Stop ignoring your money! (if you want to attract more)

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Are you avoiding paying bills, looking at bills or just getting your money sorted out in general?
Then you’re ignoring your money & I’m sorry to tell you – it’s not going to like it!

When you act like that, you’re disconnecting from your money – just as you would from any friend if you treated them like that. And if you’re wanting more money to come to you and stay awhile, that’s not a very smart approach…

Energetically it cuts you off from the vibration of money, because money is energy & what you focus on expands. So as you refuse to pay money any attention, you are starving your money flow of oxygen. You throttle the flow.

As you start to give your money some attention again, the flow can come back to life.

There’s another beautiful side effect to paying attention to your money and that is that it empowers you. As you pay attention to your money and take charge again, your confidence will grow and that raises your vibration. And as your vibration raises, all good things automatically start to flow to you even faster – including money and all other forms of abundance!

So listen up as I explain:
1. why money is energy and how you get to mould that energy
2. what you need to do to increase that money flow into your life
3. how YOU will change as a result of paying attention to your money





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Stop ignoring your money! (if you want to attract more)

by Miriam Castilla