If you’ve been trying to pay off personal debts – credit cards etc and aren’t getting anywhere, then start here!

There are some tricks to paying off credit cards and other debts – that not only help you reduce debt fast. They also help you attract more abundance along the way!

I’ve just created a new Freedom From Debt System to help you move through these 7 steps.

So let’s talk about the key difference that allows you to not just reduce debt fast – but also magnetise yourself to more money & abundance along the way.

See,  most people approach debt reduction in a way that inadvertently means they attract even more of it. YIKES!!

And we definitely don’t want that for you!

In my experience intimately working with and coaching 100s of clients, here’s how most people approach debt:

They think “Here’s this horrible thing that I really don’t like, that I don’t even want to think about half the time, and I really need to get rid of it.”

But remember the saying that “What you resist persists”?

When you put your focus and energy into the “I have debt that I don’t want bucket”, vibrationally you’re resonating with “I’ve got debt and it’s overwhelming,it’s crippling. I don’t like it and it’s stressing me and I can’t seem to get rid of it.”

You’re resonating with the feeling of HAVING DEBT!

And if that’s the vibration you’re putting out into the quantum field, that’s what you’ll have the Universe reflect back to you. The exact opposite of what you’re busting to achieve!

You’re also hypnotizing yourself and wiring that belief about being in debt deeper into your unconscious mind. Without even realizing it, you wind up creating a self fulfilling prophecy of attracting more debt that gets harder and harder to clear. 

What we want to do here is to achieve the outcome of clearing the debt while at the same time shifting your vibration to attract more abundance and have you see THAT as your new and permanent state of affairs.

Let’s start by simply looking at your language.

How do you talk about your debts?

Is it, “Oh my God, I just need to be rid of this thing – it’s so annoying!”?

Or are you coming from a place of empowerment and excitement to be starting this process of paying off all your debts? Of knowing you’ve started to free up cashflow, so life can really start to change for you in a beautiful, powerful way?

Throughout the Freedom from Debt process, I’ll be prompting you to check in on your mental responses to ensure your energy shouts “This is exciting! This is empowering! And I’m making some really cool stuff happen!”

Let’s pause for a moment and connect to that feeling:

Once those debts are gone, what will that mean for you? What will it make possible? What will life be like? What will it feel like? What will it enable you to do? How will it enable you to show up differently, to think differently about your finances, about yourself, and about your ability to manage your money?

Tune into that for a moment and allow yourself to DEEPLY feel it.

What does it feel like to be totally debt-free? And what kinds of thoughts do you think about yourself, about your finances, your state of abundance, and the possibilities it opens up for you?

Once you make it a habit to operate from that place, you will keep connecting to the energy that will help make you magnetic to more money and abundance, so you unconsciously attract more.

You’ll be that person who keeps attracting all the cool stuff and makes it look easy. 

And of course that helps you clear those debts even more quickly and easily.

So, are you ready to get started with Step 1 of the 7 steps to paying off credit cards & other debts fast?

Just jump on my YouTube channel to watch the Step 1 video!

And be sure to grab yourself the Freedom From Debt System so you can take this journey towards being debt free.

Enjoy and remember…  it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential.



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