How to align with more income so it manifests faster

How to align with more income so it manifests faster

Let’s talk about how to align with and manifest more income. 

And in fact, let’s really drill down and talk about what it is that this alignment actually means because a lot of the time you’ll just be told, ‘Oh just align yourself with it’ and you might be thinking, ‘Okay, but how do I do that?‘ 

Manifesting things into form – from the unseen into the seen, into the physical reality – happens as a result of energetic alignment. 

So, first of all… what is this alignment?

Well, we live in this vibrational universe where everything is energy, where everything has a frequency and different things have different frequencies, including your thoughts, your feelings, and what I call your state of being – that whole sum of all that you are. 

You have this vibration signature – a certain frequency that is emanating out from you into the quantum field, into the cosmos so in every single moment you are in alignment with something, it just may not be the thing that you’re after. 

You’re always in alignment with something because you always have an energetic signature, a frequency that you’re sending out into the universe that says, ‘There you are, that’s exactly the frequency you’re on right now and that is what you’re in alignment with’. 

Usually, when we use the word ‘alignment’, we talk about alignment with the good stuff – the high income with lots of abundance and all things going well. 

But the truth is, you’re in alignment with something all of the time. You’re always manifesting – you cannot turn it off. 





Manifesting happens as a result of alignment, which means that whatever is in your experience right now – whatever’s in the world around you physically and tangibly – has happened as a result of your alignment with that outcome. 

It shows you where your vibrational signature – your frequency – has been at. 

So, the other side of it is that whatever you tend to be in alignment with most of the time will gather momentum, and as it gathers momentum, you get more and more and more of it. 

And then of course, as you observe it, it trains your vibration – your frequency – more, because you’re paying attention to it, so you’re going ‘Oh well, this is how it is. This is what’s showing up for me – good, bad, indifferent. This is my reality.’ 

So again, your attention is there, your feelings are matching it, your thoughts are matching it, it gathers momentum, it builds and builds and builds, and that’s the law of attraction coming in, but it’s also how your brain works. 

So it becomes more stable, which is why it can feel so hard to budge our current state of affairs because it’s your current reality that you have built incredible stability of alignment with. Your alignment is so strong and your momentum is so powerful and fast, because the law of attraction is always bringing you more and more and more, and therefore there’s more and more and more evidence. 

So your thoughts and your feelings and your actions are all revolving around it, so it feels really stable and real. 

But what it’s actually doing, is it’s just manifesting over and over again really quickly because the law of attraction has grabbed a hold of it. 

The key is that you need to start figuring this out and realising that you are aligning with something all of the time. You can’t stop it, you can’t change it. So your work is to make sure you’re aligning with things that feel good, because if you feel good right now, what is in alignment with that and what will come back to you and is attracted to you, will also feel good. 

And as you can keep in that state, as you can stay on that frequency and that vibration – that builds momentum. 

So it’s a matter of practising and being in a good feeling state, because lots more abundance – more money, more opportunities, more amazing clients, more good things happening in your life, in your business – feels great, right? 

And feeling great comes from feeling good over and over and over again and allowing it to build momentum. 

So my tip for you is don’t go straight for trying to feel great out of zero, just go for feeling a little bit better, and then a little bit better and a little bit better, and know that the law of attraction will come to your aid and will help you build momentum on that. 

So if, for example, it’s wanting to manifest a 6-figure income in your business that you’re after, have a think about what that actually feels like, not from where you are now where you don’t have it (if you don’t), but from the inside – from that place on the other side where you are actually the one who just has that as normal, everyday reality. 

What does that feel like? 

And I can promise you, it feels good, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like every morning you get up and you punch the air and you go, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got a 6-figure income! It’s so cool. It’s so great. Oh my god, I can’t believe this happened!’ 

I mean, you do that for maybe the first week, and then you go, ‘It’s just normal, and it feels good and I feel proud of myself. And I feel like I’m creating financial stability for my family, and I feel really accomplished. And I’m not really thinking or worrying about money, I’m just looking forward to good things that are happening. I’m really excited about the things that are happening in my business and the things that I’m doing and it just feels good.’ 

So that is the state of alignment that you want to achieve. That is the vibration that is the feeling because that’s what vibration is – it’s a feeling that’s the one you want to practise. You translate vibration as a feeling, also as sight and sound and all the rest of it, but your predominant vibration that is sent out to the universe, that is a feeling. 

So notice how you’re feeling, and just feel a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better. 

And that is how you align with the extra income, the extra abundance, the extra great things that you want to attract into your life. 

If you’d like a little bit more assistance with that, I have a really great free training that you can jump on right now. The link is just below, so click on through. I’ll see you over there. 

Until next time, keep on embracing your amazing and unlimited potential.

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How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

Let’s talk about alignment.

Alignment is a daily habit, a daily task. Your level of alignment is what will determine whether you are a match to the things that you want – the growth you want, the new things in your life, or whether you’re a match to the same old, or whether you’re a match to something you used to have and don’t want or something you’ve never had before that you don’t want.

Your alignment is a moment by moment proposition that matches you up with the reality that you are creating, the reality that you are attracting.

The thing is, most of us are very much trained into this “tick and flick” approach. We go to Uni or we get a qualification for work and we get the piece of paper, we tick the box, and that’s it. You’re qualified, away you go. You don’t have to worry about doing that again.

Alignment doesn’t work like that.





Alignment is a moment by moment proposition.

And then, of course, you know as humans we suck at focusing. The moment something goes slightly wrong it has all our attention and we have to really work to get our attention off it and onto something else. So when there’s a problem or an issue, that pulls us out of alignment straight away. Our focus, our energy is then on what’s going wrong, what is not in alignment with the outcome that we much prefer.

And then, of course, we’re surrounded by other people, and a lot of them really like to talk about the problems, what’s wrong in the world, the news likes to feed it to us in a condensed hour a day a dump it into our living room. I don’t watch the news. People tell you what’s wrong in the world anyway, trust me, it’s hard enough just keeping that under control.

So, we have all these outside influences plus our own “sucky” focus and that’s what it comes down to: It’s a matter of our focus and training that. That takes commitment, it takes perseverance, it takes really building some habits and having some systems in place that keep you in alignment on a daily basis.

The most powerful way to get a head start on that is to meditate because every time you meditate you get into vibrational alignment with the highest part of you, with the quantum field, with the field of infinite possibilities and that intelligence that is the God Mind or whatever term you want to give it.

When you meditate, you get in alignment, and the more frequently you meditate and the more you practice meditation the easier it becomes for you to then hold yourself in that space of alignment through the rest of your day and as time goes on you also get really good at staying in that place of alignment or at least not dipping out of it for very long when there’s “issue” and “problems” around you that want to get your attention.

So, PLEASE meditate!

That is the best, best way you can keep yourself in alignment and then naturally just become a match to attracting all sorts of good things.

Now, I have a whole library of meditations, they are hypnotic meditations, so they actually train your unconscious mind on a whole host of subjects so there’s literally one that will help you deal with negative people around you. There are loads that will help you get more clarity, get more focus, help you align with abundance. There are 52 meditations in that library and it’s totally free, so if you don’t have access to it yet please click the link in the description and help yourself to that and get into that daily practice of meditating.


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Why an Aligned Business gives you everything you want

Why an Aligned Business gives you everything you want

Imagine an Aligned Business… Sounds fantastic, right?

But let’s start at the very beginning. What does this business of alignment (no pun intended) actually mean? What does it mean to be aligned?

I’ve seen lots of people describe alignment in different ways, so here’s my definition and the way I approach it when I help people, particularly my VIPs, build an aligned business.

Alignment is when all parts of you, all levels of consciousness, your physical, emotional, and mental being all align with your higher consciousness in alignment with the outcome you desire. (Because you can have alignment with a really crappy idea and a really crappy outcome as well)

What we are interested in, is aligning with the highest potential you have. The most wonderful, fulfilling version of your business and your life. The one where abundance flows easily. The one where you feel totally in sync with life, with your passion, with your purpose, and you know that you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do on this Earth. 

That can absolutely change any time, but in that moment, you’re living your truth. In every given moment, that is all that you can do – to live your truth and be fully congruent and in alignment, to be completely & authentically YOU.

Now, alignment means that you’re in sync with that at all levels of being.

It means that the way you think, feel, speak, and act are all IN ALIGNMENT with your highest self….  and that version of you that is you expressing your unlimited potential and your business fulfilling its highest potential.






Now, when you are in that state what happens is that, number one, everything flows really easily.

Ideas come, opportunities come, people are drawn to you like bees to honey, and everything just kind of has this magical flow to it.

Everything is in perfect timing.

You’ll know when to act and to hang back, and the times when you hang back you don’t feel guilty and like you’re not doing what you should be doing, like you’re not hustling when you should be, you’re wise enough to know that, “No, right now is not the time. I’m waiting for guidance from my higher self to say now’s the time to act. Now’s the time to go to the networking function, or apply for that speaking position, or put this promo out into the world. But earlier, it just wasn’t right yet.”

Knowing that and being switched onto that is very critical, because it helps you use your resources very wisely.

The other beautiful benefit of being in alignment when you’re in business is that you no longer give a rip about what anyone else is doing!

You don’t look to your competitors and your peers anymore and try to be like them and try to emulate them. That’s great, because the moment you do that again, you’re no longer in alignment with the highest expression of you.

So when you’re in alignment with the highest expression of you, and you practice that consistently, what actually happens is that you get really hooked on it. You get really addicted to it because it feels so good. It feels so good because it’s your natural state. It’s the highest expression of you.

So any time you don’t feel like that, you will start seeking it because you will know, “Well hang on, something’s off. I’m going to seek my new normal.”

You will get pulled into different directions a lot less than you ever were before.

You’re really standing strong and grounded in your truth and fully expressing who you are and knowing that all of this information that’s flowing – that’s not you making it up from a place of ego – it’s flowing to and through you.

Yes, you’re educated and you’re well read, and you’ve researched the topic and your an expert at it and you know all of this, but as it comes through you and flows, it’s still coming from that higher place.

This means that every time you interact with people, every time you put yourself out there, every video you do, every piece of marketing you do, it is highly magnetic because people are drawn to that – because that’s what they’re looking for as well!

So, an aligned business means that you’re CREATING IT from a place of alignment and RUNNING IT from that place of alignment.

You’re creating it to support your alignment, and creating it in a way that when you’ve built what you’re building, the end result really accelerates and supports that alignment.

So the two kind of bounce off each other.

Because you’re in alignment, your business grows and starts being built and coming together more powerfully and more easily.
And because you’re building a business that supports your alignment, that accelerates and supports and strengthens your alignment.

The whole thing just spirals and spirals and gathers and builds momentum.

So by building this aligned business, and by approaching your business from a place of alignment, it also means that all those messages out there – of all the different strategies, all the different ways you could do things – you’re able to sift through them because you intuitively know. Because alignment isn’t just about feeling, it’s also about exploring and getting clarity on what lights you up and what puts you in alignment – what’s a match and what’s not a match.

The way I approach it with my VIPs and the people in my masterminds and so on, is that we get really clear on all of that to begin with, and we make it very much front of mind:

“This is what alignment feels like, and this is what I need, to be able to get into and stay in that place of alignment.

So my business, the way I run it, the way I show up, the people I interact with, they all have to tick these very critical boxes, and when they tick those, I know it’s a good thing.

And when they don’t, it’s not for me.

It may be perfect for somebody else. It may be their way of being in alignment and getting in alignment and building an aligned business, and that’s why it works for them.

But for me it doesn’t.”

Alignment is unique and personal to you.

So I hope you understand a little bit better what it actually means to be in alignment and to build an aligned business, and why it pays such massive dividends.

When you’re coming from that place, everything you touch turns to gold – you know which strategies are for you, and which are not. You know when to drop them and try something else –  and when to persevere and stick with it.

So if you want to start getting in alignment, more of the time, the easiest way by far is to meditate regularly.

Now, I have a library of hypnotic meditations available. They’re meditations but with the added twist of hypnosis and they’re all themed on something in particular.

You will find meditations in that library to help you be more focused, more clear and ones that help you access your inner guidance. There’s even one to help annoying people disappear and melt into the background. 😊

By using the power of hypnosis and meditation together, you can create some really powerful shifts.

I’ve popped the link to that in the description.

If you’re not yet a member of the meditation library, please help yourself it’s entirely free.

Until I see you next, make sure you stay in alignment at every possible opportunity, and keep on embracing your unlimited potential.


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The secret formula for manifesting an abundant business and life

The secret formula for manifesting an abundant business and life

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to get you in alignment both in business and in life – so you can have more money in the bank and get a whole lot more done with ease!

Let’s talk about why alignment is the key to a super successful business and life.

… But before we talk about that, let’s talk about what alignment actually is, because maybe you’re not 100% sure or maybe you just need a little bit of tweaking, or maybe you have no idea and you hear everybody talk about it and you wonder secretly, “What is it actually?”

So, alignment is when you, as the physical you, are connected with and in tune with the higher parts of you, your higher consciousness – the part of you that is part of the One Mind, the Universal Mind and all the intelligence that resides there.

Some people talk about it as their higher self, their soul, the collective unconscious, their unconscious mind, their inner being, there’s a whole number of words. What alignment is is when you’re no longer separate to that, when you haven’t cut yourself off from it and you’re not operating just from the paradigm of, “This Universe and this world I live in is a machine and I have to force my way through it through sheer hard work,”

It’s when you’re actually connected to all the intelligence, all the support that’s available to you at all times and you are tuned in so that you can receive the guidance that is there for you, which means that you act on impulse, you act on guidance. You act in guided ways and you enter a state of “flow,” where you’re not really thinking, but you’re “feeling” your way through life. You just know that now is the time to rest, and now is the time to go. That now is the time to call that friend you suddenly thought of, and now is the time to maybe not go to that function you were planning to go to that you’ve already paid for because it just doesn’t feel right. It comes from a place of higher guidance rather than from a place of overthinking it and fear.





Alignment is when the things you are seeking are actually there to guide you. It’s when you get to live in a state of flow and balance because everything is perfectly aligned and happening at the right time in the right way with the right people. It’s when you’ve kind of let go of the oars a little bit, in terms of you the physical finite part of you that you sometimes think is all there is to you. It’s when you’ve let go of the control of the oars and you’ve handed over and you’re putting your trust and faith into that higher part of you, your higher consciousness and the intelligence that is always sending you signals and guidance. You’ve learned how to tune in, and you’ve learned how to trust it, and you’ve learned how to compliment it with your own activity, because we still live in this material, practical world and part of us is this spiritual self that is connected to this amazing intelligence, this Universal Mind, this God consciousness.

It’s about learning how to dance the dance and live in both worlds and marry the two. It’s really your divine feminine that’s receiving the information and the guidance married to your sacred masculine, the part of you that knows how to act and do things and show up in the world. Both are important, and both are really beautiful and powerful. When you bring the two together, that is when everything flows.

This is why this state of alignment really is the key to a successful and fulfilling business and life.

All the practical strategies are very important, however, when you’re doing it from a place of, “I am on my own and this is all there is to me,” you’re doing it through simply your physical effort and that can only take you so far, whereas when you enter a state of alignment you actually tap into the leverage of the entire Universe and intelligence beyond what you could ever imagine, and coincidences and synchronicities that you never could have predicted will come to your aid and help everything unfold in perfecting timing and in magical ways.

That is why alignment comes first and truly is the key to that successful and fulfilling, joyous and magical business and life.

So, if you’d like to get yourself a little bit more alignment so that you can live in that beautiful state of flow, then ensure that you subscribe to my meditation library if you haven’t yet. It is a library of about 50+ Effectology meditations, which means that they’re all about helping you get into a state of alignment so that you can marry the magical with the practical and live in a state of flow.

Grab that from the link in the description. You’ll get an email with your member access, and you’ll instantly be able to access the whole lot. They range across a really wide range of topics which means that you can get yourself some alignment no matter what is going on for you.

So have lots of fun with that, and until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye, for now!


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The secret to fast forwarding your business

The secret to fast forwarding your business

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to get you in alignment both in business and in life – so you can have more money in the bank and get a whole lot more done with ease!

Let’s talk about the secret to truly moving forward in your business with ease.

I want to take you back to the Trifecta of Life which is what the Effectology Method is all about. The Trifecta of Business/Life (which, let’s face it, for women in business is pretty much one and the same) is about balancing alignment with practical approaches to both MONEY and TIME , because they are our key resources – in business and in life.

You’ll notice that there are two really practical things, money and time, paired with alignment on that trifecta. Alignment really is the key.

So let’s just look at the side that involves money, which is all about getting things done, and moving forward in your business and how that relates to alignment. You see, you can practice lots of different productivity tools, and productivity strategies, and there are loads and loads of them available. Maybe you’ve found that sometimes you can stick to something for a little while but after some time the wheels fall off. That’s because we all have different productivity styles, different personality styles, but it actually goes beyond that.

For the productivity tools that do work for you, the reason they work is that they naturally align with your higher self, with the way you naturally get into flow. So when you find the productivity tools that truly work for you, it’s because they are the ones that naturally help you get into and stay in alignment, and what then happens is that you move beyond even productivity and being efficient and you move into being truly “effective,” which is when you’re working on the right things, at the right time, in the right way, in just the right kind of pattern of knowing when to let it go and allow things to kind of just drop into place as they’re ready and when to get in there and start creating motion forward.

That is then a state of working, being, and living in aligned effectiveness.





It means you’re in alignment so you’re naturally tapped into your unconscious flow which also means that you then get the inspiration and the impulses to act when you need to act and not act when all you’re going to be doing is spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out. That is why certain productivity tools work for you and not others, because they’re the ones that naturally tap into the way you get into alignment.

But the key to it all is… that you’ve got to get into alignment and then you actually draw in the right productivity tools anyway. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re not using “a tool” per se, because your alignment will naturally help you to work in that perfect state of flow.

So, alignment comes first, and the tools come second.

Now, having said that, you do still need to practice the tools and make sure that you’ve got them at your disposal so that you can play with them and work out which ones do help you achieve that state of flow and feel really good, and which ones don’t.

That is why I’ve created a really special freebie.. it’s the Effectiveness Book.

It gives you the top 7 effectiveness strategies that really do make a difference. Some of them are super simple, some of them involve a little bit more thought process on your behalf, but they are the top strategies that help you get a whole lot more done in a whole lot less time, and sometimes that’s where you need to start.

Sometimes you’re so stressed out and behind that you can’t possibly get in alignment, you just have to kind of get on top of things a little bit. So by using these effectiveness strategies you can clear the air a little bit, help you naturally get into alignment, then dive back into the effectiveness strategies and click into that state of aligned effectiveness so that you can move forward in life and get more done with ease.

That is what the Effectology Method is all about. It’s about being in a state of alignment and having the practical strategies to manage both your money and your time so both of those can flow in a really beautiful aligned and congruent way.

So, if you’d like to grab that and you don’t have it yet, just follow the link in the description and knock yourself out! You’re going to find that if you apply these properly, you can shave a whole working day off your week and actually get more done in less time with, most importantly, a whole lot less stress.

So go ahead, grab that now!

In the meantime, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


Bye, for now!


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How to grow your biz at the speed of light

How to grow your biz at the speed of light

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where you get to marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Would you like to grow your business at the speed of light?

I know, sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t? “Of course I would, Miriam! I want to do it now, now, now, instantly! Yesterday! Last week!”

Well, let’s talk about that and how that’s actually possible.

To do that, we’re going to jump topics to physics.

Why physics? Because the laws of physics describe the laws of the universe in which we live. The laws of the universe that govern you, your body, your business, and everything around you.

Now, the old model of physics is Newtonian physics, which is the physics of the physical. The physics of cause and effect. What that’s all about is the things you can see. At that level, it’s all about cause and effect, which means it’s about putting in some effort, pushing the boulder, transmuting that energy into a different form of energy so the boulder rolls down the hill and then it crashes into a cave wall and that changes it into a different kind of energy.

So, these are the laws of physics, energy laws, laws of motion, laws of cause and effect. That is the old model of reality, though, because, since Newton (God bless him) gave us his laws and helped us make sense of the world around us, we have moved on to much, much smaller components of our reality. We have dived into and started to uncover the world of quantum physics.

At the level of quantum physics, the subatomic level, the level of electrons, protons, quarks, and all sorts of little subatomic particles that we didn’t even know existed several years ago, it’s a whole different story. At that level of physics, which is still the physics of our reality because that is what every particle in the universe is made of – those are the building blocks of life itself – at that level, everything is actually energy. Yes, we’re talking about subatomic particles, but only to discover that they are nothing but pure potential and energy waves. In fact, they only become solid state matter when an intelligent observer – which is you or me or the instruments that we use in labs – observes them. That is when this particle energy wave decides to become a “thing.”

So we literally create our reality through observation, through our focus and awareness.




It’s a pretty crazy world, the world of quantum physics. It also tells us that everything is linked and communicating all the time and it communicates not by sending some signal that takes a little bit of time and has to travel through time and space, no, it communicates instantly. In fact, that even happens inside your body. In your body, there are chemicals being released without any electrical signal needing to be sent. There is no time delay between the trigger in your brain and the chemicals being released in your big toe. It’s instant communication and we still haven’t completely worked out how that all works, but we know it’s there.

So we’ve got electrons that are popping in and out of reality, going back to that state of pure potential, and we also have this reality that’s constantly rearranging itself, and is affected by consciousness itself… which is YOU!

Because you are energy, just like all these particles and subatomic particles I’ve been talking about. YOU are energy, but you are energy with consciousness. How cool is that?!

Just think about that.

You are energy that is aware of itself.

You are energy that can modulate and change its own frequency, and you get to affect the particles and the world around you by observing them.

You can change your world in an instant with the power of your focus, the power of your consciousness, which means the power of your belief and the power of your expectation. You are constantly rearranging and recreating your world. The trouble is… most people don’t realize they’re doing it, and they just keep creating the same reality over and over again. They’re living in that Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day.” That is life for most people. Every day, the same story. But Bill Murray does something different – he LEARNS every single day and he EVOLVES. You can do the same. Your thoughts create your reality, and you get to choose your thoughts.

So, I want to guide you towards a meditation that’s going to kind of help you do that in a very conscious way. In my meditation library – which hopefully you’re a member of because it’s totally free and there are 52 hypnotic meditations that help you do all sorts of cool stuff (and if you’re not yet a member, click the link in the description) – there is one very special meditation called Quantum Visualisation. It really helps you tap into that quantum field and start to create your reality. It’s a super cool meditation. If you’ve seen it and you thought the word was a bit weird and you avoided it because you’re not a physics geek, go back! You’re more than a physics geek, you are the creator of your life and that is incredibly powerful! It means you don’t need to really totally understand the laws of physics, because you ARE the laws of physics personified.

Help yourself to that Quantum Visualisation which you will find in the meditation library.

Until I see you next time, keep on embracing your incredible and totally unlimited potential.



Start creating life on purpose with the Quantum Visualisation. You’ll find it in the Abundance section of my free library of hypnotic meditations.
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