3 reasons Spenders do well in business.

3 reasons Spenders do well in business.

Let’s talk about the three reasons that SPENDERS do well in business!

If you’re a Spender Money Habit Archetype, then you’re probably aware that your pattern is that all the money that comes in disappears again – it all goes out. 

This can lead to a feeling of living hand-to-mouth and never really getting ahead… however, there are some things about being a Spender that are a real asset to you in your business, and I want to talk about those.

First of all, being a Spender means you’re comfortable with the ebb and flow of business.

That means that your vibe will stay high more consistently. You’ll stay more aligned to that high vibrational frequency – the vibration of abundance, and that helps you continue to attract money.

Now the pattern is that the money that comes in tends to all go out again – and we’ll talk about what to do about that in a minute – but the thing is that as a Spender you‘ve grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of business which is a natural phenomenon that will happen to some extent in your business – and you’re okay with it.





You’re not so easily fazed by it, and that means you can stay in alignment much more easily. And that is a HUGE asset for you.

The second reason why Spenders do well in business, is that you’re happy to invest in growth. 

You’re comfortable with spending money… with spending all the money that’s available, right? That’s your habit pattern. What that means is your business can grow faster and you get to enjoy time out a lot sooner, because you’re happy to invest in your business and help it grow when it most needs that investment.

The next thing is that because you’re naturally in flow with money, you’re naturally used to that continual flow of money flowing in and money flowing out.

You’re not stifling that flow – in fact you’re a completely open channel to that flow! What that actually does is it does keep it coming. 

Because you know that more money will come, that’s why you’re comfortable spending it, and that is a huge asset. 

It allows the money to keep coming at whatever level you’ve committed to investing into your business. So for you it’s: You invest in your business and you might take that up a notch – but you also know that the money will flow in… you know that you’ll spend most of it… but you know that it will come back to you and your business will thrive as a result.

So, these natural tendencies can be a really big asset and they’ve taught you many valuable things that will serve you really well going forward. 

In fact, they’ve trained you to live in that natural ebb and flow, to be comfortable with being a conduit for money flowing in and out, and to stay vibrationally stable amongst all of it. 

You’ve been really well trained for all of those things by being a Spender money habit archetype.

You just need to shift the underlying story so that some of that money can actually stay around to grow and multiply for you!

For that, you want to get some really practical things in place and I do have another blog you can search on here for it. It’s on how Spender’s can actually create a buffer and a savings account. 

That’s the practical tips, but the most important thing you need to do is shift that unconscious story that says, “All the money that comes in, has to disappear.” You want to change the story that’s keeping that pattern alive, and retain all the beautiful things that it’s taught you so far.

To change that underlying story, just jump on my quiz. I’ve linked it in the description.

Confirm you’re a Spender Money Habit Archetype, and then work your way through the sequence of emails I’m going to send you that will help you dive down deeper and uncover the story that has been fueling and driving and forming that pattern to occur.

Then you can shift, change and transform it into a much more empowering and helpful story so that your money can stick around, have lots of fun with you, and start to grow and multiply.

So I’d love to hear from you, and hear how that goes. Feel welcome to leave me some comments. Bookmark this page and put it in your calendar, and in a few months time come back and report back, I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, keep on embracing your unlimited potential.


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Being an Accumulator can slow your business success.

Being an Accumulator can slow your business success.

If you’re the Accumulator money habit archetype then you’re usually the envy of your friends because it means you have a pattern of more money flowing in than money flowing out. 

You always have some left over and you save some for a rainy day. You have savings put aside and usually they’re growing.

Most people envy that because that’s what they’re all aiming for.

The thing is, depending on what underlying story you’ve got driving that pattern, it’s not always a good thing!

Sometimes you’re driven and motivated by fear, and a feeling of it never being enough. So even though you’re accumulating money and you’re putting money aside, you’re feeling stress free around money. In fact, even though you’ve got savings, you’re still afraid and you want to accumulate even more “just in case.”

Let’s talk about how that can be holding you back in business in particular, and what to do about it.





So if you’re an Accumulator driven by fear and lack, then what tends to happen is you hold back in business. You’re holding back from spending money on things that can help your business grow, and on the things that help you get support in your business. That can lead to burn-out, slow growth, and frustration because you’re penny pinching and trying to run everything on a shoestring. 

That is totally smart in the beginning, but you tend to overdo it. There does come a time where you need to invest a little bit more so that you can grow and expand and so you can be supported. 

You tend to delay that as much as possible, and sometimes never ever do it, and so you do end up getting burnt out, disheartened, and going, “You know what, this is all way too hard,” and your business doesn’t grow as quickly as it could have if you had put that little bit of extra money into being supported and allowing it to grow. 

That’s a very, very serious outcome of how the Accumulator money habit archetype is directly affecting your business’ success and income.

Now, the second thing is that, as an Accumulator money habit archetype, even when you’re successful in business, it usually doesn’t feel like it’s enough – ever!

It never feels like it’s enough, because it’s never enough, and it’s never good enough, so you don’t actually feel successful. 

You don’t allow yourself to feel proud and accomplished because it’s still like, “Ah, I’m not quite there yet. I’m not quite there, there’s the next goal, and the next goal, and the next goal,” and you never feel like you can stop to smell the roses and celebrate what you’ve accomplished because it still doesn’t seem enough. You’ve got to get to that next level of income. Maybe you’ve hit the 6-figures, and you go, “Well, no. I still don’t feel safe and secure as I want to feel, so I’ve gotta keep pushing, I’ve gotta keep going.” 

You never actually get to sit back and celebrate your accomplishments, and that’s really, really sad.

The other thing is that this vibration of “lack,” of “it’s never enough,” –  it actually slows you down!

You’re accumulating money, yes, but you’re doing it very much from a place of fear and a place of hard work, rather than from a place of being in alignment with abundance and being open and in the flow of it and just allowing it to come to you. 

You’re hustling, you’re working hard, and the fear is constantly there, driving you and pushing you forward. That dampens your abundance vibe and you’re working a hell of a lot harder than you need to be.

These are some of the key ways that being an Accumulator is really slowing you down in terms of your business and your business growth.

The solution is that you need to start shifting that fear and that story of lack that’s motivating you. You can keep all the helpful accumulating habit patterns going, that’s cool, but you need to look at the underlying story and start to shift it, so you can start to enjoy your business, so you can stay in alignment with abundance and so you can let it grow and flow.

The easiest and quickest way to do that is to jump on my Money Habit Archetype quiz, which will:

Number one: confirm that you are indeed an Accumulator. 

Most Accumulators don’t think they are one because they feel like, “If I was a TRUE Accumulator I’d have a lot more money.” It’s very indicative of an Accumulator to think you’re not one 😊

And number two: much more importantly, I will then send you a series of emails to help you drill down from that Accumulator pattern and into the story that’s sitting beneath it. The one that’s pushing and driving it so that you can start to change and shift that story and transform it into a much more empowering story. 

We want you to enjoy your business and allow it to grow as quickly and as joyfully as possible.

So, off you go, the link is in the description for you, and until I see you next, make sure you keep embracing that beautiful and unlimited potential of yours.



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Are you an Overextender? Here’s 5 steps to turn that around.

Are you an Overextender? Here’s 5 steps to turn that around.

If you’re an Overextender Money Habit Archetype, then you know the pattern.

There’s always more money flowing out than there’s money coming in. Say you win money or have some windfall.. you usually manage to put that money into something but still have to borrow more money to get the ‘something’… maybe new car, a holiday, something like that. 

I know all about it because I was raised by an Overextender. My father was the typical example of an Overextender and so I know that pattern really, really well, and I know how frustrating and stressful it can be. 

Now, if you’re an Overextender you also know that you’ve tried to budget in the past, and it just doesn’t work. In fact, every time you try to budget, things get worse! You have these massive budget blowouts and you actually go backwards even faster than when you were just doing your normal thing.

The thing with Overextenders is generally they’re also caught in the thinking that, “The quick win will fix everything.” My dad was the perfect example. He’d talk about how he’d win cross lotto and always look for things that would be the magic bullet, “We’ll buy this house. We’ll renovate it (even though we’ve never done that before and don’t know anything about it), and in one year’s time we’ll have made $30,000 or $60,000,” which was totally unrealistic. Or he wanted to import duty free cars from Europe and sell them.

He’d always have some scheme. Savings were not on the agenda – it was always something else that would give him the quick BIG amounts of money. 

Unfortunately, it just never actually happened and that tends to be the pattern for most Overextenders. 

It is a pattern and money has very little to do with it.





It’s a pattern where what comes in is never enough and, in fact, you have to borrow or go into debt to get to where you want to get to. The expenses increase faster than your income. That’s super stressful, because you’re constantly going backward. Even though you’re making more money 10 years down the track, you actually feel like you’re in a worse position. So it’s a pattern, and it’s not helpful.

Let’s talk about 5 steps to turn that around as quickly and easily as possible.

The first and most important step is you need to start changing the story sitting beneath that pattern that is fueling and creating the pattern. The story at the unconscious level that makes you do these things and behave in this way, and attract circumstances to you that keep recreating this pattern over and over and over again. 

The quickest and easiest way to change the story, is by recognizing the pattern, and then using it to find your way down. The pattern is kind of like the tip of the iceberg poking up above the surface and you go, “Okay, cool. I’m an Overextender,” but that’s not what this is all about – that is just the start. 

You then use that knowledge to drill down and find your way down beneath that surface pattern to the truth of what’s going on – which is that old story, those limiting beliefs around money, what you (at the unconscious level) have been programmed to believe about life that is constantly creating this reality, these kinds of circumstances, where you’re always going backwards even further.

Start with that, do my Money Habit Archetype Quiz (I’ve put the link the description for you). That will help you to uncover and start to shift the limiting belief that’s been creating this pattern within you. Once you complete the quiz, I’ll send you a series of emails to help you uncover the underlying story and start to transform it into a much more empowering story. 

That’s a very important step number one, but there are five in total!

The second step is making sure you’ve got a really big, “Why.”

The thing with Overextenders is they tend to be very short term focused, and the long term is like, “Meh, that’s future you’s problem, but current you wants to have some fun.” 

You really need to make sure that you have a really big “why” – something that’s so exciting that really lights you up, that’s going to absolutely be worth it. 

If it’s something monetary, say you want to buy a house, you want to go on a certain holiday, there’s something there that is really calling you, break it down and figure what it actually takes. 

If you want to buy this house in two, or three years time or whenever, how much do you need, what does that break down to? Break it down into the smallest amounts possible, ideally weekly amounts. Get really excited, and really into why that is so important, and then figure out in terms of dollars what it will actually take. If you break it down into little amounts, weekly amounts, it’s never as big as you think, and that helps you kind of shift that point of view of, “Oh I have fun now, and that’s future me and future me will work that out,” and start to merge the two and bring them together and help future YOU step into here and go, “Honey, you’re the one that’s gonna help me be the future me that you wanna be, so let’s work together.”

That’s why it’s really important to have that “why,” find the big exciting goal, and break it down into little baby steps so you know what it is you’re actually looking at… how much money you want to accumulate. 

Whatever the goal is, break it down into little chunks – that is step number two.

Step number three:

You really need to remove the temptation to give into that habit of overextending. So cut up your credit cards or reduce the limits on them. if you’ve got a credit card with a $10,000 limit and you owe $4,000 on it, reduce the limit down to $4,500 and start paying it off. You need to remove the temptation so that you can’t keep perpetuating that pattern.

I know it’s going to freak you out at first, but it will be okay and you will totally normalize to it. You absolutely will get totally used to it.

Now, the fourth step is you need to really eliminate the sense of deprivation, because that’s why whenever you’ve tried to budget before it’s backfired in a big way and you’ve had the biggest blowouts ever. 

That’s the rebellion, “I don’t wanna budget. I don’t wanna deprive myself. I wanna have a good time and enjoy my money, and future me will sort that stuff out.” Make sure you eliminate that sense of deprivation by having a really good, realistic amount of money set aside for you to have fun with every single month and week.

You say, “This is a good amount of money. I know I can manage it, in fact I’ve probably been blowing more than that because I haven’t been paying attention, but this let’s me know that I’m having a good time and I’m not at all feeling deprived.” 

The problem with budgets is that they make you feel restricted. 

They make you feel like you’re being deprived and you’re being punished. 

I don’t like the word “budget,” I like to think about you managing your money wisely. 

So you decide how much “fun money” you should have, and then have fun with it! You have fun with it and you really enjoy. When you spend it you go, “This is my fun money, and I get to choose what I want to do with it!” By being much more conscious and mindful of it, you’re actually going to enjoy it a whole lot more.

And then the fifth step is REWARDS, because Overextenders are all about the rewards. 

Set up some sort of reward system for yourself. 

Set that goal of the money that you’ll be putting aside for the long term goal, the fun money that you’re going to stick with that is a generous and reasonable amount so that you don’t feel deprived, and then go, “Okay, every three months or so I’m going to have this other pool of money and when I’ve stuck with my system for three months in a row, I get to have this extra bonus money and have the big fun!” That might be a weekend away, or something like that. Something that is a reward for you being such a great custodian of your money.

So those are five really powerful steps.

I want to make sure you start with step one, which is doing the quiz. 

When you do the quiz, and follow the guidance and steps I give you in the emails that you’ll receive afterwards, what you’re actually doing is you’re starting to drain the fuel out of the engine that’s been creating this pattern. 

So the energy goes out of it and then the pattern weakens, which means that all the other stuff we’ve just talked about in steps two, three, four, and five becomes really, really easy.

So number one, the first step is doing the quiz and starting to change that money story. It’s like you’re letting air out of the balloon and then it becomes so, so easy from there.

Make sure that you approach all of this from the point of view of starting to see the fun of being in charge of your money. 

Make it a game, have those reward systems, have those parameters in place, have that long term plan and make it a game. 

You’re heading towards that, you’re setting the scene, you’re the general in charge of all the pieces of the puzzle moving, you’ve got your little reward system in place.

Have loads of fun with that and start really appreciating the joy of being in charge of your money. 

That is how you start turning that Overextender archetype pattern around so that you can start to thrive and grow in financial abundance and move towards the financial freedom and stability you’ve been looking for.

Don’t forget to do the quiz! The link is the description.

I’d really like to hear your feedback as you move through the steps, so maybe pop the link to this in your calendar and report back in a month to let me know how it’s going.

Until then, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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Are you a Spender Money Habit Archetype? Here’s the good & the bad

Are you a Spender Money Habit Archetype? Here’s the good & the bad

Hey beautiful!

Okay, so you’re a SPENDER when it comes to Money Habit Archetypes, which means the money that flows in…  all manages to flow out again! I know at the face of it, a lot of people think, “Well, that’s not really ideal,” but there are some positives to that. There are also some negatives. So we’re going to talk about all of that.

Now, if you’re not 100% sure that you are a Spender money habit archetype, then do my money habit archetype quiz (the link is in the description), but just stick around first because I’m going to talk about how to get a lot more out of that quiz than just confirming that that is your archetype. I’ll tell you how to actually use the information you get from it to help you create a really beautiful empowering pattern that helps you make the money grow and multiply and become magnetic to a whole lot more.

So let’s talk about this pattern. This pattern of “The money comes, the money goes”. It’s kind of a hand-to-mouth deal where you’re always back at square one – and even though maybe you’re making a lot more money and bringing a lot more in than you used to – there’s still really nothing left to show for it (other than maybe some more expensive shoes and some more expensive meals and so on). 

But you don’t feel any richer for it and there certainly isn’t spare money lying around to show how far you’ve grown.

What’s actually informing that pattern is an underlying story. A story at the unconscious level that says in effect that, “Whatever comes in, has to go out.” That is basically the conclusion of the story that is running in the basement of your unconscious mind.

We’re programmed with these stories as young children and sometimes they’re ancestral, and they are what drive your unconscious patterns of behaviour – the way you think, speak, act, and even feel about money. You keep creating the same outcome over and over again, this money habit archetype, “Spender” pattern.

This spender pattern is your clue to figuring out what’s going on at the deeper level. We’ll talk about that more in a moment, but let’s talk about what are the positive and negatives that come from this “spender” money habit archetype pattern.

Let’s talk about the positives first…





Particularly when it comes to business, you’re used to a fluctuation of money, coming and going, coming and going. This means that you don’t freak out as easily when there is a fluctuation in your income, or how much money is lying around – you’re kind of used to it and so your vibration, the way you FEEL about money and the way you feel about the money in your life, doesn’t tend to be so susceptible to these fluctuations. You’re a bit more stable in your vibration than other people who don’t live like this all the time. You’re used to it and so you don’t freak out. That’s actually a positive because it means you get to retain your abundance vibration and remain more stable.

The next thing that’s good about it is that you’re okay with spending money to make money. You’re okay with money flowing out, so that more money can flow in. You’re kind of used to living in this flow of money comes & money goes, money comes & money goes. This means you’re not averse to spending money to make money, because sometimes you have to, particularly in business you have to invest in it to grow and put systems in place and all the rest of it. So you’re okay with that, which is a really big help.

The last positive that I want to mention that really is a big deal: 

You know how to have FUN with your money. 

You actually know how to use your money and really appreciate what it is you can do with it – to do cool stuff with it, to go on great trips, to enjoy yourself, to have nice things that make you feel good. You’re actually quite good at that, much more so than any other archetype.

So now let’s talk about the negatives, some of the weaknesses that the spender money habit archetype has.

This pattern of money coming and money going, it’s a pattern that continues even when there should be plenty of surplus. This means that even though your income grows, you still can’t seem to get ahead! You feel like you’re just stuck. You’re stuck in the same old place. The numbers are bigger, but you haven’t really moved, and that’s really frustrating.

The other thing is that you tend to overspend much more than you need to on your business (and other things), because Parkinson’s Law kicks in. 

Parkinson’s Law says that the amount of a resource required to complete a given task is the amount of resource available. 

This means that when you’ve got a big amount of money available to do something, you’ll use all of it, especially when you’re a “spender,” because the pattern is, all the money that’s available HAS got to go!

You are the personification of Parkinson’s Law.

That means that even when you can get the job done with a lot less spending, you’ll definitely find a way to spend a lot more than you need to, so that you can be back at that “spender” break-even point that you’re used to living at. That’s something to really watch out for.

Another one is that because you’re so in the habit of spending money continually as it comes in and getting back to zero again, it means that you’re really good at spending money on lots of little things, which makes it very hard to achieve the bigger, longer term goals. 

The money is going to all these little things along the way, and so it’s not going towards the bigger things. Even though the bigger thing might be something like a holiday or something really luxurious and indulgent that you want, often you can’t even get to those things because money’s just disappearing along the way. It’s like there’s a hole in your bucket and by the time you get to the kitchen there’s no water left in it, and you’ve got to go back to the well and start all over again.

These are the weaknesses and minuses that come with spender money habit archetype.

So we want to balance all of that. 

We want to use what’s positive and helpful about this spender pattern: the stability of your vibration, being okay with money flowing out, not freaking out straight away, knowing how to have fun with your money and enjoying it. We want to retain those things but we want to balance them up and shift the whole thing to a more healthy “accumulator” type pattern where money’s actually sticking around so it can grow and multiply… so you can achieve your long term goals and so you can start to feel relaxed about money and know that money is now taking care of you.

In order to do that, you need to shift that underlying money story. 

The one that says, “All the money that comes in, has got to go.” To change that story, we use the money habit archetype, and that’s kind of like your little tip of the iceberg poking out at the conscious level – the habit pattern that you can see. We identify that, and then we use that to work our way down, find the story that’s driving it, the story that’s pushing that iceberg up to appear in your world, and THEN you get to work unraveling that old story, weakening it, changing it, and transforming it into a much more empowering, much more helpful, positive money story.

To do that, I recommend you jump on my quiz, confirm that you are a “spender” money habit archetype, and then I’ll send you a series of emails that will help you dive down into the story that is driving this habit archetype so that you can start to shift and transform it.

You want to have your money, have a great time with it, and have plenty left over to help you for all the future goals you’ve got in place, and help you get to that place where you feel financially comfortable and safe.

So, off you go! 

The link is in the description, and until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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Why your Money Habit Archetype is KEY to changing your money story

Why your Money Habit Archetype is KEY to changing your money story

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about the things that you do when it comes to you and money, then stick around, because we are going to talk about why your Money Habit Archetype is the key to changing your old money story!

So, in the Magnetic Money program, we spend quite a bit of time delving into understanding what your money habit archetype is, and then using it to transform that old money story and creating a beautiful new story that can then become your new reality.

Let’s talk about that just a little bit here so that I can give you some insight into what you can do to start to create those sorts of shifts for yourself as well.

Now, what is your money story?

Your money story is that old unconscious pattern of thought, that old “story” that is running in your unconscious mind. 

It is the story that informs what you really believe to be true about money at a deep unconscious level. 

Remember that 98% of what’s going on at that level, you’re not even aware of – it’s unconscious, right? So you’re busy doing all the things, working on your business, trying to shift your mindset, etc..  but meanwhile 98% of what’s truly going on in the background that’s actually running the show, you’re not even aware of. 

That’s a really hard battle to fight, so let’s talk about what we can do about it.

But first, I want you to understand a little bit more about that money story and why it’s so powerful and why it has this hold over you and has you unconsciously running patterns that you’d rather not keep recreating.

“Stories” are really, really powerful. Stories are the way that mankind has passed on information since the dawn of the ages. Sitting around the campfire, telling stories, that’s how information would get relayed. Stories are extremely hypnotic. They’re a great way to let things sink deep into the unconscious and really take root.





So, when you’re really young and your unconscious mind is wide open – before the age of 7 – you don’t have any filters in place to go, “No, I choose not to take that on. That’s not really true. That’s YOUR issue, not mine.” You don’t have any of that so at that young age, when you hear the stories from your parents, your peers, your teachers, and society in general, you take it on, your unconscious is wide open and you’re being programmed.

That is the script that keeps running in the background.

Now because your mind, and your unconscious mind in particular, is a very efficient organism that is always striving towards coherence, it means that you must then experience a reality that matches your “story,” your version of what you perceive to be true in the world. That is why you’ll do stupid things where you’ll go, “Why am I sabotaging myself? Why do I keep leaving things to the last minute? Why am I not returning phone calls or chasing up leads? Why do I do these things and why do these things keep happening to me?” You’re doing it without really being aware, because everything on the outside of you must match your underlying unconscious story so that it’s all coherent and congruent.

It’s really interesting because there was a study done at MIT not very long ago which kind of concluded that the version of reality you experience is a little bit of an edit of the last 15 minutes of your life – because of this need to constantly have stability. That explains why different people experience the same event, but have really different stories about it. They’ll tell the story of what happened really differently based on the perceptions that they bring into that event, which is informed by what’s going on unconsciously, what they believe to be true about life.

These external patterns, the way you think, the way you speak, the way you act, what they actually are, are clues. They’re clues and little symptoms and little peaks of the iceberg poking through the surface of what is going on at the deeper level. It’s really important to look at these clues and use them to allow you to dive deeper, because they are the result of that story. They’re the story being played out.

It’s kind of like the story is the script, and then your life is the play where it all comes to life. When you step back and look at it from a higher perspective, you’ll find it’s actually the same script being played out over and over again, just different places and different faces, but kind of the same storyline. There’s that pattern that keeps happening over and over again. Maybe you’re aware of it already, or maybe once you start noticing it and zooming out a little bit, you will notice that, “Wow, that is actually kind of the same thing again just with different people and in a different setting.” It’s because the story is what feeds and informs the pattern. The story doesn’t really change, it just kind of plays itself out in all these different ways.

So, by noticing the pattern (which is your money habit archetype, the way you show up around money) – whether you have this tendency to always want to accumulate money, or you have this tendency that all the money that comes in magically manages to go out again, or maybe you have a tendency where no matter how much money comes in more than that disappears, you manage to actually go backwards even though your income might be increasing – these are money habit archetypes, and what they are, are a clue to what’s going on beneath the surface, which is the old money story. 

It’s the easiest way to uncover those money stories that are running the show at the unconscious level. You look at the money habit archetype, which is kind of the tip of the iceberg poking out, and then you use that to drill your way down and go deeper and deeper and find what lies beneath.

That is how you then get to change it.

First you’ve got to find it, find your way down, and then you know what you’re dealing with, and you can change it.

If you’re ready to get started on that, then I highly recommend that you take my Money Habit Archetype Quiz. 

Not only will it tell you what your money habit archetype is, which is nice to know, but it is that tip of the iceberg… and what you will then have the opportunity to do is dive deeper.

So what you do is you do the quiz, and then I’ll send you a series of emails that help you uncover the story that’s driving it, that’s informing that money habit archetype at the unconscious level and then you’ll have the opportunity to disconnect it, to start to weaken and shift and change that old story and start to install a new one.

So, you’ve got some work to do! I’ve popped the link to the quiz in the description of this video, so jump on that right away!

And until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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Why making a 6 figure income was easy in your job but you’re finding it hard in business

Why making a 6 figure income was easy in your job but you’re finding it hard in business

Have you have a job in the past where you made an easy 6-figures, found it very easy and had no trouble accepting that level of income… but when it comes to your business there’s all these weird blocks going on and you just can’t seem to get there and you feel really weird about it?

What is going on with that? That’s what I’d like to talk to you about today, because it happens to a lot of women in business.

What it means is that if you’ve come from, maybe, a corporate career where you’ve effortlessly made over 6-figures, you step into business thinking it’ll just be the same, and then when the business doesn’t take off and you’re not earning that level of income, you think there’s something wrong with your business and you think there’s something wrong with you, because you’ve earned that amount of money in the past and so what’s the big deal?

Well, it is a big deal, and that’s what I want you to become very, very aware of. 

It’s a very big deal, and it’s a totally different thing making 6-figures and multiple 6-figures in your business versus earning 6-figures and multiple 6-figures in a career where somebody else is paying the wages.

It comes down to just a couple of things, so let’s talk about those.





The first one is that, when you’re in a job, there’s somebody else deciding what that’s worth. There’s someone else who sets that number down as “this is the value of your contribution to the company,” and they decide. And we all know that women suck at negotiating pay rise and all those sorts of things and that’s why they also suck at setting price rises in their business, because there it’s TOTALLY up to you.

In a company where you’re the employee, your employer will set your wage and your salary and you will sit down for your annual review and you may get better at negotiating a pay raise, but largely most women will avoid it, and the reason why they avoid that and they feel uncomfortable about it, is the same reason why they struggle to earn that amount of money in their business, because no one has set that first number for them. 

No one sets that number, YOU have to set that number.

You have to decide what you’re worth. You have to decide what your service is worth and set your value, and YOU have to negotiate your own price rises and decide that your services are now worth even more.

So that’s a really big deal, and it comes down to all sorts of things around worthiness, and feeling deserving, and all those very deep-seated unconscious belief systems. That’s why it’s not the same thing, and that’s why it feels so much harder.

Another thing that is a huge block for women in business is that when they were in the corporate career, they were being paid by the corporation, the big company, some faceless organization, or at least a big enough business that could afford to pay them a 6-figure plus salary. So it’s like, “Well, they’re making great money. They can afford to pay me that. I’m good with accepting that money.” 

But when you go into business, particularly one that’s service based and where you’re helping people, and especially if you’re helping people with things like personal development or healing or anything like that, then you’re coming from a place of true service and wanting to help and lift others up, and so then needing to charge those people what you know you’re worth and what you know your service is worth brings that whole other element of, “Oh… but I’m charging it to the little person. I’m charging it to the single mum, or I’m charging it to the divorcee, or I’m charging it to this woman who’s just told me that things are a little bit tight right now,” and you have to do that over and over and over again. 

That can become a big money block where you worry about the impact that paying for your service has on somebody else’s life. It’s not just some big company or corporation that you don’t have any emotional attachment to, it is a real person who you care about and in some instances they’re telling you that they’re experiencing some level of discomfort or stress or maybe even hardship and your service is part of how they hope to get past that and out of it, but you have to charge them for it.

So 6-figures in a job versus 6-figures in a business, especially a service-based business, especially for a woman, are not at all the same thing, and you really need to make sure you do the deeper work very, very committedly and with tenacity so that you can totally own that number. That number that you’re charging to each and every customer and that number of what it is you’re bringing home and into your life through this business that you’ve created.

I think another time it might be really cool to talk about the deeper stuff within that, but for now let’s leave it at that.

I encourage you to go and do some journaling on this. This is a really good one to write some reflections about.

Of course, don’t forget to grab my free training, to which the link is in the description to help you as well.

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



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