Do I need energetic protection? Not if you do this!

Do I need energetic protection? Not if you do this!

After a couple of weeks in Magnetic Money, students usually come to me and ask ”Do I need energetic protection?”

It basically goes like this,
Miriam. I’m loving this high vibe thing. Things are starting to shift & I’m starting to attract more money & abundance – but PLEASE tell me!! How do I protect my vibration? How do I protect my energy and STAY in alignment when there’s all these negative influences & people around me?”

But a better question is “Do I need energetic protection in the first place?”

A lot of people will tell you that you need energetic protection. They’ll tell you to put a bubble of white light around yourself, or imagine a shield that protects your vibration and your energy from negative influences.

And I’m here to completely & utterly DISAGREE with that.

You do NOT need energetic protection! And here’s why:






Law of Attraction is  a term we use to describe what happens when you get momentum going on a certain frequency – on a certain vibration. You start attracting more & more things that match that frequency. That’s Law of Attraction. (I cover the 5 rules of Law of Attraction for you in this episode)

If you want to attract more abundance, you have to raise your vibration. That’s because MORE abundance than  you now have, equals a HIGHER FREQUENCY than you’re currently on.

When you can do that successfully – raise your vibration and STAY there – momentum builds. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be attracting only things that match that vibration.

So then you no longer need to worry about attracting things that are not a match to that vibration!

The only reason you WOULD be attracting things that are not a match to that vibration is because you’re not really there. You’re not as stable as you think you are. There’s still some of that old negative vibration hanging around.

So what you REALLY need to do is focus on STABILIZING your vibration.

Then it becomes a protective shield where things that are not a match to that vibration will literally bounce off. In fact, that’s not correct. They’re not there at all, because you cannot attract what you are not a match to. They simply are not part of your reality anymore.

A high vibe is natural immunity against a low vibe and negative energy!

So you don’t need to protect your vibration. What you do NEED to do is to fix it – stabilise it!

I’d love you to share with me in the comments:
Have you ever tried to protect your vibe? What did you do & how did it go?

Ok, let’s talk about why trying to protect your vibe is actually one of the WORST things you can do.

See, when you decide that you need protection, you’re dropping your vibration. You’re saying, “I’m vulnerable, bad things may come to me!” And so just THINKING that you need to protect your vibration means you’re lowering it. You’re basically dropping your defensive shield!

The key to keeping up that shield and keeping up your natural immunity to low energy & negative people is to STAY on a high vibration.

Putting up an energetic barrier or bubble also means you’re cutting yourself off from the higher vibration, your higher self and the energy of your source – which means you no longer have access to the guidance, ideas, inspirations, etc that flows from that place.

You’re literally leaving yourself stranded, having to battle it out alone without your connection to that higher vibe.

You’re cutting yourself off from the very thing that will help you THROUGH obstacles and challenges!

Now, one of the best ways to consistently raise & maintain your vibration is with a regular meditation practice.
When that meditation also aligns you with the vibration of abundance and programs your unconscious to keep doing it automatically, long after you get out of your meditation chair… that is powerful stuff!

That’s what today’s freebie is, so be sure to grab that now.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts & insights!

xx Miriam


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How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

Let’s talk about alignment.

Alignment is a daily habit, a daily task. Your level of alignment is what will determine whether you are a match to the things that you want – the growth you want, the new things in your life, or whether you’re a match to the same old, or whether you’re a match to something you used to have and don’t want or something you’ve never had before that you don’t want.

Your alignment is a moment by moment proposition that matches you up with the reality that you are creating, the reality that you are attracting.

The thing is, most of us are very much trained into this “tick and flick” approach. We go to Uni or we get a qualification for work and we get the piece of paper, we tick the box, and that’s it. You’re qualified, away you go. You don’t have to worry about doing that again.

Alignment doesn’t work like that.





Alignment is a moment by moment proposition.

And then, of course, you know as humans we suck at focusing. The moment something goes slightly wrong it has all our attention and we have to really work to get our attention off it and onto something else. So when there’s a problem or an issue, that pulls us out of alignment straight away. Our focus, our energy is then on what’s going wrong, what is not in alignment with the outcome that we much prefer.

And then, of course, we’re surrounded by other people, and a lot of them really like to talk about the problems, what’s wrong in the world, the news likes to feed it to us in a condensed hour a day a dump it into our living room. I don’t watch the news. People tell you what’s wrong in the world anyway, trust me, it’s hard enough just keeping that under control.

So, we have all these outside influences plus our own “sucky” focus and that’s what it comes down to: It’s a matter of our focus and training that. That takes commitment, it takes perseverance, it takes really building some habits and having some systems in place that keep you in alignment on a daily basis.

The most powerful way to get a head start on that is to meditate because every time you meditate you get into vibrational alignment with the highest part of you, with the quantum field, with the field of infinite possibilities and that intelligence that is the God Mind or whatever term you want to give it.

When you meditate, you get in alignment, and the more frequently you meditate and the more you practice meditation the easier it becomes for you to then hold yourself in that space of alignment through the rest of your day and as time goes on you also get really good at staying in that place of alignment or at least not dipping out of it for very long when there’s “issue” and “problems” around you that want to get your attention.

So, PLEASE meditate!

That is the best, best way you can keep yourself in alignment and then naturally just become a match to attracting all sorts of good things.

Now, I have a whole library of meditations, they are hypnotic meditations, so they actually train your unconscious mind on a whole host of subjects so there’s literally one that will help you deal with negative people around you. There are loads that will help you get more clarity, get more focus, help you align with abundance. There are 52 meditations in that library and it’s totally free, so if you don’t have access to it yet please click the link in the description and help yourself to that and get into that daily practice of meditating.


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The difference between personal responsibility and self-blame when it comes to manifesting what you want

The difference between personal responsibility and self-blame when it comes to manifesting what you want

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where you get to marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Let’s talk about the difference between personal responsibility and self-blame.

You see, I teach that you are the creator of your life. When most people start to get that they go, “Yaaay, that is so awesome! It means that I have 100% responsibility for the world I’m creating!” Which means that not long after that they go, “Ooh, shit… I’ve created this, and that, and that, and that… if I’m 100% responsible, it means I get the blame. I’m to blame for all of the things that are wrong in my life,” and they don’t like that. That usually then leads to a state of guilt, self-judgment, and even self-punishment, and that’s not a good thing.

So the thing to recognize is that when you go into a pattern of self-blame and self-judgment and guilt, you’re actually acting from a place of ego. The ego that is very clever at keeping you stuck in an old pattern. When you’re so busy putting all your energy into blaming yourself, into going over what went wrong, how you’re the cause of it all and how you really just need to get your act together and stop screwing everything up – it takes a lot of energy to do that. When your energy is tied up in that self-blame, and that guilt, and that rehashing everything that went wrong, it means that you don’t have energy available to create the new. It keeps you from moving forward. That’s how clever the ego is.

It wants to keep you in the same old pattern where it feels you’ll be safe.





Remember that where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Everything that happens is neither good nor bad, it’s just feedback. It’s an opportunity for you to learn and decide to make some adjustments. Redirect your focus. Done! That is ALL you need to worry about when it comes to the past.

Whether things went right or wrong is almost irrelevant. It is all just feedback and an opportunity to learn so that you can move forward in an even better, even more beautiful way.

The thing is that money is usually the place where people feel the biggest urgency around this stuff, and where they beat themselves up the most. In my Magnetic Money Program, I see it all the time. People really blaming themselves and feeling so bad for all the things they did wrong, both on the practical physical level with their money, and on an energetic level when it comes to their money.

So that’s why I’ve created a special little video training that really helps you address the five reason you’re not manifesting more money and what to do about them. You can grab it from the link in the description, it’s totally free. It’s a 25-minute short, sharp, and shiny video training that even comes with a little handy cheat sheet to remind you of everything you learned in the training so that you can totally stay on track and take 100% personal responsibility and power to move you forward rather than being stuck in self-blame, guilt, and all that crap. We don’t want that. We want to move forward into abundance.

Grab yourself that from the link in the description and until I see you next time, remember to keep on embracing your amazing and unlimited potential.



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What ___ do you REALLY want ____?

What ___ do you REALLY want ____?

What do you REALLY want?

(scroll down to watch the video or access the audio)

What do you really want?

That may sound like a simple question but the truth is that most people have no idea.

They usually know exactly what they DON’T want. What they DO want is rather hazy though.

Knowing what you don’t want is ok to begin with, but it will only get you so far. As soon as you get far enough away from that thing you don’t want, the heat is off and your motivation and drive fizzle out.

That’s why the foundation stone of The Effectology Method is to help you get really clear on what is truly important to you – what will keep pulling you  forward once you’ve passed that point of simply trying to get away from something unwanted.

Once you get a handle on what you DO want, you’ll find yourself continuing to be pulled towards your dreams by an irresistible force. 

I invite you to take some time out to really think about this. 

Forget about the fancy houses & cars – I want you to go deeper than that! 

How do you want to FEEL about each day of your life, about your ability to have what you want, about your worthiness to have it – and how confident do you want to be that more good things will keep coming?

You see – the ‘stuff’ is just a step along the way. It’s the feeling beyond the ‘stuff’ you’re really after and THAT is what has the big pulling power!

Here’s some homework for you:

Write out your ideal average working day – really immerse yourself in it. Don’t come up with some utopian day where you’re perpetually sitting on the beach sipping cocktails while it rains money from the sky, because nobody does that all the time. Go for your average working day – doing what you love to do – in the way you’d most love to do it.

Once you’ve done that, try to come up with a simple sentence or statement that encapsulates all that and let it be your mission statement for the type of success you’re really aiming for.

Knowing what truly lights you up is a critical key to sustaining your journey of personal evolution.

Once you’re hooked in at that deeper level, that vicious cycle of “2 steps forward, 1 step back” can finally end and you’ll be able to break through and claim that life you KNOW is waiting for you.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • how to tap into the power that will pull your dreams to you faster
  • why a wishlist of fancy stuff isn’t going to cut it
  • how to stop going ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back





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Your core values are instrumental in connecting you to what really lights you up.

This mini DIY curse covers the same process I take students through in my courses & workshops. The results are always astounding and students always comment how much they wish they’d bothered to do this sooner!

The difference with this Effectology Method way of uncovering your core values is that we connect you to what drives you at the unconscious level – beyond the ‘shoulds‘, the mother’s guilt and the external programming and pressures.

This is one of the best investments of time you’ll ever make to help you create a truly fulfilling life. You can get started for free right now, simply by accessing the course here >

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How to be successful and loving it!

How to be successful and loving it!


(prefer to watch the video or listen to the audio? Scroll down below!)
Do you know how to be successful?
Are you doing all the things to get you there?

Can I ask you something else?

How do you know where ‘there’ actually is? How can you be sure? How did you decide?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the journey but sometimes when you get to the destination, you kind of feel… disappointed.

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever get something you’d been wanting and when you finally got it, it just didn’t really feel all that great? It was all a bit ho-hum..?

If you’re spending a whole lot of time and energy chasing this thing we call ‘success’, you better be damn sure you’re chasing the right thing.

Let’s help you avoid the disappointment or feeling like maybe there’s something wrong with you – that maybe you’re being ungrateful.
In this Effectology Tip:

  • the 3 main reasons why reaching success doesn’t feel good
  • what you should do instead
  • how to get clear on your version of success


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by Miriam Castilla

Is It Your Time To Trust, Transform Or Prosper?

Is It Your Time To Trust, Transform Or Prosper?

Is It Your Time To Trust, Transform Or Prosper?


(prefer to watch the video or listen to the audio? Scroll down below!)
Do you know where you are on your Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey?

There are different stages along the way, so if you’d like to find out whether it’s your time to trust, transform or prosper, you can take my new quiz!

It will then send you the perfect resource to help you with exactly where YOU are at – because your journey is individual & unique.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • about the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey
  • why it’s important to take 1 step at a time – but make sure it’s the right step
  • where to get more resources