After a couple of weeks in Magnetic Money, students usually come to me and ask ”Do I need energetic protection?”

It basically goes like this,
Miriam. I’m loving this high vibe thing. Things are starting to shift & I’m starting to attract more money & abundance – but PLEASE tell me!! How do I protect my vibration? How do I protect my energy and STAY in alignment when there’s all these negative influences & people around me?”

But a better question is “Do I need energetic protection in the first place?”

A lot of people will tell you that you need energetic protection. They’ll tell you to put a bubble of white light around yourself, or imagine a shield that protects your vibration and your energy from negative influences.

And I’m here to completely & utterly DISAGREE with that.

You do NOT need energetic protection! And here’s why:






Law of Attraction is  a term we use to describe what happens when you get momentum going on a certain frequency – on a certain vibration. You start attracting more & more things that match that frequency. That’s Law of Attraction. (I cover the 5 rules of Law of Attraction for you in this episode)

If you want to attract more abundance, you have to raise your vibration. That’s because MORE abundance than  you now have, equals a HIGHER FREQUENCY than you’re currently on.

When you can do that successfully – raise your vibration and STAY there – momentum builds. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be attracting only things that match that vibration.

So then you no longer need to worry about attracting things that are not a match to that vibration!

The only reason you WOULD be attracting things that are not a match to that vibration is because you’re not really there. You’re not as stable as you think you are. There’s still some of that old negative vibration hanging around.

So what you REALLY need to do is focus on STABILIZING your vibration.

Then it becomes a protective shield where things that are not a match to that vibration will literally bounce off. In fact, that’s not correct. They’re not there at all, because you cannot attract what you are not a match to. They simply are not part of your reality anymore.

A high vibe is natural immunity against a low vibe and negative energy!

So you don’t need to protect your vibration. What you do NEED to do is to fix it – stabilise it!

I’d love you to share with me in the comments:
Have you ever tried to protect your vibe? What did you do & how did it go?

Ok, let’s talk about why trying to protect your vibe is actually one of the WORST things you can do.

See, when you decide that you need protection, you’re dropping your vibration. You’re saying, “I’m vulnerable, bad things may come to me!” And so just THINKING that you need to protect your vibration means you’re lowering it. You’re basically dropping your defensive shield!

The key to keeping up that shield and keeping up your natural immunity to low energy & negative people is to STAY on a high vibration.

Putting up an energetic barrier or bubble also means you’re cutting yourself off from the higher vibration, your higher self and the energy of your source – which means you no longer have access to the guidance, ideas, inspirations, etc that flows from that place.

You’re literally leaving yourself stranded, having to battle it out alone without your connection to that higher vibe.

You’re cutting yourself off from the very thing that will help you THROUGH obstacles and challenges!

Now, one of the best ways to consistently raise & maintain your vibration is with a regular meditation practice.
When that meditation also aligns you with the vibration of abundance and programs your unconscious to keep doing it automatically, long after you get out of your meditation chair… that is powerful stuff!

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xx Miriam


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