Why you’re manifesting more problems

Why you’re manifesting more problems

Contrast is when things happen that you prefer not to happen – usually what we label a ‘problem’. 

Or if you want to reframe it slightly, a challenge. 

Or if you want to reframe it even more, contrast that gives you clarity about what you DO actually want.

Here’s the thing with contrast…

See, we’re raised in this world where we’re told that when stuff is unwanted, we have to fight it really hard.

But what we actually do by doing that is… it’s like quicksand – the harder you fight it, the more it sucks you in!

It sucks you under and you cannot get away from it. What then actually happens is you start spinning on the spot.

You get stuck in the contrast. 

It’s all you can see and so you just keep activating more and more of the same.

It takes a little bit of retraining, so here’s how:





Be kind to yourself. Start becoming aware that when something happens, you have a choice on how you want to react.

Yes, some things will happen that will really upset you.

Some things will upset you just a little bit, and you can choose to allow yourself to get sucked into it and go deeper into the quicksand. 

Or, you can choose to go, “I don’t like that at all.” Then stop – pause. Realise it is this contrast thing, and this is an opportunity for you to get clarity on what it is you do actually want.

From there you have another choice:

Do you want to complain that you don’t have what you really want and instead you got this thing just now AGAIN that you don’t want, or do you go, “Thank you for giving me clarity that THIS is really what I want.” And let that go. Let it go down into the quicksand without you, and you go after THIS.

Start focusing on THIS. Start looking at ways you can make THIS happen. 

Start looking for evidence on how things like that, or little signs and glimpses of it are ALREADY appearing in your experience.

You’ll actually activate more and more of this, and you’ll start moving in that direction.

So the message from this Effectology  tip is simple: 

Use the contrast as the bouncing platform to take you in the direction of where you do actually want to go. Do not allow yourself to get sucked in by it and dragged under. Because you’ll end up stuck there.

That’s a really powerful tip.

Try it on little things. Don’t go for the biggest, most important problem in your life right now. Just try it on something little. Somebody not letting you in traffic. Or something that, really, is not a big deal and just use it.

Use it to train yourself to stop, step away from it and think, “This just gave me clarity on what I do want… what I do appreciate. And look how much evidence of that there is in my life.”

And you’ll start noticing some really major shifts and it doesn’t take very long.

Off you go.

Play with that and please come back and leave me some comments to let me know how it goes.

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How to manifest with visualisation

How to manifest with visualisation

Okay, so you’ve been told that you should visualise.

You’ve been told that you should create a vision board and then sit with your eyes shut for 4-5 minutes a day and daydream about all the things you’d like in your life.

And like most people, you probably think that’s because the things that you visualise – the things that you put on your vision board – they’re the things that you’ll then, somehow, manage to drag into your experience.

But that’s actually not what it does.





Yes, it does help reprogram your unconscious mind.

Yes, it does help program your reticular activating system so that you’re aware of things that match what you desire when they come into your experience. So that as you’re going through life, you’re going, “Oh, good idea!”

You’ll see things that you didn’t see before.

Because you’ve programmed your unconscious to say, “It’s now important to me.”

And so yes, it does all of that and that’s powerful.

But what it also helps you do is it helps you raise your vibration.

And really, that is the one key thing that you’ve got to get good at consistently. Not just every now and then when you remember or when things work out the way you want them to. But to consistently keep yourself in that good-feeling place.

Because that is the language of the Universe.

That is how all the things that match can come into your experience.

And that is how you keep yourself open to the possibilities… to all the things that are required in order for you to have those things.

So it’s not a shopping list. It’s not about, “I want this car thing. I want this holiday thing. I want to check-in to that resort.”

It’s not about that at all.’

In fact, if that’s what you do, you’re being counter-productive.

It’s about ‘these sorts of things’ because I like the way they feel.

It’s really just pitching some ideas to the Universe and going, “You know, this sort of thing would be really cool. Or something that feels that way.”

It’s about giving you an opportunity to get excited about all the things that are possible which, as I said, raises your vibration.

And as you do that more frequently, you get used to it. You get used to living in a better-feeling place. You get used to feeling good more of the time.

I know…. We do. We have to train ourselves. We all have this set point of how we tend to feel most of the time.

Some people they are just quite low.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. You can do things that raise your set point. And then raise it again and again.

And the more you do, the more you open up to the possibilities.

So, visualisation is just about getting excited, raising your vibe, and pitching you ideas to the Universe.

If you like all of that, I’ve got a nice little freebie for you.

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So make sure you use them and take full advantage.

I’ll see you next time.


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How to make Law of Attraction work for you

How to make Law of Attraction work for you

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. The place where we practice the art and science of Effectology, which is all about marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle.

Today we’re going to talk about how to make Law of Attraction work for you.

So maybe you’ve read a whole lot of books and read a whole lot of blogs and watched a whole lot of videos and watched The Secret on instant auto replay over and over again. I’m told some people did that. Apparently… (Don’t know anyone who would have done such a silly thing, but anyway…)

You learned all you could because you got excited by this idea that we can put it out there, what it is we want, and actually create it. Have a say in what happens to us rather than just being these leaves being tossed in the breeze and life happening to us.

That is a really exciting idea isn’t it? Especially when you’ve been led to believe that life happens and you die.

If you’ve been working on that for a while and you’re getting mixed results maybe sometimes really cool things do happen, maybe sometimes nothing much seems to happen, and maybe at other times something crappy happens and you think “Ugh, how did I do that?!” or “Why did that even happen? Did I have anything to do with it?” then I’m here to tell you two very important things that will help you make Law of Attraction work for you:




The first is that, yep baby, you did create that crappy thing because Law of Attraction is ALWAYS on. There is no time out. There is no off switch. It is always working. This intelligence that surrounds us and we are a part of is constantly responding to us. So there is no time out. What this means is, that you have an opportunity, 24/7, to get feedback and to learn and to keep noticing what’s happening. You get results coming back all the time. Everything in your life is a result of Law of Attraction responding to you. Which means that you can constantly just pay attention, notice what’s going on, and learn from it and improve and really make Law of Attraction start to work for you.

The second thing to recognize is that, what this Law of Attraction responds to is not what you ask for but, what you MEAN. This intelligence, this matrix, this quantum field that we are a part of, it responds to your vibration. It responds to your electromagnetic signal that you are sending out into that universe, the multiverse, whatever name you want to give it. It responds to how you feel and what you truly mean. Not what you say. Not what you write down. Not the affirmations that you’re repeating a thousand time a day. They make absolutely no difference if what you’re actually feeling inside is fear, doubt, and worry.

So, it just comes down to something as simple as, how to make Law of Attraction work for you is to recognize:

Number one, that it is always working.

Number two, that is responding to you and your vibration, to how you feel.

Which means all you need to do is notice what’s going on, notice how you’re feeling, and notice how the universe is responding.

How are you feeling and what’s happening?

That’s it. It is as simple as that.

As you get better and better at noticing what is going on both inside you and outside of you and putting the two together, that is how you start to make Law of Attraction work for you.

If you’d like to get better at making it work for you, particularly in the area of money, then if you haven’t yet watched it, please grab yourself my free Money Manifesting Training.

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Until next time, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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How to generate and build abundance momentum

How to generate and build abundance momentum

Hello, it’s Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. The place where we practice the art and science of Effectology. Helping you marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time the easy way, without all the hustle.

Today we’re going to talk about how to generate and build abundance momentum.

So we don’t just want drips and drabs of abundance and money coming to us, but we really want to get on a roll.

We want it to build and build and become more easy, more effortless, bigger and better.

Because that it was life is all about: It’s constant evolution. You will constantly want the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing and that is a very good thing. Without progress, and without evolution you stagnate, you wither, you die.

This is how life operates. Everything is constantly growing and evolving and your desire will also do the same.

The bigger and more abundant you grow, the more you can spread your message, your service, and the more you can do good in the world.

So, I’m not going to try and talk you through the whole “all the things that come up,” although we are going to talk about it just a little bit in a second.




Now, the first thing you want to do, obviously, is become more magnetic to money. Make it so much easier for that money to flow into your experience. Yes, you’re going to run your business and do all the things that you do, but you want to do things the easier way.

So, what you need to first of all get really good at is aligning with the vibration that money is on – which is the vibration of abundance. So that takes awareness and it takes constant fine tuning, tweaking, and really playing with it and becoming better at noticing where you’re at and getting that feedback from your external world as to whether you’re right on it, or a little bit off it.

It’s kind of like you’re a radio receiver and you’re learning how to really tune yourself to the station that you want to be listening to, because the radio signals, the abundance, it’s all out there. It’s up to you to align with it and make it really easy for that signal to find you.

So that’s number one, but then as you start attracting that money, you want it to stay around, you want to keep that money around and not just have it bounce off.

That’s the second thing you need to really start looking at: “What is it that makes money not stick around so much, that makes it bounce off?” What it is, 99.999999% of the time, basically all the time, is that it is not a match to your current self image. Somewhere there in your unconscious it says “Nope, this is not me, I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough, I don’t know enough,” whatever the thing is – and it’s a mismatch.

So you find ways to unconsciously get rid of the money. Whether it’s manifesting extra bills, screwing up and getting speeding fines, or just making a bad investment, you’re unconsciously finding ways to get back to what does match the current self image.

You also need to do the work on clearing all those old money blocks. Those old limiting beliefs that aren’t allowing the money to stick around. That is when you can attract the money, it sticks around, and you can start to snowball and rebuild that momentum.

That’s really all the law of attraction is: it is another word for momentum. One thing leads to another similar thing, leads to another similar thing, and it builds and builds and builds.

So, if you want abundance momentum, that actually means that you are just keeping yourself in that beautiful abundance state and allowing the momentum to gather… allowing the law of attraction to kick in and send you more things that match where you are already at, right?

So you want to align yourself with abundance and keep tweaking that and really getting on that vibration, you want to release the blocks that are holding you back, but the last thing you also want to do that’s really important and that a lot of people skip, is become a really confident custodian of that money.

When you are attracting money and it’s sticking around, you’re going to need to know what to do with it. If you lack confidence, if you’re not knowing what to do with it, if you don’t want to look at it, if you don’t want to deal with it, that’s actually a sign that you still have some money blocks and some limiting beliefs and it is a mismatch.

So it’s really important to get your act together and know what to do with your money on the practical level, so that you can build your confidence which increases your alignment and shifts your self image up to the next level and helps you continue to build that momentum.

So it is these three aspects that I call the Magnetic Money Trifecta:

  1. You want to attract more money
  2. You want to keep that money around by releasing the blocks that keep making it ricochet off
  3. You want to help your money grow and multiply by becoming really good at the practical stuff, at being the confident custodian of your money.

Now, where do you even start with all of that?

Well, if you’re not already in my Magnetic Money program, definitely check that out, because that is what we do and we do it in a beautiful and supportive and inspiring group of women.

But the very first step is to start becoming self aware of all three of those prongs on the trifecta. I’ve got a beautiful freebie for you which is my Magnetic Money Tracker. It helps you to start becoming aware of all of those things so that you can start making those adjustments, becoming more self aware, and start getting on a roll to that beautiful abundance momentum. So grab that from the link in the description, and I shall see you next time.

Keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



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Why being jealous of others’ success slows your manifesting down

Why being jealous of others’ success slows your manifesting down

Hi beautiful,

I’m Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where we practice the art & science of Effectology to help you marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Today we’re going to talk about what’s going on when you’re feeling jealous of other people… of their success, the money they have or maybe your neighbor comes home with your dream car and you just think, ‘bitch!’ Or maybe your best friend wins cross lotto and you want to be happy for her, but you just think, ‘why can’t that happen to me?!’ So what’s going on there and how can you turn it around in your favour?




Now, number 1:

I want you to realize that when you’re feeling that way, when you’re feeling jealous of other people’s success or other people’s wealth, it means that you’re actually believing in lack. That there’s not enough, not enough to go around and they have something that you can’t. That they’ve somehow taken what’s yours. The bottom line, is that’s just not true because there is plenty of more, there is plenty more to go around. There are trillions of dollars circulating the globe every minute. There is plenty for you, trust me, baby! So you can just start to kind of unravel that one and look at the scale of the world economy and realize that if your neighbour has your dream car, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one as well.

Number 2:
I want you to actually start realizing that for that stuff to show up in your experience, for someone close to you, for someone near you to have the thing you desire, it’s like the Universe is giving you a beautiful little preview saying, ‘Hey! Remember this thing you really like? Well, look how close you are!’

It means that you are getting this little vibrational preview showing you that you are in the vicinity of it because trust me, if you weren’t anywhere near it, you wouldn’t be surrounded by anyone who has wealth, abundance or anything beautiful. You’d be surrounded by people who are miserable and broke…if that’s your dominant, constant vibration. So it’s actually showing you a beautiful preview and encouraging you that you are vibrationally close. You know, it’s not in your driveway yet but it’s just ONE driveway over. How freaking exciting is that?!

So the thing to take away from all of this is to celebrate!

Instead of being jealous, really celebrate because the preview is for you and there’s plenty more where that came from and you can make that your little affirmation. Plenty more of where that came from because if there’s plenty for them, there’s plenty for you and it’s close enough that you can actually be a part of it in some way already so start celebrating.

Start ramping up and amping up that vibration and really get yourself in alignment – that’s what’s going to allow that car to hop from their driveway into your driveway. And anyway, you’ll want your own because she probably rides the brakes way too hard, you don’t want that one. Trust me.

Bye for now!


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The shortcut to manifest your dreams

The shortcut to manifest your dreams

The shortcut to manifest your dreams

(prefer to watch the video or listen to the audio? Scroll down below!)
Do you have dreams & desire – things that you want?
Would you like to know the shortcut to manifest your dreams?

Does a bear poop in the woods?? OF COURSE YOU DO!!

The first thing to be aware of is that usually when you really WANT something, you’re actually putting a whole bunch of energy into worrying that it’s not going to happen.

That means your focus is then firmly set on it ‘not being here – not happening – and possibly never going to happen’.

So what’s the shortcut to manifest your dreams & actually make them happen?

In today’s Effectology Tip, I’m sharing the key to manifest your dreams with you by letting you know:
○ why you really want that ‘thing’
○ how you can totally align yourself to manifest that dream right NOW
○ how to train your unconscious to help you manifest your dreams automatically

Watch the video for all the details and find out how easy it is to program your unconscious mind (and the entire Universe) so you can manifest your dreams much more effortlessly.

If you’re keen to get stuck in, but your first priority right now is to get out overwhelm and clear your desk so you can get some breathing space before you can even think about what dreams you want to manifest, then let me help you with that.

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