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Okay, so you’re a SPENDER when it comes to Money Habit Archetypes, which means the money that flows in…  all manages to flow out again! I know at the face of it, a lot of people think, “Well, that’s not really ideal,” but there are some positives to that. There are also some negatives. So we’re going to talk about all of that.

Now, if you’re not 100% sure that you are a Spender money habit archetype, then do my money habit archetype quiz (the link is in the description), but just stick around first because I’m going to talk about how to get a lot more out of that quiz than just confirming that that is your archetype. I’ll tell you how to actually use the information you get from it to help you create a really beautiful empowering pattern that helps you make the money grow and multiply and become magnetic to a whole lot more.

So let’s talk about this pattern. This pattern of “The money comes, the money goes”. It’s kind of a hand-to-mouth deal where you’re always back at square one – and even though maybe you’re making a lot more money and bringing a lot more in than you used to – there’s still really nothing left to show for it (other than maybe some more expensive shoes and some more expensive meals and so on). 

But you don’t feel any richer for it and there certainly isn’t spare money lying around to show how far you’ve grown.

What’s actually informing that pattern is an underlying story. A story at the unconscious level that says in effect that, “Whatever comes in, has to go out.” That is basically the conclusion of the story that is running in the basement of your unconscious mind.

We’re programmed with these stories as young children and sometimes they’re ancestral, and they are what drive your unconscious patterns of behaviour – the way you think, speak, act, and even feel about money. You keep creating the same outcome over and over again, this money habit archetype, “Spender” pattern.

This spender pattern is your clue to figuring out what’s going on at the deeper level. We’ll talk about that more in a moment, but let’s talk about what are the positive and negatives that come from this “spender” money habit archetype pattern.

Let’s talk about the positives first…





Particularly when it comes to business, you’re used to a fluctuation of money, coming and going, coming and going. This means that you don’t freak out as easily when there is a fluctuation in your income, or how much money is lying around – you’re kind of used to it and so your vibration, the way you FEEL about money and the way you feel about the money in your life, doesn’t tend to be so susceptible to these fluctuations. You’re a bit more stable in your vibration than other people who don’t live like this all the time. You’re used to it and so you don’t freak out. That’s actually a positive because it means you get to retain your abundance vibration and remain more stable.

The next thing that’s good about it is that you’re okay with spending money to make money. You’re okay with money flowing out, so that more money can flow in. You’re kind of used to living in this flow of money comes & money goes, money comes & money goes. This means you’re not averse to spending money to make money, because sometimes you have to, particularly in business you have to invest in it to grow and put systems in place and all the rest of it. So you’re okay with that, which is a really big help.

The last positive that I want to mention that really is a big deal: 

You know how to have FUN with your money. 

You actually know how to use your money and really appreciate what it is you can do with it – to do cool stuff with it, to go on great trips, to enjoy yourself, to have nice things that make you feel good. You’re actually quite good at that, much more so than any other archetype.

So now let’s talk about the negatives, some of the weaknesses that the spender money habit archetype has.

This pattern of money coming and money going, it’s a pattern that continues even when there should be plenty of surplus. This means that even though your income grows, you still can’t seem to get ahead! You feel like you’re just stuck. You’re stuck in the same old place. The numbers are bigger, but you haven’t really moved, and that’s really frustrating.

The other thing is that you tend to overspend much more than you need to on your business (and other things), because Parkinson’s Law kicks in. 

Parkinson’s Law says that the amount of a resource required to complete a given task is the amount of resource available. 

This means that when you’ve got a big amount of money available to do something, you’ll use all of it, especially when you’re a “spender,” because the pattern is, all the money that’s available HAS got to go!

You are the personification of Parkinson’s Law.

That means that even when you can get the job done with a lot less spending, you’ll definitely find a way to spend a lot more than you need to, so that you can be back at that “spender” break-even point that you’re used to living at. That’s something to really watch out for.

Another one is that because you’re so in the habit of spending money continually as it comes in and getting back to zero again, it means that you’re really good at spending money on lots of little things, which makes it very hard to achieve the bigger, longer term goals. 

The money is going to all these little things along the way, and so it’s not going towards the bigger things. Even though the bigger thing might be something like a holiday or something really luxurious and indulgent that you want, often you can’t even get to those things because money’s just disappearing along the way. It’s like there’s a hole in your bucket and by the time you get to the kitchen there’s no water left in it, and you’ve got to go back to the well and start all over again.

These are the weaknesses and minuses that come with spender money habit archetype.

So we want to balance all of that. 

We want to use what’s positive and helpful about this spender pattern: the stability of your vibration, being okay with money flowing out, not freaking out straight away, knowing how to have fun with your money and enjoying it. We want to retain those things but we want to balance them up and shift the whole thing to a more healthy “accumulator” type pattern where money’s actually sticking around so it can grow and multiply… so you can achieve your long term goals and so you can start to feel relaxed about money and know that money is now taking care of you.

In order to do that, you need to shift that underlying money story. 

The one that says, “All the money that comes in, has got to go.” To change that story, we use the money habit archetype, and that’s kind of like your little tip of the iceberg poking out at the conscious level – the habit pattern that you can see. We identify that, and then we use that to work our way down, find the story that’s driving it, the story that’s pushing that iceberg up to appear in your world, and THEN you get to work unraveling that old story, weakening it, changing it, and transforming it into a much more empowering, much more helpful, positive money story.

To do that, I recommend you jump on my quiz, confirm that you are a “spender” money habit archetype, and then I’ll send you a series of emails that will help you dive down into the story that is driving this habit archetype so that you can start to shift and transform it.

You want to have your money, have a great time with it, and have plenty left over to help you for all the future goals you’ve got in place, and help you get to that place where you feel financially comfortable and safe.

So, off you go! 

The link is in the description, and until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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