrificing a damn thing!

It’s simply the power of focus.

If you follow my instructions, as a bonus gift with purchase, they’ll also help you quickly raise your abundance vibration, which will attract more money to you… and then you can pay those suckers off even faster! YAY!

Here’s what to do:

  1. List all your debts from least owing to most owing
  2. List their minimum repayments
  3. Find some extra cash. Just cancel a subscription, spend less on eating out or get a cheaper phone or internet plan.. You can do this!
  4. Pay that extra amount towards the SMALLEST debt each week, fortnight or month.
  5. Keep going until it’s GONE!
  6. Do a huge happy dance! You did it!!! It only gets easier from here.
  7. Now take all the money you were paying towards that debt and start paying it towards the next one on the list.
  8. watch those dominos fall! This one will disappear even faster.
  9. Then move back up to step 6 and keep going!

It doesn’t take long, it’s super easy and it will feel soooo good!!

Ready to get started and get rid of YOUR debts lightning fast?

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