3 Hot Tips for Rewiring Your Brain With A New Money Story

3 Hot Tips for Rewiring Your Brain With A New Money Story

We all know that the unconscious mind is where all the hot action is, right?

Because everything that’s going on for you at the conscious level – 98% of that in fact – is completely driven by the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is brilliant. It takes over. It takes care of things for you.

It keeps your heart beating, your lungs inflating. It makes sure you don’t think about how to tie your shoelaces or get dressed in the morning, or how to walk for that matter. Remember trying to learn that? Yeah… me neither.

These things can be difficult in the beginning but once we master them, we become unconsciously competent. 

We just do them without even thinking about it.





So they get wired deep into our unconscious mind and they just kind of happen. They’re just on autopilot, which is fantastic for a huge number of things in life. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit too busy to think about keeping my heart beating, and my lungs inflating.

However, what also happens is that sometimes we take on a story, a belief system, and we wire that into our unconscious mind.

Then everything we create, the way we unconsciously behave, the way we see the world and what we expect to get out of the world matches that unconscious belief. So we keep perpetuating this reality over and over and over again, and even though we may not like it, we kind of feel like we’re stuck with it… until we do something about it.

Doing something about it is all about starting to write and starting to live a new story.

When it comes to attracting money and abundance, growing your business, and all that good stuff, you’ve got an underlying old story that says, “This is how things roll.”

As you start to want to create a new story to replace it, you need to start talking about that story. You need to start acting in alignment with that story.

Now, the problem is that a lot of people go too fast, too hard.

They kind of stuff it up because what they inadvertently do is they wire in even more deeply the fact that there is a problem. By trying to fight it too quickly and go too hard too fast they’re actually being counter productive.

So that’s actually the first of the three tips I want to give you for writing a new money story:

Number one, don’t go too hard, too fast.

Go easy and realize that little incremental shifts that actually stick, are going to get you a whole lot further than you trying to make some ridiculous jump overnight that even when you’re saying it and thinking it, there’s a voice in the back of your mind that says, “What a load of bullshit.”

You want to NOT activate that voice that says, “This is bullshit.” That’s basically the aim of the game.

So go slowly and gently enough that you’re not activating that voice. Listen for it. If that voice pops up, back up a little bit and go a little gentler. You can do that over and over and over again and you are absolutely making progress.

The second tip I want to give you is that as you start talking about the way you do want things to be now, the way things are starting to become, you do exactly what I just did and you use “transitional language.”

“Starting to.”


“In the process of.”

And when you talk about the old pattern, put it in the past with your language.

Talk about what you used to do, and “In the past…”, and, “Back then this was an issue… but now I’m starting to see things differently. Now I’m starting to feel empowered about my money. Now I’m starting to notice that there’s opportunities everywhere. Now I’m starting to realize that the less I focus on and stress about money, the more money seems to flow, in fact I’m starting to think maybe that’s the secret to the whole thing, that I just focus on all the good stuff in my life, stop obsessing about money, and more money flows, because it happened again last week.

That little bit I added at the end there “because it happened again last week,” that’s the third tip I want to give you.

The third tip is to use what I call a “Universal Truth.”

Put in statements that you know to be true, and that you cannot argue with. Ones that voice that likes to yell out, “Bullshit,” from the back row cannot argue with.

I like to have a universal truth and yes, you can do it the way I just kind of gave you the example, where you state an actual thing that happened.

But a Universal Truth – even better – is like a mantra that you say right there and then as it’s happening. It’s you reinforcing that,”Yes, this is now starting to happen. This is now becoming my new reality. Yes, this is possible and these moments do happen. Look at that, I wasn’t even thinking about my business and people booked in and so it is true that I don’t have to be obsessing about it 24/7 to make money, in fact, sometimes, I’m doing nothing to do with my business and the money just flows.”

You want to reinforce it when it’s actually happening. Jump on that opportunity, pounce on it –  because this is your chance to really hammer it home, to really wire that into your unconscious mind.

So have a universal truth statement that you’ve got ready – because I’m pretty used to doing this and it kind of just flows – but in the beginning particularly, you want to have that universal truth statement ready.

It may sound something like, “But of course, there’s always plenty of money coming,” or, “But of course, everything always works itself out.” You want a statement that you cannot argue with, and that is a universal truth that you use in the moment that applies across the board.

Things like, “That’s right, the universe always has the bigger picture in mind,” and, “That’s right, the universe is always looking out for me,” and, “That’s right, everything’s always working out,” and, “That’s right, money always shows up,” or, “That’s right, the bills do always get paid.”

So you have that universal truth, you have that statement ready, and you throw it in there. And you want that to be very general, a very nice general statement. Something, like I said, that the voice from the back row has nothing to talk about.

So my favourite universal statement is, “Everything is always working out for me. It all works out.”

Mike Dooley mentioned one, I don’t know if it’s actually his that he uses regularly, but he says one and it was, “It’s always working”.Even though I can’t always see it, it’s always working.”

What that does, is you’re using it right there in that moment and it helps you really wire in that this is the new reality.

So remember that, number one, don’t go too hard too fast.

Number two, use transitional language.

And number three, use those statements of universal truth to keep reinforcing right then and there that everything is always working out for you because, baby, it totally is.

Now, as far as rewriting your money story goes, the number one place to start is the very tip of the iceberg. When you start at the tip of the iceberg, you make sure you don’t miss anything.

The tip of the iceberg is called your Money Habit Archetype. It is that big picture pattern of how money shows up for you in your life, over and over and over again. It encompasses all the little different situations. Once you become really aware of that and know how to use that, then you can use that information to rewrite that old money story, so the pattern that’s surfacing can shift.

So it starts with knowing your Money Habit Archetype and if you haven’t done it for a while – or if you’ve never done it – then make sure you jump on my Money Habit Archetype quiz, to which you will find the link in the description.

So hop to it, get started now!

Let’s transform that money story of yours, remember the three hot tips I gave you, and until I see you next, make sure you keep embracing your unlimited potential.


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Why manifesting more money won’t make you rich

Why manifesting more money won’t make you rich

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about why manifesting more money won’t make you rich.

So, when you’re manifesting money and you’re relying on that for your abundance, it means that you’re constantly focused on attracting more, right? Attracting money, manifesting money. That is your focus, bringing the money in, bringing the money in, bringing the money in.

That’s all very well, but if you have a look at the Magnetic Money Trifecta, there is attracting the money (which is number one) and then there are TWO more parts to that trifecta: There is also keeping the money AND helping the money grow and multiply!

This Magnetic Money Trifecta is what allows you to truly get into a place of living in abundance.

When the money flows into your experience but just bounces off so you’re back to where you started you then have to manifest more. There are a lot of people stuck in that cycle. I call them a “Spender Money Habit Archetype”. Their habit pattern around money is that: money comes, money goes – money comes, money goes. Sometimes it accumulates a little bit for a little while, but then it all goes again. They always end up back where they started, because they haven’t gotten the second part of the trifecta happening. They’ve got the “attracting” money part, but they haven’t got the “keeping” money part down pat yet.





Now, there is a third part to the trifecta which is helping the money grow and multiply.

What happens when you can get past the first two points and start incorporating that third bit, is something really magical. When your money grows and multiplies, not only are you keeping more of it in your experience, but it’s starting to gather its own momentum. It’s starting to have “money babies” as I call it. So your money’s have money babies, it’s growing and multiplying, which then takes a lot of the pressure off f you needing to manifest more money all the time.

Contrary to how that may sound, what it actually does is help you attract and manifest a whole lot more money into your experience because you’re not so focused on having to bring in more – on the need for more money.

Your money that’s with you is starting to grow and multiply and take care of you. That’s actually a way you’re manifesting more income. That helps even more money to flow to you from other external sources.

So this is the secret to actually getting rich, to feeling rich and abundant. It’s not just the manifesting. It’s being magnetic to money and truly perfecting and living in that magnetic money trifecta.

You attracted the money, that’s awesome – but that’s only step one.

Then it’s about keeping the money by clearing all those old stories that have been making it bounce off or flow out again as quickly as it came in.

Then you start to focus on helping your money grow and multiply.

And, I tell you what, that is when the absolute magic kicks in, because what we’re all about here, if you’re working with me or following me, is we are about applying Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways.

It’s about marrying the magical with the practical so that you can truly have it all and you can totally benefit from being the conscious creator of life, and being a physical human being. You can do cool stuff in your 3D reality. It’s having one foot in each world and bringing the two together in a really incredibly powerful way. It’s embracing the masculine and feminine, your divine masculine and divine feminine and bringing the two together to make lots of money babies. That’s what it’s all about!

So if you want to get started on really figuring out what’s been getting in the way of you starting to complete this money trifecta – rather than just working on the attracting part and being stuck in that loop – then look at your money habit archetype. It is your number one starting point.

If you don’t know what your money habit archetype is, then grab the link in the description, do my quiz, and I will let you know what it is. I will also let you know how to then start diving deeper into the stories that are feeding it and creating it, so that you can shift all of that and start to really complete your Magnetic Money Trifecta so that you can attract more money, keep more money, and let your money grow and multiply.

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your gorgeous and unlimited potential.



Are you a Spender, an Accumulator or an Overextender?

Why you DO have to spend money to make money

Why you DO have to spend money to make money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about why you have to spend money to make money.

I know… can you believe I just said that?

When you talk about manifesting and that the universe is unlimited, you would generally say, “That’s not true. You don’t HAVE to spend money to make money. You can just be in alignment with the vibration of abundance and attract money to you.”

Totally true. Not saying that’s not true, but what I’m also saying is that if you are unwilling to spend or refuse to spend money or you’re scared of spending money or you just don’t like spending money, then what you’re actually doing is you’re blocking the flow of money.

Money is a flow of energy.

It flows TO you and THROUGH you.





When I teach what it takes to attract more money, keep more money, and help that money grow and multiply, the practical steps around running your business and spending money in really smart and wise ways that are a great investment for your business -they’re an important part of the process.

Spending money to make money and knowing that this is an investment that comes back to me multiplied and generally in life having that attitude – that I can spend money on this and that and the other (within reason by being not totally flippant about it and just blowing everything… because that’s a really bad habit and we’ll talk about that in a moment) – but knowing that you can spend money on things that are in alignment with what you’re all about, in alignment with where you’re going, and you can feel really comfortable knowing that – that’s part of the flow.

If you think about it, if you are a pipe of abundance, money flows to you and through you.

If you block the end and you don’t let anything flow out, you’re going to end up with some congestion and no more money can flow in.

You do need to get comfortable with allowing the money to flow out of your experience so that it can continue to flow INTO your experience.

Flow means being in the flow of life… not hoping to manifest some money and then hoarding it, holding onto it out of fear that no more will come. That’s not what we’re about, is it?

So I talked about healthy patterns of spending around money, and there are also some unhealthy spending patterns around money. BUT.. some of the spending patterns around money that you would think are actually good, like accumulating lots of money, are not necessarily healthy. If they’re coming from that point of view of “lack” and fear and “What if there’s not enough? What if no more comes tomorrow?” then that’s part of a really unhelpful story that’s keeping you trapped in a vibration that does not match abundance.
Life is fearful, and even though you might have some money coming to you, you’re certainly not feeling abundant.

Trust me, abundance is a feeling and not a dollar amount.

So that is the starting point. See what your patterns are around money. Ask, “What are my habit patterns when it comes to spending money and relating to money?” because they’re your first indicator of some of those old stories that are lurking beneath the surface that are stopping you from really getting in alignment and allowing yourself to be in the flow.

I call this your Money Habit Archetype.

If you don’t yet know what your Money Habit Archetype is, then do the quiz from the link in the description, because once you find out what your Money Habit Archetype is, that is your first step to uncovering those patterns that are lurking beneath the surface and that is what will allow you to take the next step and really step into the flow abundance.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful place to be!

So let me know in the comments below what your Money Habit Archetype is, and until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



Let’s find out what your Money Habit Archetype is. It’ll help you figure out what to do to help more money flow.

I love my biz but hate asking for money

I love my biz but hate asking for money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about what to do when you love your business but hate asking for the money.

So, first of all, let’s take a step back:

What’s your business all about and why do you love it so much?

If I was to take a guess, I would say that it’s the way you express yourself, it’s the way you show up as the most valued and valuable version of you, the version of YOU that really feels like she makes a difference and you’re doing the thing that is your unique contribution to this world in serving the people that you serve.

Your business is all about serving.

So, if your business is all about serving and self-expression, and then on the other hand also about money…let’s think. What’s money all about when it comes to business?

Well, money is received and exchanged for service rendered, right? It is an exchange of energy. You give service, and in return you receive money. You can’t have one without the other. Not in business (otherwise it’s called a charity or a hobby). If it’s a business, that’s the exchange of energy that happens. By receiving the money, it allows you to give the service. By giving the service, it allows you to receive the money. It’s part of a cycle, it’s an energy exchange.

Now, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about receiving money you’re effectively saying, “I don’t want to give too much service.” Energetically, you are refusing or blocking yourself from giving more service.

… Which is probably why you might find you don’t have as many clients as you’d like to have in your business, because you’re feeling uncomfortable about the money and it’s part of the cycle. If there aren’t any clients, you can’t give the service, so you can’t receive the money and that takes care of your little problem, see?





If you want to resolve that problem and stop blocking the money, which blocks you from giving more service, then you need to do a bit of changing things up.

Start with that reframe and remember that the more money you receive, it means you’ve been giving even more service.

So really you owe it to the world, you owe it to those you serve to become very very rich.

It shows that you’ve been of incredible service to the world.

So that’s a big reframe, and that alone will help you really up your vibration around money. It’ll help you start to relate money to money in a whole new and much more resourceful and helpful way. In a way that allows you to attract the money in, to feel good about attracting the money in, and to give even more service.

Now, if you’d like to practice that a little bit further, then make sure you access my free money manifesting video training.

If you haven’t got it yet, you can access it from the link in the description. It’s a 25-minute video training that I’ve recorded especially for you to help you understand the 5 top reasons why you’re not manifesting more money, and what to do about it. You even get a little cheat sheet to help you remember what I covered for you in the training – just in case you need it later on.

So, hop to it!

Grab yourself that and until next time, remember to keep embracing your absolutely beautiful and unlimited potential.



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Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?

Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can enjoy more money, more time, and more alignment.

Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself? Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about why it stops more money from coming into your experience.

Maybe you’re in this habit of saying, “Ah, not yet. I won’t spend that money on myself just yet. First I need to hit a six-figure income,” or “When I have my first big month,” or “When my launch does this,” or “When I have this many clients,” or “When I put my price up to X number.”

The thing is that what you will notice if you’re really honest with yourself is that you keep moving the goalposts. You keep finding excuses and you keep skimping and putting yourself last, feeling too guilty to ever really spend that money on yourself.

So my question is: When will you feel ready?

When will you actually get to a place where you step into and claim your abundance?

On this journey, if you want to create an abundant business and life, it’s all about you actually getting to enjoy it, right? So if you’re constantly dangling the carrot on the stick and you keep moving forward and forward but the carrot never gets any closer, then it’ll never be enough, you’ll never get there, and you’ll never get to enjoy the beautiful rewards of your heart-centred business.

So what’s causing that?





Well, at the unconscious level, there is something within you that says, “You don’t deserve it. You haven’t done enough yet. You’re not good enough. You’re not qualified enough. You’re not worthy. You’re not deserving,”

But you ARE all those things, you were born deserving and worthy!

A part of you isn’t allowing you to have it, because it believes that you’re not ready because you haven’t done enough, not qualified enough, all those things.

It’s these old stories that are keeping you stuck.

What that means is that it’ll never be enough because the story doesn’t change with the dollar amount of income you’re making.

The story stays the same.

The story is what’s putting your abundance, your enjoyment of what you’re creating, on that stick. It’s keeping your carrot dangling in front of you and it’s keeping you working hard and just pushing yourself more and more and punishing yourself for still not having made it and gotten there, and it just never ends… unless you untangle and release that old story. When you notice a pattern like this, it’s really time to break free.

So… where the hell do you start?

Okay, the first thing that you need to do is to start to look into these old stories.

What’s creating them and how are they showing up? In my training with my students, I talk about these stories and I talk about how they’re just archetypal stories. They’re kind of the same theme, but just with different nuances and iterations. Now, those stories actually show up quite pronounced in your life through your habits and your behaviour. Your habits are really just an indication of what your beliefs are. And those stories? They create your beliefs. The stories that you were told growing up, the stories that you absorb by watching the world around you and listening to the people around you created your beliefs about life and how life works and what you deserve within it.

It all shows up in your habits. Your Money Habit Archetype is your predominant pattern around money. It kind of defines your relationship with money. That is your starting point because it’s that little sign at the surface, it’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s lying underneath. Once you find the tip of the iceberg, then you can start drilling your way down and getting to what’s actually created that to rise up and show up in this way for you.

If you don’t know what your Money Habit Archetype is so you can start uncovering and releasing these old stories that are keeping you stuck, then take my quiz!

It’s the Money Habit Archetype quiz. It will let you know what your money habit archetype is, and then you can start doing the work to release it – and I will support you with that as well.

So go on, jump on the quiz right now, the link is below!

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and absolutely unlimited potential.



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