Been doing ALL – THE – THINGS but your manifesting isn’t working?

Well, I have both good news & bad news.

It’s not that Law of Attraction doesn’t work.
And it’s not that you you’re not a good manifestor.

In fact, you’re an EXCELLENT manifestor… it’s just that you’re doing it backwards.

In this episode, we’re going to break down what’s going on that’s causing it to look like manifesting isn’t working, when in fact it is. It’s just that you’re manifesting the opposite of what you want.






I’ve worked with 1000s of entrepreneurial women wanting to manifest more abundance and inadvertently, they all make this same mistake. So don’t feel bad – this is really common and one of those things that may seem hard to pick at first – but once you get it, you get it.

In a previous episode, I talked about the 5 Rules of Law of Attraction that make manifesting work. So if you haven’t watched that yet, check it out here. That will help. 

Ok, so here is the crux of the problem:

Most people think they’re focusing on what they want.
And yes, they’re THINKING about what they want.

But when it comes to Law of Attraction, what you’re thinking and what you want don’t really matter.

What matters is where your vibrational focus is is – where your emotions are at.

And when you want something, most of the time you’re actually focused on the fact that it’s NOT here. That’s why you really, really want it. 

So even though you’re thinking about what you want, your emotions are focused on the the LACK of it. That’s WHY you want it! That’s why you’re trying to manifest it. 

I invite you to pause for a moment and have a think about that thing you’ve been wanting to manifest. Has your emotional focus been mostly centred around the fact you don’t have it? Have you been feeling the absence and lack of it? Be really honest with yourself here and let me know in the comments! 

Let’s think about this some more:
You want freedom when you’re feeling trapped on some level.
You want more money when money feels tight on some level.
You want a great new relationship when you don’t currently have one.

See how it works?

So the key is to become a whole lot more self-aware and start lining up the way you feel – your emotional, vibrational state – to match the thing you’re looking to attract – rather than the lack of it.

Think about it like this. If you’re trying to lure some rare bird in, you’ll imitate its mating call.
And the bird will think, “Oh, there’s more of me over there. I think I’ll go join them.”

That’s how you need to approach this! It does take practice, because human nature is to notice what’s missing. That’s how we decide what we want, after all. But when you want to then ATTRACT it, you have to switch that up and become a vibrational match to HAVING IT.

It takes practice and continual self awareness. And somebody saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re doing it the wrong way around again!” This is why in Magnetic Money, we keep each other accountable. We continually have that conversation to ensure that vibrationally, you’re focusing on what you’re wanting to attract. That you’re matching and imitating that bird call, rather than making some other noise that completely frightens that bird away. 

If money is something you’ve been wanting to attract more of and it’s not been happening, then I invite you to take my free Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix Training. It’s a quick & simple video training that comes with a checklist of 5 simple tweaks that will help you start attracting more money – rather than be accidentally repelling it.

And if you enjoyed this episode, please let me know in the comments!
And if have some friends who would benefit from it, then share it with them. 

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready for the next step.

You just need to keep on building that self awareness, making little tweaks and have someone around to keep on reminding you.

See you in the next episode!
xx Miriam


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