Why it’s not about the Money

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So you’re keen to get your hands on some more money. Why?

You’ll probably tell me that it’s to make life easier, less stressful & more fun, right?

Wanting to have more money in your life can be anything from exciting to stressful, frustrating & downright frightening.

In this week’s Effectology Tip, I’ll explain why the more you want it, the worse it gets and why it’s actually NOT about the money!
○ why focusing on the money only makes it harder to get
○ why you really want the money
○ the unexpected hack that makes it so much easier to have that money come into your life.

If you’d like some help to get there quickly & easily, I have the perfect meditation to help you match that vibration of abundance. You can download it right here for free: http://audio.effectologyschool.com/vibe-of-abundance
Until next time… stay happy!

xx Miriam

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