Treat Money Like A Friend

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Imagine money was a friend for a moment.

Do you treat this friend well?

Do you speak well of them, make an effort to nurture the relationship, spend time with then and basically show that you care?

Or are you kind of avoiding your money, knowing things are not quite right and hoping the relationship improves without you needing to do anything about it? You hope that it will kind of just happen… but deep inside you know it’s time to say, “Listen – we need to talk. What the hell is going on?”

Well if you’ve been avoiding your money and not been willing to do what it takes to heal this rather important relationship, then you’re only driving your money further away. And if money was a person, the result would be a very unhealthy, awkward and dysfunctional relationship – maybe even one where anger and blame rears its ugly head…

Is this hitting a chord? Good!

Money is no different to a friend because money is energy and you cannot fake the energy you’re putting out! You can’t pretend – no matter how hard you try. In fact, if you try to pretend, it will only get worse!

So let’s do something about it, because THIS is a very important relationship for you and you really do need it to work.

In this Effectology Tip:
– how to make money feel like a loved and welcome friend
– how to shift the energy quickly and easily so the money starts to flow again
– the awesome bonus domino effect that attracts even more money to you





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