Do you feel like there’s no point having a money system because you’re not making enough?

In today’s episode we’ll talk about how to sort out your money on low income.

I’ll share 3 reasons why you need to get your money system in place sooner rather than later – ESPECIALLY if you feel like money is tight!

See, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a money system is for those people who’ve got plenty to spare.

But this is actually a habit that the sooner you start, the sooner it will help you move forward financially so you DO have plenty to spare!







For me personally, I started creating what is now known as the Magnetic Money™️ System when I was a broke single mom. I needed to make every dollar count because I literally had weeks where I thought I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or put food on the table. And so it was critical that I stayed on top of my finances, knew how much money was available and what my priorities were.

But this goes way beyond survival!

Starting to get on top of your money and taking control is the beginning of you getting out of that jam and moving forward financially. This is the start of being able to create financial stability and eventually, financial security and wealth for yourself.

Here’s 3 reasons to get started as soon as possible:

NUMBER 1: Managing your money well is a HABIT. 

So the very first reason why you want to get a money system in place now – even if you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck – is that it’s important to get into good habits early.

And this is one habit you want to get into as early as possible. Because if you get into bad habits  when you have little money, you will take them with you when you have more money. And that will only create bigger problems!

It’s so much easier to start a good habit and continue it, than to try and get out of a bad habit down the track. So you may as well start off on the right foot.

Get into good habits early & take them with you.

NUMBER 2: Breaking it down avoids future pain

A good money system allows you to plan for bigger expenses by breaking them down.

For example:
Say your car needs a thorough service and new tires once a year and it costs $1,000.

Now, if you don’t plan for that, then this sudden expense to ensure you can keep driving the kids to school can create a really stressful situation.

But if you break it down with your money system, it’s actually only $20 a week you need to consistently put aside. And in return, you get amazing peace of mind, knowing your car will continue to be roadworthy and reliable.

It makes a huge difference to your stress levels. It allows you to stay focused on your business to keep the money flowing in, rather than get distracted by sudden emergencies and start experiencing a feeling of lack.

There are loads of big annual expenses like this, not least of all your tax bill!

By getting that money system ticking along sooner rather than later so you can track and  smooth your cash flow, you avoid future pain and stress. And that helps you stay in alignment with abundance and continue to attract more.

This is exactly what the Magnetic Money™️ system is designed to help you do – and what any good money system should do. 

NUMBER 3: Discover your REAL business income goal!

Right, let’s move on to the third reason why you want a money system in place sooner rather than later. This one is especially for you if you feel like all your money’s going out on bills and your business isn’t bringing in enough.

Your money system will show you what the REAL gap in your income is! (and that’s often a lot less than you think, because we tend to worry and catastrophize way too much…)

Once you know what that number is, you can then plan your business income streams to ensure you meet your income goal.

Your money plan delivers your business income goal.

It lets you know what your business’ baseline income target is. From here, you can set other goals that include wealth creation, lifestyle upgrades and so on.

But first you need to know your baseline target. The income amount that will ensure the bills get paid and the business keeps running.

Unfortunately, too many people just make up a random number when choosing a business income goal, with no idea how they actually need to bring in.

Once you know your income goal, you can then plan your income streams and decide HOW you will generate that income.

This is exactly what we help you do in the Magnetic Money™️ System Bootcamp, so be sure to check that out here to learn more.

A great place to start is by organizing and tidying your banking. That is step one. You want to get those foundations in place and make sure you have the right infrastructure in place so your money can do what it needs to do.

I have a free workshop to help you get started. It’s called Organize & Tidy Your Banking and you can get instant access here.

Think of it as Marie Kondo’ing your finances so you can experience the joy of becoming magnetic. It’s a lot more fun than a bunch of rolled up socks & jocks, believe me. 😊

Remember – abundance is an inside job.. but there are some things we have to do on the OUTSIDE  to help it flow.


See you soon!

xx Miriam

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