An Easy Way To Set A Powerful Intention


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Do you know how to set a powerful intention?
Are your affirmations giving you zero return?

Then you’re missing one crucial little piece of the puzzle – and that is CONGRUENCE!

See, you are an electromagnetic being. You have electrical thought energy and magnetic heart energy – and unless those two are lining up with each other, you’re just wasting a whole lot of energy. You’re paying lip service to something you don’t really believe will or can happen.

So how do you do it? What’s an easy way to set a powerful intention?

Allow me to explain what it takes to achieve congruence and give you a very simple practical way to actually do it and practise this amazingly powerful technique on something super simple.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • why your affirmations aren’t working
  • how to become totally magnetic to all you desire
  • how to set a powerful intention