How would you like a meditation for manifesting money?

It might sound too good to be true to manifest more money with your eyes shut but it’s totally possible. The trick is to not just use any kind of meditation. The best kind of meditation for manifesting money is a hypnotic meditation that is a meditation that will tune you to the vibration of abundance.

This is done by reprogramming your mind and reconditioning your body – energetically upgrading you to a new, more abundant version of you. A version of you who is a vibrational match to more money.

In this episode, I give you access to exactly that kind of meditation. But before you rush off to download it, let me explain how to use it for maximum effect and why it’s so powerful.






Both in my own journey going from broke, single mum to multiple 6-figure business owner, living an abundant life I adore … and in helping my clients do the same… there’s one thing that keeps cropping up over and over and over again. 

People think that it’s what they DO that will help them attract and manifest the money they want.

But it’s actually not what you do that matters. What matters is how you feel.

Because this is a vibrational Universe and Law of Attraction organizes all those vibrational frequencies and matches them up.

At the end of the day, the Universe isn’t listening to your desires. It’s not reading your daily manifestation lists or your journal or any of those things. It’s not listening to your affirmations. It’s not taking photos of your vision board and trying to find matches out there. It’s not doing any of that. All it does is respond to your vibration. It’s pure science, really.

It doesn’t judge and it doesn’t second-guess. 

It simply says, “This is what you’re putting out. I’m going to give you things that match it.”

So this takes me to the very first point:

When you do anything to manifest more money, it’s not about the act itself. 

It is about the shift inside of you that the act helps you achieve. 

Now there are two key things we want to shift here. 

The first one is we want to shift your neural pathways, the patterns in your brain that fire automatically over and over and over again.
And we want to shift those to be naturally tending towards more abundant thoughts. And as you do that, your brainwaves – which also emit a frequency – are going to be much more in alignment with abundance (which includes money). 

Money is just a subset of abundance. 

So that’s a really cool little hack. All we really need to do is match you up with the frequency of abundance.

So the very first way that meditation helps you do that is by shifting your neural pathways so that your brain starts automatically firing much more abundant thoughts.

Now, the second reason that a hypnotic meditation designed to create these unconscious shifts is so powerful and helps you manifest more money is that we can change your addiction to whatever mix of feelings is your current ‘normal’.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, we all have a normal, average way we feel. We have so much joy, so much frustration, so much worry, so much anxiety. There tends to be an average mix we’re used to that is our average. And when we go outside that natural mix, things start to feel uncomfortable – even if we’re starting to feel more abundant. 

That’s why when you grow, you usually hit what Bob Proctor used to call the terror barrier or what psychologists call cognitive dissonance or what I call perturbation or the wobbles.

As we start to grow and expand, it can get really uncomfortable because we’re starting to become a new version of ourselves.

You’re literally becoming a new version of you. 

There is a part of our brain, the cerebellum right near the brainstem, which is part of our ancient lizard brain. Its job is to go “Danger – Danger!! Warning – Warning!!” when we venture outside the norm.

It is literally trying to keep the caveman inside of us safe in the cave. Our biology is still wired that way.

That’s why sometimes when you want to grow and expand and do cool things in your business, you start self-sabotaging, things feel scary and you shrink back into the same old comfort zone. It’s not necessarily where you want to be, but it’s what you’re used to and therefore your body chemistry is comfortable with it and considers it ‘safe’.

So we literally have an addiction to a certain mix of body chemistry. And with a hypnotic meditation, we can recondition the body and slowly but surely start shifting that ‘normal’ to a more abundant mix. 

And as we do that – along with rewiring the thought patterns so they automatically start firing more abundant thoughts – we are shifting your vibration. 

We are shifting the signal you’re sending out into the Universe. 

Now, your signal is an electromagnetic signal. You are an electromagnetic being with electrical brain waves and magnetic heart energy. It all needs to be a match so your vibration is clear and clean. And then the Universe & Law of Attraction can say, “Now THAT is a match to more abundance, including this much more money!”

So that is how we can use meditation, especially a carefully and well-designed hypnotic meditation – to start manifesting more money.

You still need to show up during the day and put yourself out there, allow the opportunities to find you and be congruent in lots of other ways. 

But if you start by rewiring your brain and reconditioning your body then you’re shifting everything at the unconscious level first – and life gets a whole lot easier & more abundant as if by magic.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much what you do on the outside of you. If you don’t first shift what’s going on inside of you, nothing else is going to work.

Remember, it’s not what you do that matters – it’s how you feel.

Because how you FEEL – that is your vibrational signature! That is the electromagnetic signal you’re sending out into the Universe, that the Universe will respond to and bring you matching things in return for. 

And with a hypnotic meditation that is designed to shift your ‘average normal’ state of feeling, you can become a more abundant vibrational being. And as you shift internally, your external reality will start to shift.

So here’s how to use this meditation. 

No.1: Download it (the link is below).

No. 2:
Listen to it frequently. Not 10 times a day, just once a day or maybe every second day – or maybe some weeks just once a week – that’s okay. Just keep using it regularly and enjoy it.

Enjoy it, and listen to it for the pure pleasure of diving deeper into feeling abundant. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in that vibration abundance so you continue normalizing yourself to it more and more.

You’ll find the link to this free meditation below. It’s called ‘The Vibration of Abundance”

Enjoy & remember, it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready to do that – right here, right now!


Download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Abundance Manifesting Meditation here:

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