The easiest way to save money – even when money feels tight

The easiest way to save money – even when money feels tight

If you’re somebody who would LIKE to save some money, has been told they SHOULD save money, and thinks that it would be NICE to have some to spare, then this tip is for you – so stick around!  

I’m going to tell you an easy way to save money – even when you feel like you have none to spare.






Here’s the thing, we all know that it’s really important to start saving some money and put it aside – whether it’s for investing or just for a buffer in case of emergency. 

And also to start creating some positive energy around money. 

But when you’re so broke that you just have nothing to spare… What do you do?

What’s an easy way to save money – something you can do even when you have barely any?

I’ll tell you what I did because I went through a stage where my total income for the year was $10,000, and my rent was $320 a week! 

If you do the maths, you can work out that that doesn’t actually stack up. 

To this day, I’m not quite sure how I got through it, but I did.. and this little tip helped a lot!

The bottom line is, I was broke and I was miserable. 

I was obsessed with how broke I was. It was all that was churning through my head, night and day. I was like a human calculator that couldn’t switch off. 

I realised that I needed to change. Not just my thinking and my energy, but also my habit pattern. 

I needed an easy way to save money.

I needed to get into a pattern of putting some money aside. And showing myself that I did have money to spare. 

I did a very simple thing, and you can do it too – no matter how broke you are.

Here it is:
When you go out to buy groceries or whatever it is, use cash. Use cash for everything, and only spend notes. 

What it’ll do is it will make you think twice about breaking that note. 

It also creates all this change which you can then save, and I promise you, you will not notice the difference. 

So I did this. I spent only notes, I kept all the change and I would bank it at the end of the month. 

The first month it was about $64 which was a fortune to me at that time. 

I had $64 to put into a dedicated savings account. It made me feel rich. 

This changed my energy around money. It changed my vibration around money, my thinking pattern around money and my habit pattern around money. 

This one little thing is so powerful – and you can do it too!

Let me know in the comments – have you ever tried this? What do you do to save when money feels tight?


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Become more magnetic to money with this practical tip

Become more magnetic to money with this practical tip

Today I want to share a really simple trick that will help you become more magnetic to money and put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to money. 

This will also help you feel more empowered around your money.

A lot of people track their income, and you might be one. 

But do you track your expenses?

And yes, I know that at the end of the financial year, you can look back at your expenses, or you can refer to your bank account, but do you actually track your spending as you go? 


What’s more, I would challenge you to not just do that, but to do it on PAPER, because THAT is what makes you more magnetic to money.






When you track your spending on paper, you’re basically spending on paper, and it’s a really powerful thing. There is so much that comes out of it.

Here are a few reasons why this is totally worth your while doing:

The first reason for this is that when you actually have to write down every single thing you spend – and I’m not just talking business expenses, I’m talking personal expenses, coffees, lunches, magazines, that extra pair of earrings, that pair of shoes that you snuck past your husband and got rid of the box before he got home. I’m talking about all of that, right? 

When you have to write it down in your little pocket notebook, then you think twice about it. 

It makes you automatically self-correct in the actual act of spending – you make more deliberate choices in the day to day moments. 

So particularly if you’re somebody who’s a little bit impulsive or just whips out the card and uses the payWave function everywhere you go, then this is going to really make a difference. 

Because you know what? Even if you’re just lazy enough to get out the pocketbook afterwards – and that makes you spend a little bit less money – that’s a really good thing. 

The second reason why this is really powerful, is that you can then actually add that all up, project it for your annual expense on each individual item, and you can see, ‘How much do I spend each year on just the odd cup of coffee? How much do I spend each year on clothes? How much do I spend each year on entertainment? How much do I spend each year even on groceries?’ 

And then you can make some really empowering decisions and choices. 

Because I promise you that when you look at that and you look and see that you are spending the equivalent of $7,000 per year on just coffees and having your favourite Italian sweet – which some of us love – and it adds up to thousands a year, that’s going to make you sit back and think.

And then you can make some really empowering choices. You can actually say, ‘Okay, I still want to have that thing. I still want to enjoy that thing. But I’m not willing to pay that price for that pleasure and that joy. So here’s the price I am willing to pay for that pleasure and joy.’

And then you break it down, and you work out what your weekly budget is for all those extra beautiful little luxury things. 

When you do it like that, you’re coming from a place of power, not a place of lack. 

You’re taking control of your money. And you know what? Your money loves it when you take control of it. So when you take control of your money, it just feels good – you’re in control, you’re in charge, and when you run out of that little bit of extra pocket money for those special luxury items, you can actually sit back and go, ‘Cool. I know that I’ve hit my limit, I know that when I stop now, it actually gives me all this extra free available disposable income that I can use to pay off credit cards, to save for a holiday’ – to do anything you choose. 

By planning, you actually get to be excited. You get to be excited about what it is you’re doing with your money. And there’s a lot of power in that, not just from a practical level, but also from that magical vibrational level, because I’m all about blending and marrying the practical with the magical. 

This practical stuff is what makes you more magnetic to money.

And that’s when you can step into your power and you can straddle the best of both worlds. And it’s incredible, baby. 

So if you’d like a very helpful tool to help you with that, you’ll find it in the description below.

Until next time, stay happy!

The tracker is getting a facelift right now, so for the time being, I recommend you get stuck into my juicy Abundance Manifesting training:


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3 tips to help you build a savings buffer when you’re a Spender

3 tips to help you build a savings buffer when you’re a Spender

If you’re a Spender Money Habit Archetype, what that means is that all the money that tends to come into your life, quickly flows out again. 

You always end up back at square one. 

It’s always the feeling of living hand-to-mouth and it really has very little to do with the level of income that you have – it’s more to do with the PATTERN being that the money that comes in, all disappears again – it gets swallowed up by bills, unexpected expenses, all sorts of things.

Sometimes you’re not even quite sure exactly where it went except it seems to be gone!

So, when that’s happening it can be really hard for you to build up a savings buffer. That’s frustrating, and sometimes, scary.

The reason that it’s not happening, is because you building up and accumulating savings is not a match to the Spender Money Habit Archetype, and that pattern is being informed, fueled, and created by an underlying STORY, an underlying belief system that says, “Money can’t stick around here, it’s all got to go!” 

So what can you do about it so that you CAN start building up a savings buffer?

I’m going to give you three tips:





Number one: First point of call is to figure out what that underlying story is and start to shift it.

I want you to think about this Money Habit Archetype pattern that’s showing up in your physical 3D reality as a clue, as the tip of an iceberg. 

It helps you figure out where this iceberg is, and once you’ve located it, you can work your way down into the deeper levels of your mind and into your unconscious and figure out what that story is underneath that’s creating this effect at the reality, 3D, visible, tangible level. 

What do you hold to be true at the unconscious level.. whether it’s good or true or not.. what is your unconscious story that you’ve taken on that is playing out in this way?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to do that, like I said, is by uncovering the Money Habit Archetype, putting your finger on it, and then working your way down. 

I have a quiz to help you do exactly that, the link to that is in the description. 

So, jump on that, do the quiz, confirm you are a Spender Money Habit Archetype and then I will send you a sequence of emails to help you uncover that story at the unconscious level so that you can untangle, disconnect it, and transform it to a much more helpful and empowering story. That is step number one.

Now, the second step you want to do is, you’ve got this ingrained long-standing habit, and what you want to do is you want to outsource as much of that as possible to a SYSTEM that will take it away from the spender in you and do the right thing with your money.

So something as simple as setting up an automated transfer of savings every single week – the more frequently the better – even if you do a dollar a day to begin with that’s fine, you won’t miss it. 

It just becomes this thing that fades into the background, but the trick is, send it to another bank where you can’t see the money, where you kind of forget all about it. Then, you only look at it every 6 months, or maybe you set a calendar reminder that you can check up on it quarterly.

Outsourcing the habit of accumulating savings to a system, means that it’s not up to you to constantly look at all this money, juggle what’s in your hands, and then have to put some aside. 

That is not in your nature, and that is not what you’ve been conditioned to do. 

So OUTSOURCE that and make it as remote and removed from you as possible. Give the money to your mum if you must, whatever it takes!

The third tip that I want to give you, is you need to set up some rules and make it really hard for you to get at that money.

Rules like: there is no ATM card for that account and there is no easy internet access to access that account.

You want to take away the temptation of dipping into that money. 

You can do things like put a second signatory on the account, so someone else needs to sign for you to even get to that money, or even put it in someone else’s name… but if it’s going to be a significant amount of savings then be careful because if you want to then maybe use that as a deposit to buy a home, you could have trouble proving that’s your own savings, so just keep that in mind. 

Or make it even easier, just give someone else the password!

Get somebody else to have your internet password and change it – somebody you trust obviously – and then that means that if you need to look at that money or want to access that money, you’re going to need to give them a really good reason which you will set out for them beforehand.

For example, “If I come to you and this and this and this is what’s happening, then you give me the password so I can access the money. If I don’t give you a good enough reason, or you don’t quite believe my reason, then you don’t give me the password.” 

So you have to have a really good relationship with this person, but I know you have someone like this in your life. What you can do is ask them to just kind of check in with you, and give you those status updates and say, “Yep, it’s up to this amount,” so you don’t even have to go check how much money is in there.

So set up the rules and make it hard for you to get to it. 

As much out of sight out of mind as possible. Outsource the actual habit to the system and then remove yourself as much as possible so you can’t give in to temptation.

Before you know it, that will become a new habit and it’s just what’s going on. You won’t even think about it anymore.

So, shifting the habit pattern, this practical stuff I’m talking about, what it’s going to do for you is that, to your mind, to your unconscious mind, that’s actually a change to the old story. 

It’s actually proof that the old story may not be true, which helps you shift it. 

If at the same time you’re doing what I suggested, do the quiz and follow the guidelines I give you from there on to start to untangle and change that old story, then you’re coming at it from both angles.

Between the two, that is how you fast-track and how you start to really shift that pattern so that you can start building up that savings buffer even though your Money Habit Archetype is that of a Spender.

It does not need to mean you can’t do that for yourself.

So, make sure you start with the quiz & have an amazingly, wonderfully, transformative time with this. 

I’d love to hear your stories and how you’re going! Maybe bookmark this post and put it in your calendar for 12 months time and then come back and tell me how much money you’ve accumulated and let’s celebrate!

Until then, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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Why there’s no money left after you pay the bills

Why there’s no money left after you pay the bills

Hi beautiful,

I’m Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where we practice the art & science of Effectology to help you marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Today we’re going to talk about what is going on when week after week, month after month there is no money left for you after you’ve paid the bills. It’s frustrating, right? And it’s annoying and it’s also a bit scary.

So what is going on there?

Well, I’m going to cut straight to the chase and tell you what’s going on and that is that you’ve got the formula backwards.




Let me explain – there’s a phenomenon called Parkinson’s Law and it applies to all sorts of things and it also applies to money. And what Parkinson’s Law says is that, “The amount of resource needed to accomplish something is the amount of resource available.” I’ll rephrase that, “the amount of resource used to accomplish any given task is the amount of resource available.”

And see how that is a bit different to the first time I said it and had to correct?

Because that is the whole point of Parkinson’s Law that whatever amount of money is available gets used up and this also applies to time, if you’ve got lots of time to get something done – you usually get it done at the last minute. But for money it means, that all your money gets used up unless you switch that formula backwards because what most people do is they take their income and they deduct all of their expenses, all of the things they have to pay for, all of the things they want to buy and do and so on..

And then they go, okay I’ll save what’s left and what’s left usually is zip, zero, zilch, nada! Right?

Because Parkinson’s Law applies and it means that all of that beautiful money that came in whether it was a little, a lot, huge amount it all got used up. So you need to switch that formula around the other way and actually decide where your money is going to go.

So what you then actually do is you say, ‘okay my expenses plus my savings need to equal my income.’ And it’s the same formula but just backwards. What that actually means is that then you have 2 input variables there: expenses and savings. And you’re going to have to make some decisions as to what those should be and then you also get to look at the other side of the equation: ‘Hmm how much many do I need to be making to actually meet this target?’ And if the amount of money you’re making right now isn’t enough, it means that you might need to look at reducing your expenses or maybe reducing your savings for a little while or maybe increasing your income and looking at ways that you can do that… but it actually puts you in control. And that is the point, the way that most people do it is the first way – you’re not in control you just get the leftovers which is usually zip. This way, you take control, you start to make decisions.

Now if you’re ready to start taking control of your money so you can actually have left over what you want to have leftover to do the things that you really want to do with that money, then start the easy way which is just by paying attention.

It’s a super easy way to start paying attention to your money which will illuminate you in some many ways, you’ll have so many huge a-ha moments. Simply start tracking – start tracking what’s coming in and also notice what’s going out and start making some empowering decisions – because you’ll find that there’s money just leaking out to all sorts of things that you’ve forgotten about, you stopped paying attention to and it feels really great to actually reel all of that back in and to reclaim that money. That is your money disappearing because you stopped paying attention so start paying attention!

I’ve got a beautiful magnetic money tracker for you which you can access from the link in the description – so help yourself to that. Get started today, start taking control of your money so that you will have left what you would want to have left, to do the things you want to do.

Alright, until next time. Remember to keep on embracing your beautiful unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


If you want to ensure there’s always plenty of money available for the things you love, start by downloading the free Magnetic Money Tracker.
How To Pay Off Debts – Lightning Fast!

How To Pay Off Debts – Lightning Fast!

How To Pay Off Debts – Lightning Fast!

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Debt – nobody wants it, right?

So let me get straight into it and give you a super practical tip to help you get rid of that unwanted debt, lightning fast!

And yes.. energetically we don’t want to be pushing against what is unwanted, let’s be honest, most people don’t even do that. They simply ignore the debt and hope it will magically go away.

Sadly, wishful thinking doesn’t work.

Even if you do the energy work, you STILL have to do the practical stuff. You have to be SMART with your money and put a system in place to eradicate that debt.

So today I’ll share with you the most simple yet powerful process to help you get rid of your debts fast – WITHOUT compromising your lifestyle!

Some people call this the Snowball technique, some call it ‘Domino Your Debts’, because they drop like dominos.. one by one.. faster and faster.

It is super simple, and super powerful. In fact, the first time I properly applied this technique (rather than just randomly throwing bits of extra money at my debt here and there, hoping it will go away), I paid off $50,000 in credit cards that had been hanging around for about 5 years .. in just 7 months – WITHOUT sacrificing a damn thing!

It’s simply the power of focus.

If you follow my instructions, as a bonus gift with purchase, they’ll also help you quickly raise your abundance vibration, which will attract more money to you… and then you can pay those suckers off even faster! YAY!

Here’s what to do:

  1. List all your debts from least owing to most owing
  2. List their minimum repayments
  3. Find some extra cash. Just cancel a subscription, spend less on eating out or get a cheaper phone or internet plan.. You can do this!
  4. Pay that extra amount towards the SMALLEST debt each week, fortnight or month.
  5. Keep going until it’s GONE!
  6. Do a huge happy dance! You did it!!! It only gets easier from here.
  7. Now take all the money you were paying towards that debt and start paying it towards the next one on the list.
  8. watch those dominos fall! This one will disappear even faster.
  9. Then move back up to step 6 and keep going!

It doesn’t take long, it’s super easy and it will feel soooo good!!

Ready to get started and get rid of YOUR debts lightning fast?

Scroll down for my FREE Debt Elimination Planner to guide you through the process.



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How To Make Money Paying Your Bills

How To Make Money Paying Your Bills

How To Make Money Paying Your Bills

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Do you know you can make money paying your bills?

Might sound a little weird, but you totally can!

If you usually moan & groan about paying your bills and don’t enjoy it one little bit, it’s time to turn things around!

In this Effectology Tip:
● why paying bills is about so much more than just meeting your financial obligations
● why paying your bills can either bring you more bills or more money
● simple tips for making bill paying part of your abundance strategy
If you enjoyed that, you will LOVE this!

Download my free cheat sheet ‘5 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting More Money & What To Do About It” Just click here >>

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